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Toyota Truck Owners - Future Models



  • It all depends on what you would like to tow behind it.
  • rosey4rosey4 Posts: 42
    I finally test drive the Nissan Titan over the weekend, and came away impressed. The Titan has much more to offer than the Tundra Double Cab does. Much more power of course, but it was roomier on the inside, much more than I anticipated. It has a rear sonar device that lets you know how close to something when backing up. The one I drove was fully loaded, it was an LE with Navagation and a DVD. The Titan is something to really consider. It is a monster truck, an impressive one.

    Though I test drove the Tundra Double Cab briefly I knew what to expect. The Tundra is a much more smoother ride than the Titan. I really want the Tundra, but what happens if I eventually need more power? Does anyone know when Toyota plans to build a larger engine? I was told last year it would be soon. Could it be mid-year 2004? Or, will it be next fall? Will it be a 5.5 liter engine?
  • kurt123kurt123 Posts: 13
    truck even greater I think. I know Nissan just came out with thier Titan,(and Nissan's aren't bad) but I'm willing to wait a little longer for Toyota to update it's Tundra and have that proven Toyota build quality!. I'm just wondering if thier going to put a larger engine in the double cab or build an all new vehicle/platform!
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Does anyone have any links or information on Toyota's plans to put their Hybrid technology into the Tundra? All of you who want the big power, will pay the big cash at the pump. Hybrid is the future!

    Thanks in advance for any links.
  • Has anyone seen pictues of the 2005 Tacoma yet? Any link?
  • According to a January 22 press release from Toyota (see the company's Press Room), the '2005 Tacoma X-Runner' will debut in a press conference at the Chicago Auto Show, February 4. I assume the 'Tacoma X-Runner' is a truck quite distinct from Toyota Australia's 2003 'X-Runner' concept, which was based on an Avalon.

    Except for one spy shot of a 'masked' prototype that's been bouncing around the Web for a year, there are no 'real' photos of the new Tacoma. There are a couple of PhotoShopped pictures based on a current 4Runner, which the 2005 Taco is supposed to resemble in size and general looks.
  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60
    anyone here know when will a hybrid tundra be out? I heard that toyota might start out with a gasoline verison first before morphing into a hybrid a year later. Anyone has something to add?
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    Last I heard, toyota plans to offer a hybrid drivetrain option in ALL models by the year 2010.
    I don't know for sure in it will be a Tundra by then though. The plant opening in 2007 in San Antonio,TX will bring a lot to the plate for Toyota's truck buyers.
  • smokey888smokey888 Posts: 16
    I'm wondering about when the 2005 Tundra is coming out. Also was wondering if the price of the 2004 goes down with the end of the 04 selling season?

    I've heard that the battery/gas Tundra will come out some time well after the start of 2005 but before the 2006 season begins.(??)
  • scmscm Posts: 1
    Was at my dealership and was told the 06 will be out in late 05 with the V8 hybrid, this truck on the exterior looks very much like the concept that was shown this year the FTX, it is a huge truck, and powerful.
  • 2005 model has been announced at with all details you will want. The highlight is the 282 HP V8 giving 22mpg highway !
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    I'm afraid the 23mpg double cab and 24mpg reg/access cab info may be wrong. The Flash demos on the Tundra for the VVT-i says 240->282 HP and 18->19 MPG increases. So right now, Toyota is contradicting themselves.
  • ace654ace654 Posts: 8
    The FTX is coming out in 2007 :D. Its 4WD.Its a double cab. I think the FTX is a beautiful truck. its chevy duty and its back is the same size as the exteryear.Finly more room lol :D . The chevy avelanch is going down :sick. With FTX es low mileage :D . well im done so if anyone what to add to message go ahead.
  • I took my 2005 Tundra in for 30000 mile maintenance today.
    They wanted to sell me a fuel system cleaning to remove
    carbon deposits...etc from the injectores and other parts
    of the fuel system. It was over a hundred dollars and I passed. Is any one aware of a commerical off the shelf product
    that would achieve the same results?
  • jclemjclem Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the new Tundras are just going to be bigger, stronger "play" trucks like the Ridgeline and Titan or are they going to provide real work trucks to compete with Ford and GM?? Like f350 dually dump trucks and utility body trucks??
  • I have a question. I've heard that over 90 percent of truck buyers never even come close to maxing their current pickup trucks ability. And everytime I see a dually or an F350, it's rare that it's pulling anything, let alone sumpin huge. Does a trucks stats have to account for the 10 percenters? It must and I understand that. I've got a friend who's owned several F150's and he's never lugged anything more than an aluminum boat for duck hunting and since he's had kids, it's just a really heavy diaper bag. More is better but I'm just thinking out loud.
  • jclemjclem Posts: 2
    My guess is that that's a fairly accurate stat. A lot of the dually 350's or 3500's are probably dump trucks and stake bodies that do haul a lot of weight. Some, that still have the original p/u body, are outfitted with the "5th wheel" for hauling campers and trailers, but the rest are probably just because bigger is better. Personally, I need a work truck which I will outfit like a UHaul truck--big box on the back with "cab over", for all my tools and equipment. I've always had good luck with Toyotas(over 30 years) and I'm hoping the trucks can grow with me. My current '97 4 cylinder T-100 is WAY over worked!!
  • Will Toyota ever put a locking fuel door back on there Tundra's or make a locking gas cap for the Tundra's? With gas prices at a all time high its something Toyota should look into!
  • When is Toyota coming out with their 3/4 ton pickup?
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