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Toyota Truck Owners - Future Models



  • I have an '06 and I'm gonna put 1 of my work trailers behind it just to see how it holds up to the weight. I have a 5 X 16 pressure washing trailer that holds 550 gallons of water. Even though it's only got 150 or so gallons in it now I just curious to see how it sits if my van was to ever break down and I had to pull it on a emergency basis. My trailer right now weighs about 3,500 lbs the way it's sitting.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The new Tundra will start appearing in Dec of this year. It will have the 5.7L along with the 4.7L and the 4.0L V6. A diesel is being developed in TX as well as Hino opening two plants in NA.

    The vehicle in Dec will be the one debutted in Chi and on the website. It's the Access Cab but it will be as big as the Double cab is now. The Quad cab will be Apr 2007 and it will be the biggest truck on the road.... '01" under commercial width allowances and in at least two bed lengths.

    As I understand it'll take a snow plow in the front as well.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    I have a question. I've heard that over 90 percent of truck buyers never even come close to maxing their current pickup trucks ability. And everytime I see a dually or an F350, it's rare that it's pulling anything, let alone sumpin huge. Does a trucks stats have to account for the 10 percenters? It must and I understand that. I've got a friend who's owned several F150's and he's never lugged anything more than an aluminum boat for duck hunting and since he's had kids, it's just a really heavy diaper bag. More is better but I'm just thinking out loud

    I guess I am guilty of overkill, but the occasional time I do need the increased capability, it is nice to know it is there. I had a 3/4 ton that never carried more than the shell on it's back, but when I needed to haul a load 1200 miles from home, I didn't need to worry that the unexpected load would leave me stranded. I also drove a 1970 1 ton GMC for a while. It was a daily driver that never carried more than me and the 2 kids, but when I threw a camper on the back and didn't get any sway or bounce going through the mountains, I knew I made the right choice. Kinda like insurance. You hope and doubt you will ever need it, but when you do, it is a welcome site to know it is there.
  • callmealcallmeal Posts: 1
    Needing max capacity (lots of steel 2x a month) and wanting to be Green (as in Hybrid &/or bioDiesel) I'm in a holding pattern until Toyota rolls out their Big & Green pickup (2008, I hope). I see nothing in the marketplace that looks at all interesting, including all those (noisy) Cummins diesels. Just give me bench seat options, please.
  • I never had the good fortune of reading this forum on Tundras before I bought. :lemon:
    I am one of the original owners of a Tundra - 2001, and a previous owner of Toyota trucks.
    I won't own another. As time passes and miles add up on the Tundra - transmission troubles are surfacing.
    Search the Problems/Solutions Forum for "transmission" BEFORE you purchase. :lemon:
  • Tundra's are great trucks, I have also owned an '01 Tundra and I drove upto 80,000 miles and I had no problems. The only thing that I put my money on were a new set of tires. Otherwise I wish I had never sold that truck. It's luck of the draw my friend sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't. This thing happenes with every automaker not just Toyota.
  • kg21kg21 Posts: 2
    With power being the only major category that the tundra fell behind when compared with the titan, what is nissan doing to keep up with the redesigned tundra? can we expect a major rivalry between the two trucks?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Actually the standard 2006 Tundra and the standard 2007 Titan are equal ... except that the Tundra can carry a larger payload. Even with the 4.7L Toyota vs the 5.6L Nissan, the Tundra hauls more and they have the same towing capacity @ 7100 lbs. To get the 9500 lbs towing capacity on the Titan you have to add the tow package.

    The Titan only comes in two cab configurations and it only offers one engine. The new Tundra should be so far ahead of the Titan in every category that it's no contest.

    Even with the tow package the Titan can haul little if any cargo and it may not even be able to carry the driver legally! ??? So you might be able to haul 9500 lbs but you might have to do it by remote control due to the GVWR limitation.
  • Hey guys. This is the link to go to the website I got the Crew Max pic. It's huge and offers 20" alloy wheels. It looks as big as the Dodge Ram Mega Cab.

    P.S I think your right the Tundra can haul more than any Titan. I know I've driven both trucks. Believe me Toyota's new Tundra is gonna send Nissan back to the drawing boards. For sure.

    Here's the link.
  • the new tundra also beats the titan in the butt ugly category :P
  • Thats what she said.
  • daraghdaragh Posts: 2
    I was hoping Toyota wouldnt try recoup its tundra investment on the first year sales of its new Tundra but boy was I wrong. A double cab 4*4 Limited Standard Bed which I was interested in is base priced at $38,550 thats crazy! I'm now most likely go go for the 07 F150 as its got a price about $4000 less for a similiarly equiped truck! Toyota re way off the mark with their pricing, its no wonder they delayed releasing the pricing! Nice truck but in my opinion not worth almost $39k and thats before delivery, tax title tags etc etc
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    But you get what you pay for.

    Notice how no one is comparing the F-150 to the Tundra, because it is understood that it is overmatched.

    The Tundra is more than nice, if comparison tests mean anything anymore.

  • It really won't end up costing you $4,000 less because when you go to sell it, whenever that may be, the Toyota will be worth at least $4,000 more than the Ford.
  • coldcarcoldcar Posts: 6
    hey jclem!

    how do you like that 4 cyl T-100?

    i've had 2 early '90s toy trucks, and love(d) 'em. i once considered a T100 with the 4, NOT the v6, as i've been more than satisfied with toyota 4s and appreciate the mileage.

    it seems 4 cyl T100s were rare to non-existent here?

    what kind of mileage do you get (when it's NOT overworked)?
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    I owned a 94 and had it for 5 years before my first Tundra. Mine averaged 25 mpg and never less than 23 mpg and that included lots of hauling wood. My friend still has it today.
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