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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience

It cost 17000 including all charges. I have 34 payment left.


  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Anyone purchase an 02 Tacoma 4 cylinder with auto transmission? How much did you pay?
  • grantn17grantn17 Posts: 1
    I was curious if there was any way that people think I could get a 2001 tundra SR5 for 17,000? I am selling my Chevy Blazer and i want to get a tundra, just not sure if i can afford one.
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    You might be able to get a tundra with a V6 at that price. Check for a price on the new '02. I quickly looked it up and for a V6, access cab, SR5, 5 spd, bare bones - $18,576 with the $1,000 factory rebate in So Cal. So, a used '01 model with comparable features might be had at $17k
  • kma55kma55 Posts: 1
    On the same topic, I am considering a 1997 Tacoma 2wd xcab w/68550 miles. pretty much standard otherwise. Edmund's Says I should be paying about $8927 Dealer is at $10800 at this point. Any input?
  • I'd say, confirm the data you've input into the edmunds pricer and then check kelly blue book at, then check for some comparisons. If the dealer is still higher, I'd continue shopping. Note that the dealer resale price is typically higher than what a private party would sell at. Just my .02
  • Anybody buying a Tacoma DBL cab in IL or 5 state area, I am trying to confirm pricing?
  • Any suggestions on where to sell my Tacoma on-line? I live in East Tennessee. I want to include a picture and everything. Let me know your thoughts.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Hey Lance I live in Nashville. I might be interested in your vehicle. Can you give me the details: price, mileage, color, etc
  • 4.7 V8, Captain Chairs, All Weather Guard Package, Off-Road TRD Package, Extra Value Package (Convenience), Limited Slip Diff, and I got them to throw in a Under Rail Bed Liner. I think I did well and it was also the new Phantom Grey Pearl color.
  • It was basically a Limited without the Leather or wood grain look dash.
  • I have a chance to buy a 01 SR5 4x4 Xcab V8 14,500 miles Tundra. It has a bedliner,good rubber and appears to be in great shape.Have had good luck with Toyotas in the past.Price is 23,000.Is it worth it? Thanks...
  • $28,077.

    TRD Off-Road
    Extra Value Pack
    Limited without leather and woodgrain dash, plus a bedliner.
  • rivrerivre Posts: 2
    Has anybody paid less than 28K for 03 Tundra sr5v8access cab with extra value package, all weather gaurd package, bedliner, fog lights?
  • rivrerivre Posts: 2
    Toyota is unable to answer me so maybe someone else can...Has anyone seen a 03 Tundra with Off road package and bench seats.
  • I purchased a 2002 Tacoma Prerunner with the SR5 package, the power package, the TRD package in July. I paid $19,600. I also got the dealership to do a spray on bed liner at their cost, which turned out to be $96. I hope I did well.
    What did you pay?

  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Anyone buy a 4 cylinder autmatic regular cab prerunner? What did you pay?
  • What's the best Northern California price on a bare-bones XtraCab with an auto trans? I've checked the Edmunds/KBB price. Dealer prices are hovering around $15,800. Anything better? Thx.
  • Just bought a new 2003 Tundra Limited, Access, 2WD. leather captains chairs,towing pkg., limited slip diff., leather package, auto dimming mirror, phantom gray, in San Diego County, Calif for $26,970.
  • $23,624 Tacoma 4x4 V6 5spd; SR5pkg; TRD offroad pkg; convenience pkg; over-the-rail bedliner; bed-extender; V5 security; sunroof. St. Louis area.

    I am keeping my '94 Toyota PU with 140,000 miles for my son. Second generation truck and it still runs well. No rust. Sat outside all its life.

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