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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I put in a Sony head unit, and that alone improved the sound a great deal. If I had to choose between head unit or speakers I would go with the head unit. I did it all myself with Crutchfield directions and it was a bit challenging (especially getting the clock assembly, head unit and new dash kit to fit together) but doable. I have put in a number of components in other vehicles so have a little experience with this kind of endeavor. There are many useful ideas over in the Tacoma: Stereo/Audio board, probably a good idea to check it out before you start.
    One thing to keep in mind replacing the speakers, if you go higher end, is that many need much more power than a typical head unit puts out. The Kappas run at 2ohms so apparently require half the power as contrasted with most other 4ohm high end speakers. Another thing is that you will likely have to purchase or make speaker adapters. If you hit the Tacoma: Stereo/Audio board you will find links to useful sites that can help with both.
    I gotta say these boards are really helpful and I appreciate the information I get here; now if I would just pay attention to it...
    all da best,
  • Thank you for the useful information. I may try and do it myself. I am very happy with my truck over all.
  • Vehicle has V6, Auto, TRD, Tow pkg, JBL 6 disc, all weather mats and the infamous ToyoGuard. MSRP is $28,010. Invoice from dealer shows $25,503. Dealer offering at $25,253. Adding tube steps...OTD is $26,872....Sounds like a fair deal to me. What do you guys think?
  • Anybody have an idea about what a good price would be on a 2006 dub cab 4x4 sr5 with auto and off road package now at the end of the year with 07s rolling in? A quick inventory search of some So. Cal. dealers shows plenty are still on their lots.
  • With all the extras, yeah that's not a bad price. How much were they throwing in the JBL for?

  • The JBL was included as part of the OTD price. Picked the truck up on wednesday. So far, so good....much better ride than my previous tacoma...I added an Undercover tonneau yesterday.
  • ">Purchased 11/10/2006. In addition to the TRD/Sport Package... this vehicle also came equipped with the tow package, 6 CD changer and two sets of carpet floor mats. Because the doc/junk fees vary between dealerships, my price includes everything. The price also reflects the $750 rebate. My final sales price was $24,187 plus tax. I hope this info helps...
  • We are looking at an '07 4x4 with SL package. Obviously, Toyota dealers don't need to haggle much on their prices to sell the vehicles. But we are willing to be patient to get a better price. Does Toyota start to offer incentives this early in a model year? In the past has December (slow selling month) or January seen rebates coming out? Which months of the year can I expect some really good deals? Any info would help! Thanks.
  • I started looking about this time last year and didn't purchase until the first of March. I looked nation-wide and did travel to purchase my Tacoma. I found no, zero, zed, nada incentives while I was looking. A couple of days ago I thought I saw/heard a local Toyota dealer offering cheap financing on a 36 month loan but when I went to the website there was no indication of any such deal. I kind of figured December/January would be hopeful too, but nothing at all came of that hope. Maybe your experience will be different.
    Good luck in the search; it's a great truck!
  • Does anyone know what T.A.F, T.N.F, PIO Holdback, 2% Holdback MSRP, and 1% Financing Reserve charges are? I was under the impression that holdback was paid to the dealer by the manufacturer. They said I had to pay that fee. Are they trying to double dip on the holdback? I've had two Toyota dealers tell that to me (one in Baton Rouge, LA) and Champion Toyota here in Austin, TX.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    All of those charges are on the invoice, not the MSRP. Are you negotiating up from the invoice amount? If so, you get what you get...

    Do your research and get a price you are comfortable with, then insist on that price, with no add-ons except tax and license. Anytime you work with Invoice + $XXX, you are subject to whatever the dealer decides is the invoice.


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  • you may find this site helpful
  • Bought a new 2007 Access Cab Automatic 4x4 with Off road package, 6CD changer, Tow package, Door sill/Carpeted mats. MSRP for my area was 29,210.00. I checked with three different dealers, and did the back and forth thing. Finally got it at 26,474 plus TTL, so I was 28,700 OTD. Not quite as good as I would have liked, but I'm still OK with it. Brought it home Nov. 18th. and I now have 280 miles on it. OH NO, next week I'm going to have to put gas in it, I'm down almost 3/4 of a tank.

    One size does not fit all!!
  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38

    I know this is a little last minute, but I am going to stop by the Toyota dealer tomorrow morning. I am going to be looking at a 2007 Tacoma Prerunner with V6 and auto. What is the money factor and residual for a 3yr/45,000 mile lease? And, is there a security deposit required?


  • I purchased my 2007 Tacoma and it is nice!! I've been wanting to get this truck for a while so I loading with all the options I could get/afford:
    - Dble CAB 4x4 L/B
    - Silver
    - 6 disc JBL sound
    - Curtain Airbags
    - Tow package
    - Exhaust Tip
    - Hood Protector
    - Skid plate
    - Sport pedals
    - Bed Extender
  • Just bought my 2007 PreRunner V6 auto Double Cab 2 weeks ago. Silver Streak (had to be that color), all-weather floor mats, TRD Sport Pkg#1 (comes with the awesome-looking but non-functional hood scoop, limited slip diff, power outlet, etc), towing pkg, and of course Toyoguard Plus, and the stainless steel tube steps for $25,500. I thought that was a pretty decent price all things considered. I love this truck so far, and have added the Toyota hood protector (bolts on in like 10 minutes) and a Lund Genesis tonneau cover. Truck looks really sweet, if I may say so myself, Can't hardly get the wife out from behind the wheel so that I can drive! 2 year-old son loves "his" new truck, as well as "his" new Sienna......
  • I recently purchased 2007 PreRunner V6 auto Double Cab with package E for 22,200$ plus a happy trade-in in Houston area. Hope this will help you to price down you purchase.
  • Just purchased my 4x4 Double Cab TRD Sport Pkg #1:
    All options expect for side airbags and running lights. The dealer had several Super White Tacomas he was willing to deal on. OTR $27,922.00
    Antwerpen Toyota
    Clarksville, MD
  • Can you guys tell us what your MSRP was and what your stated price includes (including fees)?
  • Recently bought my 2007 PreRunner V6 Double Cab 2wd and before TTL the deal was $23,470. That included the SR5 (SL), tow package, 16" alloy wheels and some cheap Tacoma floor mats. I'm more than happy with the purchase right now as my math tells me that's under invoice. :)

    I still need to figure out a way to mount my Sirius car kit or maybe replace the head unit with one that works with Sirius. In the past, i've made a custom fit mount that fits in one of the available cup holders...I will probably do the same here as the sound system sounds great to me with what it has already (plenty of bass for a stock unit & speakers) and I like having the option of taking it out from time to time. :shades:
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