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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    Also, at the beginning, make sure they know that you're talking with other dealers. This will force them into giving realistic quotes from the start rather than prancing around ridiculously high quotes. I told all the dealers at the start that if they wanted to earn my business that they better get serious and give me good quotes, beacuse I am dealing wtih 35 other salesmen that want my business just as bad. i made it clear that they knew I would purchase a vehicle within 7 days, so they didnt mess around and delay with non-competitive prices. By telling them that I was dealing with other dealerships, by telling them to get serious with me, and by telling them that I would buy a vehicle within a certain amount of days, it forced the dealers to get realistic and give me competitive offers.
  • Wow! That's a screamin deal! Yeah once I am ready to get a Tacoma, I think I am going to try your theory. It seems like it worked pretty well for you. Any other suggestions? Did any dealers tell you to screw off because you were price shopping? I know some dealers get very sensative and want to call the dealer that you are wanting them to match their quote with.
  • I am planning to buy a prerunner regular cab w/ SR5 Package #1 in the next month or two. I've never bought a new car before, so I've been doing my research.

    I am not going to negotiate at the dealership (I will email or fax).
    I am going to pay cash (I have a check from my insurance company).
    Ignoring Sales tax, I want to know how low I can go without the dealer becoming vindictive. (I am going try to not take up a lot of his time, so it should be relatively painless for both of us).

    The price I am going to offer will be O.T.D., defined as "including all dealer fees, destination charges, title, license, or any other charges required for me to drive away with this car today." (No sales tax for the purposes of this posting)

    Prices of prerun reg cab taco w/ SR5 & destination charges:
    MSRP (Edmunds, Nada, Kelly, Yahoo, Carsdirect): $17,555,
    Invoice (Edmunds, Nada, Kelly, Yahoo): $16,080,

    Suggested prices:
    Edmunds TMV: $17,512
    Carsdirect Price: $16,668

    So, clearly, my O.T.D. is going to be no higher that $16,667.
    I am thinking invoice. Would anybody recommend an offer below invoice for an 2007 model? (It is only april.)
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    The dealers all knew that I was price shopping, but I didn't release the identities of the other dealers who were underbidding each other. That way, a mad dealer couldn't make a call to the lower bidding dealer. Yes some dropped out early, but more because they couldn't compete with the price (smaller dealerships who don't push as much volume can't take as much of a loss on a sale as a big dealer). No one told me to screw off, if anything they said good luck with the other dealer and to enjoy my new Toyota.
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    I would definitely suggest to go below invoice. I just got a 2007 a couple weeks ago for a sale price of $1200 under invoice. OTD was still $200 below invoice.
  • jcarxjcarx Posts: 2
    ">Here in Phoenix AZ dealers say invoice is $25,063 for Tacoma double cab Prerunner sport package
    Today a local dealer
    Dealer wants $25,063 “invoice”
    + Doc fee $369

    Any hints on how much I should offer?
  • hey Jcarx, I'm sure u can get it for $23,000
    But then again, I haven't any research on the prerunner version.
    I'm looking at the crew can 4x4 with automatic and with trd-off-rd. The msrp wants $30000, If i get it for $26000, that would be a great price for me because since the truck is hot in demand!! You have to shop around, but you think you around enough! You have to find more cause a lot of dealers would deal with you, if you are serious on the buy!
  • jcarxjcarx Posts: 2
    Thanks linkfeeney!
    The MSRP on that truck is $27,614
    Dealer "invoice" $25,063
    So you think I can get it for $23,000?
  • Not sure if its a great deal or not:

    2007 Access Tacoma Black grey interior
    TRD Offroad Package
    Towing Package
    Side Rails


    Havent decided on the extended warranty for 1575....They will give me a lower interest rate 5.75 vs 5.79 if I go with it. Worth it? I will be keeping this vehicle forever.....Thanks, Chris
  • h00kupzh00kupz Posts: 1
    I'm pretty sure this is a really good deal:

    2007 Prerunner Regular Cab 2.7L 4 cylinder
    Graphite interior
    SR5 Package

    Sticker: 17,500.00
    Invoice: 16,775.00
    O.T.D. : 15,775.00

    I saw a previous post about $16,778.00 - might want to ask for the extra $1000 off. Also got special financing since yesterday was the last day of the month! 36 months - 1.9APR - total financing charge was only $301!
  • You have to look around and be serious to all the dealers about the price.

    Maybe sure you get a good finance rate. Pick up trucks can always get a good finace rate.

    you have to [non-permissible content removed] your way like they do it to you.

    if you are financing!!!
    they give you this rate and you have to say *let me check with my credits union to see if i can get beat*. they will make them back off and try to give u a good rate too.

    they are bunch of scamers!! But you have to go through a lot of dealers to get what you want and making sure they are willing to work with you.
    are you buying the truck by fiance? lease? or the whole thing out right?

    If you finance make sure you do the math right!!! dont let them do it! They will try and you pay another $10 to $20 a month and you wouldn't even know!
    Bring a finance calculator or use edmunds calculator. It will show with tax and all ther stuff. They also do this document fees. Which is BS? ask them about it, (why do i need to pay then when I can file the documents for them?!)
    word up!!
  • arhogfanarhogfan Posts: 1
    Interested to know how fair this deal was???? We were pleased so ultimately that is all that matters I suppose.

    2007 4 x 2 v6 4 door tacoma long bed with standard equipment plus the following options: DZ(6 disc changer), SR 5 pkg2, leather interior, running boards, drop hitch with wire harness & ball mount, carpet floor mats. The floor mats sold us! :)

    we received 625 on a trade (92 lumina with 95K miles)and had our own financing so basically paid cash. total price after rebate of 500 was 25,161. Minus trade, OTD for 24,536.

    They ordered it and said the leather, running baords and drop hitch/ballmount will be added at "port" in Houston and then sent here (AR). ETA of 10 days -2 wks. They gave us a nice loaner until it arrives. This deal includes 3/36 bumper to bumper and 7 yr/100K PT warranty with dealership road side assistance for life of the car as long as we own it, 24/7 within 100 miles of dealership.

    What do you think? We worked at the deal for sure! We did our research and used these forums and site as well. Great site!!! Thanks for everyone's contribution to the forums.
  • i'm in the market for the 2007 Taco pre runner Dbl Cab w/ options: sport package 2, towing package, and carpet floor mats. i've been sending emails to nearly all of the dealerships in and around my area within 50 miles. The best offer i got for the Taco with the above options was:
    MSRP: $27,779
    Internet/fleet price:$24,300 less the $500 factory rebate
    Total Net cost = $23,800 + $55 doc fee and tax + license.

    the invoice price with the options is $24,123 so it comes out to about 323 below the listed invoice price.

    can anyone tell me if that is a good price and if anyone has encountered similar prices?

  • I would say that you are getting a pretty good deal. Anywehere else but Toyota you can wheel and deal with the prices. I have heard people walking off of the chevy lot with a truck for $10k off of MSRP. Toyota, they don't deal as much so if you are getting it for below invoice, I would say that you are getting a pretty good deal. I am about right there with two dealerships right now and that is the lowest they are going. They don't need to go any lower because it is a great product with a great resale value, that is more reliable than most other vehicles on the road.
  • Saw your post on the website - what dealership in Tampa was that?

    I'm looking for the same exact truck minus the running lamps and exhaust tip......Any info would help...Does your OTD price include the taxes?
  • Hi all - I am new to the forum looking for a dbl cab sport tacoma with towing, and a few other options. I am pretty nervous about knowing whats a good price vs what isn't.

    1. Any delaers in Tampa bay area easy to work with?
    2. If you have purchased a similar truck, what was your OTD?
  • tacoman05tacoman05 Posts: 37
    I bought my taco in 05 so can't comment on pricing, but definitely check out Stadium Toyota. I shopped all the dealers in the Pinellas/Hillsborough county area and they were definitely the best. Easiest car deal I have ever made in my life, no question about it!
  • c0mc0m Posts: 5
    I was wondering if you think it would be possible for me to get a 2007 Tacoma with a MSRP of around $22,500 for $22,000 OTD or possibly less? or would this be impossible?
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 113
    Does anyone know why Toyota does not offer the base 4 cyl. single cab 4X4 or Pre-Runner with an automatic? Is there something wrong with the automatic that can't be used in these models? Just wondering :confuse:
    Thanks to all!
  • longnlongn Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for an 07 Taco 4X2 Reg Cab Auto and AC. From research and discussions on this board, I'm thinking $15,000 plus tax and tags is a reasonable offer. The $15K includes a $500 rebate from Toyota. Edmunds invoice = $15,495 and MSRP = $16,820.

    Is this a reasonable offer for this truck or can I do better? Also, any recommended Toyota dealers to deal with or avoid in the Washington/Baltimore area?
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