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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zytrazytra Posts: 1
    I'm from France. I came here for work 2 years ago. I bought my old car at an auction with a colleague just after a couple days I was here.

    So I NEVER bought a new car before. I want to buy a double cab/sport pckg tacoma. I am also a first time buyer.

    I've looked at Power cerritos website to check out the deals they offer.

    I plan to buy the car with a large down payment. Actually I could pay cash, but I have been told that in the US buying a car can be a good way to build my credit. So I want to make a large deposit to be accepted and begin my credit.

    I have several questions like
    -how much is the average rebate I can get off negociation on that type of car? I've seen prices around $26K on their website.
    -is the price they label w/ or w/ state tax?

    I'd love to hear some advices, cause a lot of things a really different here :) :)

    thanks guys

  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I bought a red 1007 Prerunner SR5 with the towing package here in Raleigh,NC for about $23,600. Here in the southeast, then apply a $635 documentation fee due to some distribution agree between Southeast Toyota Dealers and Toyota. That seemed to be the sticking point. I'm just glad the process is over. Now I can enjoy my truck. :)
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    Excuse me. That was a 2007 Prerunner SR5. 1007 would be a really OLD truck!! :)
  • A rather rare truck in California. 5 in the whole state. Seriously.

    MSRP was $17,120.
    With a $500 SoCal rebate, without sales tax and DMV fees I paid $15,356.
    I wrote a check for $16,872.

    Mossy Toyota in sunny San Diego.
  • I have recently been informed by two internet salesmen in the St Louis area that a 2007 2wd Prerunner with the Sport package is not available in the Midwest. Has anyone found this to be true?
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    that's bs!! you can even it order it yourself. you can get anything you want if you are willing to pay for it!!
  • vince13vince13 Posts: 1
    Got a call yesterday from my local dealer...claimimg end of the month deals???. Have been looking at a 07 Radiant Red Tacoma 2WD Double Cab TRD Offroad, Towing package, all weather mats. Dealer just got one in from port with 6 miles.

    Long story short at 9:30 last night ended up with this deal.
    Sticker was $26985.00
    Ended up getting it for 24001, add tax $300 and Tag $95 which gets me to $24400. Minus the $1000 rebate ended up $23400 OTD.

    Wondering if I did OK with price...Thanks
  • amitablaamitabla Posts: 3
    Dear vince13

    I am looking to buy a truck similar to yours. Can you tell me where, which dealer you get your truck from, and if possible, may be their phone number as well? I am a first time buyer and don't have experience but it seems like you get a reasonable deal. May be someone more experience than I am can give you more feedback.
  • amitablaamitabla Posts: 3
    Dear jcarx and all others:

    I am a first time buyer and looking for a Tacoma double cab preruuner sport package or with just a package#1. Have you bought your truck yet and for what price if I may ask? Do you have the phone number or the dealer that you would recommend.

    What price I should expect? If anyone has experience, please give me some advice.
  • amitablaamitabla Posts: 3
    Hi Curtis416:

    I am in the market for the truck with similar options like yours. Can you give me the name and phone number of the dealer where you got your truck from?
  • hitnrunhitnrun Posts: 5
    uncalumnus, which dealership did you go to? I'm in the area, looking for a tacoma DC 4WD, off-road package. Want leather but will probably have to get that installed. How close did you come to invoice minus rebate on that deal?
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I went to Fred Anderson Toyota. It was around the middle of June. They didn't seem to have a lot of the models I was looking for. They do have agreements to find the model you want. I don't know if they do that if it is negotiable. They sticker with fees and all was around $26,500. There was a $1000.00 rebate. I used the consumer reports pricing report. The dealer was using the KBB site to reference pricing to me. I ended up about 1% above invoice plus the delivery fee before the rebate. I don't know if I got a good deal, but I'm glad it is over. I was able to work a few extras to the deal without a charge, so I guess I'm pleased. I was surprised at the interest rates avail. I have very good credit, but could only get around 6%.
  • Well I ordered a 2007 2wd Access Cab Pre-runner today from Pappas Toyota in St Peters MO with the following options:

    PY - Sport Package
    TO - Towing Package
    CF - Carpeted floor mats and door sill protectors

    The KBB value of this vehicle was $23,432. I got the vehicle for $23,800.
  • hitnrunhitnrun Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info unc. They've got a DC 4wd that's been sitting there more than 2 months that I liked first time I went there. I'm out of town, when I get back I may see if they want to move it.

    Rice Toyota in G-boro does deals thru ebay and it looks like they have both good stock and good deals on Toyotas. May check there too
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    Can anyone tell what are you guys paying for a 4 dr 4x4 with Automatic plus the Trd Off-rd Edition??? I live in NJ!! Online the MSRP is asking $30G... Anyone getting for $26G?
    What are you guys paying for Apr??? Tundra has 0.0apr for 60 months!!!
  • couchecouche Posts: 1
    Just purchsed an 07 4x4 Double Cap V6 SB Auto.
    Options: FE, AL, SL, TO, & CF
    Color: Silver Streak Mica
    MSRP - $28,934
    Price Paid - $26,685.09
    OTD after taxes, fees, rebates - $28,500
  • Nor/Cal Best price I can find, 07 Toyota Tacoma reg cab, auto,A/C, am/fm/cd $14,300 + tax and tags.
    Can any one do better?
  • kenmorekenmore Posts: 5
    going to purchase today:

    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab V6
    Black Sand Pearl
    Packages: OC, TO WL, CF
    MSRP: 30,116
    Sales price: 26811
  • need to buy a tacoma extended cab in the next two weeks absolutely. I am in SE Massachusetts. want the two wheel drive, automatic, 4-cylinder. willing to pay for the sr5 package also since it sounds like most all come that way. have checked kelley, edmunds, and a bunch of the other internet places. all I end up with from the internet contacts is a salesman trying to get me in the dealership to 'talk'. frustrating, but I need to get it done. anyone with experience with good dealerships in this area?

  • aaronhiaaronhi Posts: 8
    Congratulations. Sounds like you really got a good deal. What part of the country if you don't mind me asking? Did the truck have the short bed or long bed? I am up in CT and have looked at similiar vehicles and semiliar MSRPs but not that kind of sales price. Did you have to haggle for awhile? Thanks for the information and once again..CONGRATS!
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