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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kenmorekenmore Posts: 5
    no budging any lower than what i got. I live in the midwest. the truck had short bed. i don't think they make a long bed with the off road package. i think it's only sport with long bed. i got it as a first offer internet price. no haggle no negotiation.

    you should request "quick quotes" via the web to individual dealers in your area. blanket the area to see if a good deal comes up. this deal was the dealer's initial offer.
  • aaronhiaaronhi Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply. I have just really started to search but the last 3-4 vehicles we have bought have been through "internet sales." The only problem I see up here in CT in less selection. Example: 37 Tacomas at a Toyota dealership in Austin, TX., 5 at Toyota dealership in Connecticut.
  • 08 Tacoma Double Cab
    TRD Sport
    Towing package
    Carpeted Mats
    Bed Mat

    $29074 plus TTR

    I had a deal for an 07 for $1000 less but dealer could not find a 07 black TRD Sport. I lose the 500 cash back and they charged me 500 more for the 08.
  • 2007 Tacoma

    TRD Off Road
    CF Floor Mats
    TO Towing Package
    DZ Deluxe Sound System w/ 6 CD Changer

    I paid 28321 which was 23821 cash and $4500 on a trade in.

    What do you guys think? Did I get a good deal? Invoice on the truck was 27, 603 and they wouldn't budge past $500 over. I am located in the Pacific Northwest.

  • I have contract for an '07 DC V6 4X4 longbed with Sport package, tow package, deluxe stereo and floor mats for $28,072 before TTR(MSRP $31,054). The dealer could not locate an '07 so I am now waiting for an '08... I am assuming that I will be getting it for the same price plus $140 since the MSRP only went up by that amount. That price was not including a factory rebate.
  • Tacoma has been selling that much that the 07 are all gone??
    What the hell?!?!
    I guess they wont work with me when i decide to get one in a couple of months!
  • It depends if they were quoting you a price including rebate. The $500 rebate is only good on 07's.
  • Just bough an 07 SR5 PreRunner DBLCAB
    and the 6 disc changer.. $23,100 Sticker 26,200

    Love it! Why did I wait so long to buy one.. Bought 8/4/07 Tomball, TX

    only regret: I really should have seriously considered the 4x4... These things really make you wanna go off-road.

  • anyone know which of the toyota dealers in san diego will give the best deals on the tacoma (at invoice).
  • that pricing was without the rebate ;)
  • redrt88redrt88 Posts: 3
    I have been after a Tacoma for around 10 years. Between kids and being overseas, it just didn't work. While looking for a car for my son, I stumbled upon the truck I have been dreaming of. It was a 99 Taco TRD Xcab V6 4X4. It had everything I wanted. The list was $12,900 and I paid $10,900. This was a high volume dealership that moves a ton of vehicles. They were willing to deal.
  • tc07tc07 Posts: 10
    I had been looking for about 3 months when I found a dealer "willing to trade". I never can find a dealer that will trade with me right away. I always have to find one who is actually looking for volume sales for a particular month. Incentives peole...the factory incentives are what drives the dealer to sell. The one I purchased was a 2007 with 31 miles. Tacoma double cab, 2 wd with the SR5 and towing package and fully loaded. I paid $19,300 after trading in a worn out chevy S-10 a 2001 model with 155,000 miles. The best I had found anyone willing to trade with me was 22,000. I always hold out until I find a dealer who will trade with ME.
  • Hey guys,

    I have tried to buy 2 different slightly used tacomas with the identical specs and near same mileage. I have offered 15k out the door for each one of them, but one wanted over 17k OTD and the other is asking for 16k OTD. Specs are as follows.

    2007 Super White Tacoma Reg cab, Automatic, 4x2, enhancement package(AC), floor mats, pinstriping. Both of them have about 2.5k miles.

    Am I not offering enough for either of these? Both of them do not seem willing to deal and is pretty much take it or leave it. I am located in D/FW texas area. Please help.
  • tc07tc07 Posts: 10
    It is VERY difficult to buy a nearly new vehicle at a decent price. The dealers all will tell you, "It is JUST LIKE NEW"....and want the same money for one with a few miles on it as they do for a brand new one. The same goes for Chevy, Ford, Nissan etc...My advice would be to buy a new one or keep looking until you find a dealer who will sell for what YOU are wanting to always has worked for me...I have bought about 20 new vehicles in my lifetime over the past 30+ years and it has never failed me. If I have a price in mind I will find what I want FOR that price. Or within $500 of it.
  • Would anybody know where I could find the value of an '01 Tacoma 4x4 V6 SR5 w/ Manual trans and 47k miles as of 3 years ago?
  • Go to Toyota of El Cajon. Look them up on the internet. They have the largest inventory. Get an internet price. Infact get an internet price from 3 or 4 dealers. Be specific as to what model you want, color, extras. You will get prices that are 2-3k less than msrp. Don't be afraid to pit dealers against dealers. I got my Indigo Blue PreRunner Access cab with TRD package, tow, mats for $22845. One more thing, get financing ahead of time. Be friendly but firm. Good luck.
  • Yesterday, I purchased a new 07 Tacoma Prerunner 4 Door with SR5 #2 and floor mats at Cobb County Toyota. I paid after all fees and before taxes, $21575. Went through their internet department and had a good experience. In the southeast, if you purcahse new at a dealership, you will have to pay a $675 destination charge thanks to the distributor agreement with Toyota.
  • Purchased a 2008 Tacoma Access Cab with conven. package & mats for $19.8k out the door at Toyota of Fort Worth. Very good experience.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    I'm looking to buy a 2008 4 Door, Long bed 2WD V6 in the next month or so. Hopefully there will be more price posting for 2008's soon.
  • Can you tell me the specs of this toyota you purchased? (FT. WORTH TOYOTA)package, mileage, etc.? Also, the name of the sales guy. I would appreciate the info., thanks.
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