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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 30
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good Portland dealer. Someone who doesn't mess around and just quotes the bottom dollar price? I know Wilsonville Toyota is around, but their prices are pretty high relative to invoice.

    What have you been picking up your Tacomas for recently??

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Read my posts from the last few months in this forum. Look up the price used of your Tacoma on and for a used 07 vehicle, with 14000 miles on it. Add about 20% to the used wholesale 07 price for your max or near max price on a new 08 one with dest and dealer fees. Don't be surprised if a 30000msrp new 08 wholesales used for about 20000 in its 07 version. In that case you want about 6000-7000 off the new one.

    A 27000 msrp nissan crew cab se 4wd with full pwr, auto and hitch will probably be around 21000-22000 or even less. The 08 29000 msrp Honda Ridgeline RTX well equipped goes for 21xxx all day long. The dodge ram 39000 1500 full size goes for 13000 off msrp for a mediocre deal.

    Good luck

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good Portland dealer. Someone who doesn't mess around and just quotes the bottom dollar price? I know Wilsonville Toyota is around, but their prices are pretty high relative to invoice.

    What have you been picking up your Tacomas for recently??

  • kingnhkingnh Posts: 4
    Purchased a new 08 Tacoma Double Cab 4X4 Long Bed 2.5 weeks ago:
    Tow Package
    Limited Slip
    Alloy Wheels
    6 CD Changer
    Spare Tire Lock
    Floor Mats

    $27000 OTD, MSRP was 30,200 or so

    Took the 0% financing instead of rebate. No money down, financed 27k even and drove home in my new toyota. That is all fees, paperwork, this, that, those, and taxes (no taxes in my state). Still haven't shelled out a penny out of my pocket - just received 1st bill which is not due until June. Seemed like a good price to me.... ????

    According to the #s the dealerships (contacted 18 of them and those that gave #s were the same) that was basically a few bucks over "invoice" minus holdback ($522). Edmunds and CP #'s had base invoice as more than what the dealers' said, but dealers had advertising fee, gas, and financial reserve added in to their "cost". So who knows what the heck invoice or cost really was. In the end, i dont think I can complain about that price. Most of the dealers I contacted told me politely to go to he## and take the 27k and didnt believe I had an offer for that much. But I did get the 2 closest to me to match eachother so I bought local.

    It did have 98 miles when I got it - they had to locate it and drive it from another state.

    Went back last week and added soft Tonneau, running boards (the tube step ones), cargo divider (although it doesnt fit with the tonneau !@#$ they never told me that), and a trailer hitch/ball for another $950ish. I messed that up, should have included them in the purchase and I could have financed them at 0% as well (and maybe gotten a better deal on them).

    Oh, I also got 2 free oil changes thrown in as well. Buggers wouldn't give me a hat though! 2 plastic coffee mugs, but no free hat. Not gonna use the mugs, but I would have worn the hat - oh well, there goes their free advertising. (no stupid dealer add sticker on the back of the truck either btw)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    If your 0% financing is for 5 or 6 years you got a pretty darn good deal, around 24000 or less for the truck.

    Yes the dealers truly hate you soliciting competitive bids from 10-20 dealers and putting them against one another (especially last week of the month). Of course all other offers are "insane". They want you to come into the dealership blind, (preferably with two upset toddlers) and give you their precious vehicle for 27500, financed at 6.0% for 7 years. Which is of course close to "cost". (They have to keep the lights on somehow, don't they?) And you may have got the hat.

    Good luck

  • mattz88mattz88 Posts: 9

    For anyone that is getting a hard time from Toyota in terms of the Toyota Tacoma Frames rusting out please try this website The Center for Auto Safety It has alot of valuable information on it and you can file a complaint if you wish. Another website is Home | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) | U.S. Department of Transportation file a complaint and they will start investigating your complaint. Hopefully this can help alot get many of these defective vehicles off the road and correct corporate irresponsibility.
    Thanks - 109-4.html - as/
  • gr8rotarygr8rotary Posts: 7
    I was at a dealer in update NY last night getting the hard sell, and I told the salesman I would settle for $300 over invoice. He whined that he needed to make "some" money on the deal, but as i went out to drive the truck, he went to talk to the boss. When I came back he said they could do $300 over. The numbers he showed me (for a 2008 access cab with TRD offroad, upgrade stereo, tow package, and floor mats). MSRP was $29,410.00 Base price of $23,990, options of $4,744, and $675 destination. When it came to "invoice" they added in TDA for $500 bucks (advertising), gas $10 bucks, Dealer Holdback, $478, and Wholesale Financial Reserve $298 or so. Has anyone ever seen these type of costs passed thru before? I'm sorta new to this forum and apologize if it's been addressed before. But I was about to tell the guy he was full of crap. Just want to see if this is all normal. I thought holdback came from Toyota, I'm a bit PO'd that they are trying to pad the invoice with it. So anyway, they would be happy to let the truck go for $27,272... which with their math is $300 over "invoice".
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Check out my message 4681 in the Hyundai Sonata forum. Also check out my messages on the chevy silverado, nissan Frontier and dodge ram 1500 prices paid forum. Also review the last 20 or so messages on this board. Get 10-20 + competitive bids towards end of month and see who bids lowest (prices inclusive of all fees sans tax)

    A 2008 Nissan Frontier Double cab 4wd is a 22000 vehicle sale (27000+ msrp), (A bit more for the long bed and rarer nismo (their trd) package) Their access cab is probably 1800 less than that. The excellent Honda Ridgeline RTX awd msrp 29000 double cab is a 22000 sale all day long although possibly not satisfactory if you need serious 4wd. Prices including everything except tax and title.

    Telling you theirs is the lowest price, ad fees, dealers wife alimony fee, fresh air fee, salesmen being full of crap.... yes its all normal, especially if you were just a walk in. Do 97% of your work by email and phone last week of the month. If your vehicle wholesales used 07 for about 20000 (, with avg miles your target is 20% or so over that used price for a new 08, I'm assuming about 24000 and change.

    Toyota's usually able to hold out harder than most for some reason, but even they can't withstand 4.00 gas.

    Good Luck
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Holdback and WFR are indeed part of the total invoice. If you were to build your truck via Edmund's or KBB, the invoice price you would arrive at factors in the HB and WFR, they're just not itemized like you see on the dealer's computer screen.

    For Toyota:
    Holdback = 2% of the BASE MSRP.
    WFR = 1% of the BASE MSRP.

    Based on your truck's base MSRP of $23,990, HB = $480; WFR = $240.

    TDA is a regional ad fee and it does vary by region, but I can tell you that it is a non-profit item for Toyota. Most third-party website like Edmund's and KBB do not keep track of this fee. Without seeing the invoice, my guess is it's right around $300 (~ 1.25% of the base MSRP).
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 30
    Yes, it sound legit. And $300 over invoice is what the dealers do around here (Portland, OR). Don't forget there are incentives out there that vary by region, so there may be some additional money coming. For example, in Portland, it's $500 off 4x4 Tacoma's, so I'm looking at $200 under invoice after it's all said and done.

    Check your incentives at in the new car section.

    Good luck.
  • golfguy1golfguy1 Posts: 4
    Looking for the best price in NC or GA for this vehicle TRD sports package, towing package, alloy wheels. Looking for out the door price. Please breakdown by price, destination tag title, and tax.

  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Bought this today in Edmond from Bob Howard. My buying process was like this 3 years of deciding what I wanted, from Titan to Tundra and now with todays gas prices a compromise on a Tacoma. I sent out for quotes and received many from about 4 dealerships. Bob Howard in Edmond Ok. was cosistently the lowest. I went to the dealer to hash out the options and their first price was $24,879.00. I negotiated them to $23,750.00 and the deal was done. This all took about 2 hours.

    2008 Tacoma double cab 4x2 V6 pre-runner long bed, silver mica
    TRD sport package #1
    code -- description
    EJ JBL stereo
    FE 50 state emissions
    GY side curtain air bags
    PM trd sport package #1
    RL daytime lights
    TO V6 tow package
    GL tailgate lock
    CF carpet mats
    F1 vip sales
    P4 vehicle shield package
    I1 pre delivery services
    G1 fueling 4 gal.

    MSRP $29,642.00
    price paid $23,750 + 199.50 doc fee = $23949.50

    In oklahoma the excise tax will be 3.25 %, So $771.87 + a $95.00 car tag fee $11.00 title fee

    I hope this is helpfull to someone. Kevin
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Your friend got a 4 wheel drive for $4300 more and made you feel like you could do better. HA, HA you did fine.
  • dobiusdobius Posts: 4
    Bought an '08 4x4 Tacoma Prerunner V6, Double Cab Short Bed, SR5 PKG. Paid 25,900.00 . Syracuse, NY area. Hope this helps someone.
  • dobiusdobius Posts: 4
    I just bought an '08 Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab, Short Bed, V6, SR5 PKG. # 2 in Syracuse, NY for 25,900. That included bed liner, floor mats.... Unless you really need the better shocks that come with the TRD Off Road Pkg, I'd suggest you go with the Double Cab. The access cabs are not comfortable at all for backseat passengers. I think that TRD PKG. is a rip off, all it offers is better shocks, and some fancy lettering on the side of the truck - whoopee - if you really plan on using the vehicle off road, then that's great, but otherwise I think you're wasting your money. You can always put the better shocks on yourself too if you needed them for a lot cheaper than what they'll charge you for that pkg.
  • dobiusdobius Posts: 4
    Just bought an '08 Tacoma PreRunner, 4x4 Double Cab, Short Bed, SR5 Pkg. #2, V6 in Syracuse, NY area. Paid 25,900.
  • hangtime03hangtime03 Posts: 13
    Looking at a '08 Tacoma, 4x4 double cab, short bed, v6 auto, sport package and towing package. Looking at 26K OTD (including 1,500 rebate, tax, title, liscense, fees, etc..). I'm thinking this is a very good deal from my research - but looking for someone to confirm.Thank you.
  • on 5-31, last day of month, bought a 2008 Toyota tacoma, 2 wd, access cab, 4 cyl, auto, sr5 package for $18,800 which included $1000 rebate, Out the door with tax, lic, etc...was $20,569....................................First quote was 20,500, 20,400, then 19,900, finally 19,800........(19,923 was supposed to be dealer invoice. MSRP was 21,569, model # was 7114 if I remember right)....... ..........$1000 rebate put price down to $18,800 which I thought was pretty descent deal.
    Real nice pickup. ......4 cyl, auto, access cab, has plenty of power and plenty of room for what I do.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    It is indeed a great truck, and you got a fantastic deal!

    Enjoy getting 20+mpg! :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Read my previous posts to confirm. A Nissan Frontier outfitted like yours would probably go for 22000 +ttl, a Honda Ridgeline for about the same or less. Hard to tell from your numbers, taxes could be $100-2200 depending upon state. Personally with the market bad for vehicles like these I would definitely want to buy an 08 new within 20% (preferably less) of the trade in price of a used 07.

    Good Luck

    Looking at a '08 Tacoma, 4x4 double cab, short bed, v6 auto, sport package and towing package. Looking at 26K OTD (including 1,500 rebate, tax, title, liscense, fees, etc..). I'm thinking this is a very good deal from my research - but looking for someone to confirm.Thank you.
  • hangtime03hangtime03 Posts: 13
    Thank you - if helpful taxes are 3% of purchase price.
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