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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    Applied for cash for clunkers program at toyota dealer 7/29 and am waiting for truck to arrive at dealer(tacoma).I got a price quote which included a 750.00 rebate from toyota.Now august incentives come out and no rebate.Will toyota still honor the 750.00 rebate because i started the process before the 7/31 rebate deadline or will i lose that rebate.I will have to wait until monday before i can contact dealer.I absoluteley will not buy that vehicle without the rebate.
  • I'm not seeing the new August incentives any where. Where did you see that they are not continuing the incentives? Please provide a link......
  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    Up to and including yesterday the toyota website showed a 750.00 rebate for tacoma expiring 7/31. Today it shows only 400.00 military rebate and 1000.00 college grad rebate and cars program lease special.The 750.00 rebate is gone. I completed the clunkers process and handed over title to dealer on 7/29,but no other paperwork has yet been completed as the truck is being brought from another location.I was quoted 18490.00 which includes a 750.00 rebate.I feel that rebate should be honored because the dealership had to delay everything waiting on final rules from the govt.
  • It seems like peoples OTD price is quite differing so I feel slightly lost. Im heading in tomorrow to look at a Tacoma that I have been considering purchasing for a few weeks:

    2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 Off-Road
    (OC) Off-Road Package (no JBL)
    (DZ) Deluxe Audio
    (TO) Towing Package
    (Z1) Floor Mats?
    (RL) Daytime RLights

    The dealership is a "Best Price" dealership and they are asking $28.2k. MSRP is $31,334. Ive never negotiated with a "Best Price" dealer.

    I dont have a VIN, but the vehicle is in MN. Any suggestions about what I should aim for in pricing would be greatly appreciated! Ive done the TMV thing, but it seems lately many people are doing even better than that! Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • Well...walked into my local dealer today (Best price dealer...been test driving, etc. already) Double checked and test drove the exact Tacoma I wanted to buy, sat down and got everything out on the table, showed them the Edmunds TMV report and got out my checkbook and gave them the "here is what Ive found to be a fair price, Im ready to drive away in that truck right now."...and got scoffed at.

    "We have never heard of Edmunds."
    "How do we know its credible?"
    "Its wrong."
    "Nobody gets those kinds of prices."
    "You wont find that anywhere."
    "We would be losing money on the vehicle."
    "If you can get that price somewhere else, let me know so I can get one!"
    "Nobody negotiates like this, but we can help you."

    Every line in the book.
    My favorite?

    "Do some more research and education and let me know what you find."

    Do you know how many hours Ive put into websites like this? This isnt the first car Ive purchased. I was insulted. So I walked. I thought for sure they would stop me...but they didnt. Bum deal. Local dealer that I really would like to support, but I may be forced to go to a competitor away from home and give them my business for a fair price.

    What did I miss lol?
  • Wanna get screwed... buy a car at DCH Brunswick Toyota in New Brunswick, NJ.
  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    Well for [1] you can play several dealers against themselves,[2] read and forget the constant e-mail requests for dealership invites to test drive[3] make FALSE competitive bids on your behalf. .
    USE YOUR IMAGINATION.... FOR EXAMPLE I played 1 dealer e-mailing several [3] salesmen within the same building and saved over $450 on the final offer. FOR ME $450 is alot of cash for a little spare time. I never looked back. THE GAME IS ...They already know how low they can go, It's up to you to get them as near to it as possible. If not then some salesman is eating steak dinners that you paid for ! MULTI E MAIL ADDRESSES IS ONLY A TOOL, and if used right will save you $$$$ UNETHICAL>>> I THINK NOT !
  • Well no promotions will carry over into August on the Tacoma........

    This sucks, the buyer for my car will have their loan monies this Friday, I was hoping there would be alittle cash available.
  • Hang tight...for some reason last month I remember the new rebates werent released until a few short days into the month for some reason. There were a few days there where I though the local $1500 was gone, and then poof there it was again. Not sure if this is normal, but I would think they would keep some incentives out to help move the 09s...that is if the 10s are on their way soon.

    Who knows. Im in the same boat...determined to buy, but will be waiting now until more incentives hit.
  • Exactly, I work 3 blocks from work so I could walk or ride my bike in the meantime. If there isn't a promotion in August I will wait it out to September to see if anything shakes free.
  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    You are correct. New august incentives now on Toyota website.
    Specialapr,special lease program and $1000.00 cash back on '09 Taco. acoma

    This is for mid atlantic region
  • Sweet baby jesus thank you!!!
  • $1500 again where Im at!
  • aint2aint2 Posts: 1
    Bought a Tacoma '09 access cab MT 4cyl, in order to qualify for the Cash for Clunkers rebate. Since it was the only 4cyl on the lot, I thought the salesman would demand MSRP. But I used the Costco Auto service to initiate contact with the dealer, and to my absolute amazement, he offered me dealer invoice price.

    Having gone to several dealers previously, and been treated like others have commented (MSRP or nothing, "we can sell this truck for full retail with cash for clunkers", "take it or leave it", etc.) I was speechless.

    Here are the numbers:
    Invoice: $19609 Taco '09 4cyl acc. cab MT, convenience pkg (not SR5 pkg,darnit)
    Less: 1000 Toyota rebate
    Less: 3500 cash for clunkers (had to be a 4cyl as I traded in a 6cyl Ranger)
    TTL: about $1500

    OTD: $16950

    In/out of the Dealer in 2hrs. Why can't they all act like this.
  • rorerore Posts: 13
    "The average MSRP for these trucks is $30,217 and due to the rarity of the vehicle and depleted inventories accross the region due to the CARS program, the MSRP will be our sale price."
  • agc409agc409 Posts: 5
    Nobody should expect MSRP for any vehicle at the current time. You should want to move vehicles, not profit extensively off of the consumer. Whatever dealer you work for should be boycotted.
  • agc409agc409 Posts: 5
    I say good for you. Dealers are in a frenzy to make money. They aren't moving cars so they are really pressuring the consumer. Be brave and get the deal you want.
  • OK, over the weekend I finally found the truck I wanted (inventory is low of the '09). Her eare the details:

    4X2 Silver Double Tacoma w/ Ext value Sport Package + JBL, bed mat, Daytime Lights, floor mats

    MSPR: 28683
    Invoice: 26128 w/ destination (800)
    Quote with 1500 rebate: 25183
    Cash for Clunker: 3500
    Total OTD with 8.75% taxes: 24270

    zip: 92591

    All right group what do you think?
  • The Edmunds TMV price shows pretty close to invoice for your zip code (actually a few dollars less). Your stealership is going to make a decent profit off of you, but then could be like some around me, taking advantage of tighter supply, knowing if you won't buy it at that price, someone else will. After your $1500 rebate, your quote should be about $555 lower to buy at invoice price.

    Last month, I was able to purchase mine at over $800 under invoice, then take another $6000 off for the rebate and clunker cash, but it took some bargaining using dealerships against each other. And you know they wouldn't have sold it at a loss to me. You need some ammo to get the price lower, though.

    You can try to use that price you've got and see if any other dealerships within 50 - 100 miles can beat that price in writing via quotes over the internet. Then, see if the one you want to buy it from can beat that price, or at least match it on exactly the same truck. It may take a couple extra days, but could be worth at least $500 more to you if you can get the price down to or close to at least invoice price before the Toyota rebate.

    Good luck.
  • Last August 8th. I was Tony Divino Toyota in Riverdale, UT and looking at new Tacoma. Most of 2009 sold out. I was looking for Double cab with TRD offroad/JBL/towing package. They have seven in stock red, black, white and gray, not my type and I want silver. So they order 2010 for me. MSRP Price and discount JBL, Bluetooth package. Total is 32,500. I got it for $30,500. I got good Trade in deal for my 2007 Trailblazer and 2006 subaru legacy. I even get discount on new parts from toyota. I order Tube steps, Door Sill, Alarm, Hood protector, wheel lock, and spare tire lock. Got new extend warranty from Toyota. Manager told me that it was new and cover everything else than the old one. So far I drive 300 miles and love it and like it better than Trailblazer. Miss my Subaru but I have to let it go because it hurt my back and shoulder.
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