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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • Yes, I have the same vibration. Only in two wheel drive and it's speed related (mostly noticable between 30 and 40). Toyota said its normal, thats after they replaced a drivshaft bearing. I dont know what to do. It's hard to find the time to keep bringing back only for them to say it's normal!! That's probably what their hoping for. By the way my truck is a 2002 SR5 extended cab V8 with 14000 miles. P.S. It did'nt vibrate when new
  • mday4mday4 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Tundra 4x4 and around 12000 miles it started making sort of a rubbing sound or vibration. It sounds as though it's coming from the left front wheel. I can feel it in the steering wheel and floor pan. Around 30 mph is the worst spot and it goes away after about 40 least I don't hear it after 40 mph. I've looked at all the brake parts and can't see anything wrong. The dealer says Toyota has a bulletin out on it and wants to replace all wheel bearings, brake rotors, calipers, brake lines and brake covers. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas anyone?
  • Does Toyota have a website that shows there recalls? I have always felt that recalls from any car manufacturer is "cat and mouse." Basically, if you know they have a recall or you're lucky enough to find out, they will take care of it.

  • why are these posts about tundra in a tacoma board?
  • Have 2002 Tacoma 4x2 Regular Cab, 2.4 liter, 4 cyl. engine with automatic trans. and ABS. A "topper" (150 lbs) is installed but do not carry anything inside. Purchased new 7/02, now with 4,441 miles on it. Vehicle was properly broken in and is carefully maintained, with tire pressures kept proper etc.

    Toyota/EPA mileage estimates were 22/25. (I am well aware that these are estimates and conditions will vary same. I primarily drive in city conditions, no undue idling periods, no fast starts/ let engine idle for one minute (when cold) before driving slowly off. I live in Rock Island, Illinois and of course, our weather varies from hot to cold via seasons etc.

    I have not had any "ck engine light" come on nor do I have any hot/dragging breaks (ck via careful touching), vehicle seems to roll freely and otherwise performs very well.

    My concern is a "decreasing fuel mileage condition". The following are MPG experienced in CITY conditions.

    8/02 = 21.9
    9/02 = 22, 22.1, 20.4
    10/02= 23.7, 21.7, 19.3
    11/02= 19.3, 20.4
    12/02= 18.4, 17.7, 19.7, 18.8
    1/03 = 18.3, 17.9, 16.9

    I would appreciate hearing from other Regular or Xtracab, 2.4 liter, 4 cyl, auto trans. Tacoma to what experiences they may be having with their MPG (and what part of country/weather obtained in).

    Would also like to know if any owners out there may have experienced any fuel mileage problems that were ultimately corrected via dealership etc. Pls. explain.

    Thank You!

    Ed M.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    This board includes all Toyota truck owners.

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  • I have a 2002 Tacoma V6 5 speed that started the same sound at around 3K(currently 18K). The dealer "can't hear it". I think they hire people that are completely deaf, as I can hear and feel it just fine. When I activate 4WD, it goes away. I had them change the front diff. fluid as an attempt to fix, but no improvement. If anyone knows of a RSB on this, I'd love to hear from you.

  • eomckamey,

    Whenever my mileage drops more than one MPG unexpectedly, I check the tire pressure and it is invariably low. Since you live up North, chances are the tires were inflated either in California when the truck was rolled out, or by the dealer during prep. The temp has probably dropped considerably since July, and with that drop comes a drop in pressure. If you have checked the pressure on a schedule, disregard this post. My wife would drive on four flats if I didn't check hers.
  • I agree that the apparent subject is as you suggest. My point is, if you look at how people find this board, it is listed under "tacoma." If the intent is wider, maybe that should be fixed. Why so touchy?
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    If you notice at the top of the page, this discussion is categorized "Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Truck." However it exists in the Owners Clubs. So, if you are searching for discussions concerning "Toyota Tundra", it will pop up under that also.

    Originally this was designed to include owners of current and past Toyota truck models.

    Hope that makes sense.

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  • mday4mday4 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply Scott. My dealer replaced the front wheel bearings, brake rotors, brake calipers, brake pads, brake lines, and brake backing plates on my truck and the noise and vibration is still seems to be worse. Over $1300 worth of parts. The only thing left is the front axles and cv joints...possibly the front differential. Let me know if you find a fix. I guess I will just drive mine till it tears up, then maybe they can fix the problem.
  • brews1brews1 Posts: 40
    1000 miles on 2003 Tundra and when I come to a stop, sitting at a light for example, I hear a popping or clicking that sounds like the exhaust system cooling down or something. A pop, pop, pop no sequence or anything just random. I looked in the forum but didn't see anything, any ideas? This noise is different than the one described at the beginning of the discussion.
  • acietoacieto Posts: 1
    I have a brand new Tundra, less than 400 miles. I used the four wheel drive for the first time. Highway driving ok but when I went to park and pulled into a space when I made the turn it felt like the emergency brake was on. And felt like it skipped. Same thing happened when I backed out and turned the wheel. Has anyone experienced this and could it be because it hasn't been broken in?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    What surface were you driving on? 4WD is only designed to be used on slick or soft surfaces such as gravel and dirt. Using 4WD on dry pavement can and will damage the 4WD system if used for any length of time. When you make a turn with 4WD on the wheels are all trying to turn at the same speed but must turn at different speeds in order to make a turn, this is why the wheels skipped and what you felt as the "parking brake effect" was the stress and binding force on the 4WD system. Whew! I feel sorry for your Tundra.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    If you read your owner's manual about the use of the 4wd, you'll find the answer. But to put it in a nutshell, you have a part-time 4wd system. DO NOT USE your truck in 4wd on dry pavement. With part-time systems, and the vehicle in 4wd, the front and rear drive shafts are given power via the transfer case which locks the distribution of power front/rear at 50%/50%. When turning, the front wheels need to travel a further distance than the rear wheels, so with the fixed distribtion of power to the drive shafts, there has to be some give if you are to move forward. Either the vehicle stops if there isn't enough torque to force give somewhere, the tires scuff, or the drivetrain gives(worst alternative). The only times you should be using your 4wd is in slippery situations, places where you are driving on surfaces that will allow wheel slipage (sand or gravel), or if you're traveling in a straight line.

    Hope this helps explain what was going on and prevents you from damaging your truck/tires.

  • is adding a rear sway bar like Heliwag necessary and adding k/n air intake an advantage
  • Just thought I'd let you 2002 Toyota Tundra owners of my experience with non-functioning air bags. Left icy highway doing 60 mph and hit 12 ft high wooden fence. Doing about 55 mph when impact occurred; broke off railroad tie fence post. AIR BAGS DID NOT DEPLOY!!!!! Officer on scene did not believe air bags did not deploy. Insurance adjuster also did not air bags did not deploy. So far $11,000 in damages NOT including drive train, suspension and other under the hood items. Even pushed bed 1 1/2 inches to the left. Right front bumper nearly pushed back to the front tire. Bottom line: Toyota is not very concerned, local and regional people. Believe a serious SAFETY problem. Seat belts were worn by both pass and driver. Note: another report on NHTSA.ORG site with 45 mph head-on collision and no deployment of air bags. Sleep well--but not behind the wheel of your Tundra!
  • rmui1rmui1 Posts: 48
    I have a 03 Highlander with airbags that according to the owner's manual only deploys at certain impact angles. Maybe Tundra airbags are similar--sounds like you impacted from right front angle (with the right bumper damage and bed being shifted to the left).
  • Vehicle hit fence and railroad tie fence post at approximately 85 degrees, i.e., almost perpendi-
    cular to the fence. Accident report also indicates this angle of "attack". Regardless, I'm sure
    that Toyota will take the same position that angle of attack was not within engineering specs
    of the air bag system. I find this totally unbelievable! My truck resembles a vehicle very similar
    to a 35 mph offset into a concrete wall that the NHTSA does! Another report on the NHTSA site
    , report # ODI 8002835, indicates another Tundra had a 45 mph head-on collision and the air
    bags did not deploy. I hope to put picture of my truck on web site for your purview. Will let you
    know. Thanks.
  • zero260zero260 Posts: 14
    I purchased a 2003 Tundra four months ago, everything has been fine so far. Two months after my purchase I decided to install seat covers. All covers were installed except the rear seat back cushion because it could not be removed. I then took it to the Toyota dealer and they couldn't figure out how to remove it either. Has anyone successfully removed the back seat before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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