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DVD/Entertainment Systems



  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    OK, I wondered about the cable harness that runs from the radio to the screen. I've seen variations with either 10 pins/wire connector and some with 12 pins/wire connector. Not only that, but some of these harnesses are missing wires. I guess these are the ones that support the audio? Can anyone supply pictures for the IR kit contents or what the new screen housing looks like? Can you tell the difference i.e. is there a new red plastic lens that houses the IR transmitter?
    Thanks all.
  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    So no new cable that runs from the radio to the screen then?
    Do you have any pictures of the parts or can you tell me if the screen housing looks any different? Can you see the IR transmitter or is it right on the board? What about the old parts that you took out, do they look different or do you have pictures to post?
  • bbowman1bbowman1 Posts: 2
    Folks - been following the post as I too have a 2006 Grand Caravan that was a past rental with the single disc DVD player REV sales model. Had the same problems with trying to get IR headphones to work. I agree that the cheaper rental models, including my own, do not have the IR transmitter built into the video screen. I found wiring diagrams for the 2006 model here

    I pulled the radio this weekend and verified that the plug contained the needed audio wire to the video screen. I then pulled the video monitor down and the audio wires were present in the plug. Colors were GY/OR left, GY/WT right, and DG/WT common. By pushing the headphone button on the remote and probing the audio wires at the video screen I did get audio present at the video monitor. Confirming in my case that the IR transmitter is the only part I'm missing.
    Instead of dropping $$ at the local dealer for a new circuit boad,etc. for the video I just purchased a IR transmitter off of ebay for ~$20 (Item number: 9716717179 size ~4x3x1/2) and plan on install it in the video screen housing. Remember the IR transmitter should be on the 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz frequencys for the stock style IR headphones.
    I guess if you wanted corded headphones, you could install jacks in the video housing to plug into instead of using IR headphones, but volumn control would be hard.

    I will try to re-post once I have it installed.

    THANKS to all that too the time to post about this subject! I didn't want to listen to the kids movies either.
  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    WOW, how did you ever find a technical document like that? That is the most one of the best finds that I've seen. Wish it had part numbers though. I'm going to take a peak at my screen inards now to check my pinout. I've been looking for something like this for a while. I too thought about a simple IR transmitter in place of a factory overpriced kit. Already have the phones and remote. Afterall, the radio is what encodes the signal to send out of an IR device, shouldn't make a difference I guess. Please keep us posted on how this works out.

  • gwesdorgwesdor Posts: 8
    On the multidisc changer there is a lead called IR enable. It is not clear if that is handled by the cable from the radio to the changer or if it goes to the video screen. Will have to look at that great wiring diagram.There is however another solution.You can buy a 6 disc multi changer part# P04685932AC which I believe is a 2002-2004 multi disc changer that fits the 2005-06 caravans. These changers have an RF transmitter on the outside of the metal casing. It plugs right into the radio with the cable part#4685999AC. Then all you need is the RF 900 Mhz (with SCAN button) headphones and you are done.If you can hook up an IR transmitter to those leads you identified and it works that would really rock. Let us all know.
  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    Any chance that anyone has written down the part numbers for each section of the 2 piece cable that runs from the radio to the screen? I have the part number of the long one that runs from the windshield pillar to the screen but need the part # for the one from the back of the radio to the windshield pillar. I have the 10 pin version, not the 12 pin. Mine is cut and I need to replace before I can go on with the IR to the screen. The dealer has been iffy on finding the right number as they make so many variations!
  • bbowman1bbowman1 Posts: 2
    Since my last post I can confirm, that with my 2006 Grand Caravan with the REV radio and factory DVD player having 12 cable to the video screen, that by adding a 12v IR transmitter you can achieve wireless headphone capability. I recieved the IR transmitter I purchased off of Ebay and installed it last night in the overhead video console. The unit is very small and I was able to drill (5) 3/8" holes into the back face of the plastic housing for the leds to protrude through. With a little hot glue and velcro the unit was in. By splicing into the GY/OR left, GY/WT right, DG/WT common, GY/DG ground, and YL/GY Acc hot I now have IR headphone capability in the van. Kids can listed to a DVD on the headphones and driver can listed to radio at the same time. Remeber that you must hit the headphone button on the remote to the DVD to get the sound to the IR transmitter.

    I think the 10 pin connect may be close to the same as my 12 pin connector only has 10 wires to it. but not sure

    Hope this helps everyone! Final cost to me was $32 for the transmitter and about 3 hours total to install - taking my time to make it look good and verify wiring.
  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    I can second this by saying that I also bought the IR transmitter for about $20 on ebay with shipping and connected the unit to my factory harness. Yes, I had to work with a cut wire harness but that is the way mine came anyway off of ebay. This IR transmitter had phenomenol range when I tested it in my kitchen using my factory IR headphones. Thanks all for the feedback. Just saved myself $300 instead of buying the factory IT kit!
  • gwesdorgwesdor Posts: 8
    I decided to use the RF type Multi-disc CD changer. I recevd the special cable betwen the radio and changer which included a seperate 2-pin cable bundles with it for power. I could not find a tucked away power connector near the radio to connect up to. Does anyone know the best place to connect power for the CD changer? Thanks.
  • sagejrsagejr Posts: 12
    Usally with these cable, the power comes from the cigarette lighter socket. The power connector on the DVD cable will fit inline between the cigarette lighter power connector and the cigarette lighter socket itself. If this does not work, you can always cut and splice the 2 wires to the cigarette lighter wire like I had to do. Be sure that you splice to the correct lighter plug though. I had two, one thatturns on and off with the key and the other that stays on all of the time. You want to tap into the lighter plug that turns on and off with the key.
    Good luck.
  • cagolocagolo Posts: 1
    Hello friend I'm PAOLO from ITALIA.
    I have a BIG PROBLEM.

    I have need this DVD Player P04685932AC but I must to know if it work with EUROPEAN DVD disc.
    Do you know the AREA REGION CODE for Dvd disc?
    in Europe we are in AREA REGION CODE 2 and our DVD player are ready for disc mastered:

    In USA you have:

    all I have to know is if that Player can read our format, PAL and REGION 2.
    I know that other series of this player:
    Model NO. P05094033AC
    does't work here, only work with american Disc mastered NTSC AREA 1.

    Friend help me, I want to buy because I have monitor for my chrysler Voyager but please ask someone expert, in chrysler, or try yourself, insert an EUROPEAN DVD disc inside player, if it work I'm ready to.. and I will thank's for all of my live I'm sure that you know someone that can solve this problem, if you do not have, you can buy a DVD Film mastered PAL and REGION 2, anywere in a store, in internet or... I send you from ITALIA my film cause you try to see with your car sistem.
    For me it's very important.

    Help me please I wait answere.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I have a 2004 Quest with an aftermarket DVD player (installed at purchase of van by dealer). When I bought it I lived in the Lehigh Valley and now live in south central PA. The radio station that the DVD player was set for was fine when I lived in Lehigh valley but now I get some interference in my current home and some of the roads we travel. Is it possible to set DVD player to play on a different radio station? How do you go about doing this?

    Unfortunately I do not have the brand name of the DVD player as there is none on the unit. Trust me I looked.

    Thanks for any help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can you call the dealership that sold you the van and ask them who installed it for them? I bet it was outsourced to a local shop near them.
  • strandawstrandaw Posts: 1
    Not sure if you're still reading this, mendigs, but just in case...
    In your picture you have a manual for that DVD system. I have the same system in my '05 and getting it running was problematic. After a wrong remote, etc., I found the correct remote and can only listen to the movies via 88.3 on the AM. It seems silly to me that there isn't an actual mode setting (like Satellite, FM, CD, etc) for the video sound that is actually hard-wired to the speakers rather than broadcast on a single channel that may have interference. Is that anywhere in your manual? Thanks if you see this, am nervous about small kids and loud headphones.
  • uav1977uav1977 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have an '03 Chrysler T&C which came w/ the Mopar DVD rear seat video. I had to take the vehicle in to the dealer back a time ago because for unknown reasons the DVD player was powering itself up quietly :confuse: and not turning would have a blinking green LED light on the dash, if I remember correctly. Bad thing of that was if I didn't go anywhere in the car for a few days, the battery would get drained. Anyway, took the van in, the dealer service center said they're not authorized to repair, only replace....for something like $400. and so I said, no, just disconnect it from the power supply and we'll do without. I'm wondering, though, if I might be able to get this fixed by someone, somewhere. Any suggestions? Any notion of why it would get 'possessed' like I described? It seems really wasteful to just leave it disconnected and unused if it might be serviceable; however, it's not my area of expertise for sure. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  • 4sigma4sigma Posts: 1
    Russ, do you still have the RBU and would you like to sell it?
  • ereed1ereed1 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 grand caravan and need to replace the 6 disc dvd/cd player. Are any of the following interchangable with my current component - P04685908AF, P05094031AD, P04685932AC?? I think the 1st two are Pacifica systems but look very similar, just not sure on dimensions. Last one I found info that said could be used for 03 grand caravan's but could not find any further info
  • storrsstorrs Posts: 5
    I had to replace the radio in my car and bought a used daewoo system but I need the code to make it work.
    Thank You
  • That is awesome. I am in the same boat. I have a 2006 Grand Caravan SE with the REV. I already purchased the remote and Koss phones and do not want to go thru Mopar and spend $300. What type of IR Transmitter did you use? I looked on Ebay but most of those look kind of large to attach up by the screen.
  • The cleanest solution is to buy on ebay the 6cd/dvd player that has the RF transmitter built in.Part number is P04685932AC. Approx $250-400.It fits perfectly into the empty slot below your single disc DVD REV unit.You normally get the new cable with it. Then you just have to tap into the cigarette lighter for power. You need the headphones that have a SCAN button. I bought a set for $40.00 brand new ebay.Typically you get a remote with them but the remote you need is the one that came with the REV unit.You should already have that. What this allows you to do is have the passengers listening quietly to their movie while you listen to music or CD's on the single REV unit. Also, if you have more passengers then headphones available you can still revert to using the van's 4 speaker system to allow everyone to hear the movie.
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