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Nissan 350Z



  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    I really need to upgrade my tires ASAP. These stock tires have horrible traction. Launching at 3K RPMs produces nothing but wheelspin. Whereas this is fun, its not very productive. ;)

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,994
    miata....I do think that 6,000 miles can be considered premature wear if they are feathering and it is something more than just unusual. That said, what do the tire manufacturers say? Are they covering them under the tire warranty? If not, why not?

    I've had Z rated tires wear out with as little as 12,000 miles on them, however. This was a while ago, but they actually only carried a 10,000 mile warranty at the time, so I was SOL. This was a while ago, though. I don't know if the tire warranties have gotten any better since then.

    Does your car handle or ride any differntly....enough to make you suspect that there's something wrong with the suspension?

    I have heard of the issues with premature tire wear with the 350Z, but I thought they had been sorted out by Nissan.
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  • Unfortunately the tire wear issue is not solved. Interestingly it seems some people don't have it. However, those that do, nothing seems to solve it regardless of tire manufacturer. New alignment numbers and rotated tires just delay the problem from reoccuring for a few thousand miles.

    I personally wouldn't complain if I could get at least 15,000 miles out of the front tires, the rear ones seem to last longer. But only replacing front tires once per year at $400 isn't a big deal, but when you have to replace them at 6 - 8K that gets annoying and expensive.

    There are intermittant reports of people putting on upgraded suspension and new rims and tires that report the problem going away, but for everyone who does all that and claims to have cured the problem, there is another who did the same thing and still had the problem.

    Those that do the "Nissan fix" almost always have the problem come right back.

    Again some feathering is fine, my tires started feathering almost immediately, I hear that is normal in sports cars, but when it gets to bad that the tires whine and roar at different speeds, that's serious feathering and very annoying.

    Sorry for the long post, but I have kept my eye on the boards for the last 6 months and every now and then new people come along who don't quite understand the situation and think the problem has been solved, but this post represents about everything I have concluded from all the posts I have read. Hope this helps.
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    It's a high horsepower rear wheel drive sports car, yet people are having problems with the front tires! Lots of folks with sports cars have been on a schedule of replacing rear tires twice for every time the front tires are done. But to have the opposite problem? Something is wrong.

    Sounds like there is fundamental flaw in the suspension geometry, or spring rates, etc. and it's probably not going to get fixed for good until Nissan revises the design.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,994
    star....sorry for your inconvenience. The 350Z is a fine car.

    But, it does sound like a geometry issue as others have mentioned. It seems like it's a problem with the front suspension geometry, too. That's something that's not easily fixed until the 350Z is up for a redesign.

    By comparison, my departed RX8 had almost 20K miles on it when it was totalled. I was thinking at the time that the tires would have to be replaced in another 5K (probably less) miles. I rotated them religiously every 3K miles, though. Never saw any feathering, though.

    As stated earlier, 6K-8K miles out of tires means something's "out of whack".

    I'm sure the tire manufacturer (what tires does the Z come with?) is putting pressure on Nissan since they're probably getting quite a few warranty claims, too. What does the tire manufacturer say when you try to make a warranty claim for the feathering issue?
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  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    I've read plenty of reports from folks on Z-dedicated boards who have NOT had the feathering return after tire replacement and an alignment.

    Yes, I've also read plenty from those who have had the problem return, but there is no way I can back up the statement "However, those that do, nothing seems to solve it regardless of tire manufacturer. New alignment numbers and rotated tires just delay the problem from reoccuring for a few thousand miles."

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    I'm pretty sure there is no warranty on these from the tire manufacturer. Kinda makes you wonder why, doesn't it?

    These are the Potenzas, right? For some reason, I'm drawing a blank on what specifically came with my car. I'm pretty sure they are Potenzas. RE040?? Anyone?

    Well, if it IS the tires I'm referring to, TireRack states there is no treadlife warranty and the uniform wearing warranty is only for the first 1/32". What a joke.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    Oh, ya know, I guess I should retract my jab at Bridgestone for not having a warranty on those tires. I just checked a bunch of performance summer tires and NONE of them offer a warranty.

    And, actually, even the All-season tires offered by Avon have no wear warranty.

    Guess that's the nature of the beast when it comes to sportscar tires.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • farscapefarscape Posts: 5
    I was at a Nissan dealership May 29th and May 30th and was told by two different salesmen that Nissan will not be building a 2006 350Z in order to increase the interest in the car. I've looked online all week trying to find news about this and have not seen any. I originally thought it was a tactic to move this one Z-car they've had on the lot for over a month but it was odd for it to be said by two different people. Is this true? I'll gladly provide the dealership and sales persons names if its allowed on this forum.
  • If it is true what may be the real reason they are holding off on the 06 is to give them time to redesign the suspension. They don't want to put out another 36,000 cars that could give them problems down the road. If it really is just to renew interest in the car, that would be cool too, there are already too many of them on the road where I live now.

    For the reason they stated I don't know if any other manufacturer has done such a thing. Usually they just pull the car and that's the end of it. I hope they aren't planning on retiring the design for good.
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    Even if Nissan does cancel the 350Z after this model I am sure the G35 will continue to live on.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,994
    That's the silliest thing I've heard. It's their "halo car" and always sells well. There's no reason I can think of for them to cancel it. I'd consider this a poor rumor.
    2016 Cadillac CTS-1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible
  • farscapefarscape Posts: 5
    I agree. But the two different sales persons were pitching it to me.
  • ajs1969ajs1969 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I am thinking of buying a used 350Z. Have sadly heard about the tire feathering problem. My question is it specific to certain models of the Z or does it affect all types...track, touring, enthusiast etc...?

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,994
    Sounds like salesperson BS to me. If I were you, I'd ask them their source for making such statements. If that's true, Nissan would have at least sent some sort of memo to the dealers stating that they don't plan on offering '06s "to generate more demand for '05s". I'd ask both of them to let you see the memo or some sort of proof of their claim.

    More likely, they are trying to get you to buy something off their lot as an '05 instead of waiting for an '06. The old ploy of "get one now, becasue tomorrow it'll be gone never to return" is something that is used all the time. Only this time they "tweaked" it a little.

    Although, I wouldn't do business with these types of folks, I'd hold thier feet to the fire to prove their claim just to see how they "wiggle" out of it.
    2016 Cadillac CTS-1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    It has already been reported (most notably in Autoweek), that the '06 Z will have interior updates. So I will take that to mean that there WILL be an '06 for sale.

    Definitely sounds like salesman BS.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    Nope. No specific reasons via model, wheel size, region, whatever.

    Big questions you need to ask yourself are what model year you want to buy and will this be your only car? There seem to be a greater number of '03s affected than '04s and even fewer '05s. Of course, there are theories that this is due to a greater number of '03 owners who have high enough miles to discover the problem. But, YMMV.

    This is probably a poor choice as a person's only mode of transportation. Poor poor weather traction and, if you develop the tire feathering problem, frequent replacement of front tires would become troublesome.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    From what I know not all 03-05 have tire problems. Mine is a 2004 that I got new and don't any tire problem yet. If Nissan sells close to 30k Zs a year not all of them have feathering. There are many that don't have tire problems. So you just have to take your chance.
  • farscapefarscape Posts: 5
    I thought the Traction Control and Vehicle Dynamic Control options would be helpful in poor weather. They sound like great ideas i see in alot more cars now.

    Does anyone know if an automatic transmission and vehicle dynamic control can be ordered as an option on 350zs other than the anniversary trim level?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    Unfortunately, they really do nothing in this case. Basically, the car has to have SOME traction for those things to work, and, at least with the stock tires, there is zero traction to be had.

    VDC is standard on the Performance, Touring, Track, and Anniversary models. Out of those, however, an automatic can only be had in the Touring and Anniversary models.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • farscapefarscape Posts: 5
    Unfortunately the touring model drops the vdc option if you choose an automatic meaning in order to get both you must get the anniversary model. I was hoping it wasn't a written in stone policy.

    I noticed too how much better my '90 300ZX grips when i put z rated tires on it. I totaled another 300ZX on a slick road just tapping the pedal one night.
  • jlettie1jlettie1 Posts: 9
    I visited 2 Nissan showrooms and basically were told the same story that Nissan is receiving so many complaints from customers about the life of the tires that the rumor about Nissan dropping the 350Z is true. Nissan is not alone Chrysler is having the same problem with the Crossfire premature tire ware rash of customer complaints. I know the Crossfire has 18" in the front and 19" in the back. To replace these tire if you can find them would be about $800.00. The only smart manufacture is Lexus they only offer the run flats as an option with the hardtop convertible. I would interested to hear if any other manufactures dropping the run-flats.image
  • leebroleebro Posts: 8
    jlettie1 said Lexus was smart to only offer RF as an option on the hardtop convertible (SC430). What is really the case is that while the RF's are shown as a option, they're the only way you can get the car. Go to Lexus web-site and "build your car". Each Option Package includes both the RF's and the tacky afterthought looking "spoiler". And you must pick one of the four packages
    One smart-[non-permissible content removed] salesclerk (I won't insult salesmen by calling him one) even said that if I bought the car I could take the run-flats off once I had bought it. Duh. Now you see why I'm here. I'll be damned if I buy a 60K+ plus car and then pay an extra 800 for two "required" "options", that I don't want.
  • liquid1liquid1 Posts: 4
    I was considering on buying a new 350Z and want to use it as a daily driver. So the car needs to be practical. I know that this car doesn't have back seats so consequently the front seats can't be fully reclined. When I am at a club I sometimes like to show the ladies my cool ride. I sometimes even like to have sex with on of the females that I meet. Which brings me to my question that may play an important roll in my decision on purchasing the Z. Is the seat able to recline far enough back so that I can do my thing missionary style? Please someone or anyone who has or hasn't tried this let me know if it is possible.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    the rumor is true because ....?? a couple of salesman stated so?? I certainly wouldn't put money on it. They are still selling a pretty strong number of Zs, so I have to doubt they would drop the car altogether.

    What do runflats have to do with premature tire wear? They wear just like non-runflats do. By the way, Avon makes a matched set of tires that fit the Z and are very reasonably priced on tirerack. When its time to replace mine, that's most likely the route I will be going (they are also all-season, so that should help with the previously discussed adverse weather driving).

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,791
    Really? That's strange. Where did you get that info. I'm trying to find that on the Nissan site, but the closest I can see is in the comparison chart when I pick an AT or MT. The AT seems to be lacking something called Transmission Stability Control. I'm not sure what that is. Is it possible that is the same as Vehicle Dynamic Control? Seems odd that they would give it a different name, but its certainly possible. However, did you confirm on an actual car that this is true? Is there no VDC button or light? Just doesn't seem right that they would actually remove it from a particular vehicle, but, again, I guess its certainly possible.

    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • 350z4me350z4me Posts: 4
    My wife is planning to get a G35 Coupe, does anybody know if they suffer from the same tire feathering problem as the 350Z does, I am incline to think they would be affected too, since both cars share the same drivetrain and platform.
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    While I don't drive a G35, but I do have a 2004 350Z and do not have tire feathering problem. From what I have heard I don't think the G35 had the tire feathering problems. Might want to ask the same question on a G35 forum unless you did already.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,191
    ... and to get there, just click this link:
    Infiniti G35 Coupe discussion about their experiences with the tires.


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