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Nissan 350Z



  • mrdennismrdennis Posts: 6
    I have about 18000 on my 07 and the treads still look good and I also drive like an old lady. Hey thanks, and do anyone know what I can use on my driver door inside handle to restore the black finish, it just seem to disappear and I have white spots there.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Have you asked the dealer? Seems an odd problem. I have a 2005 roadster, bought in April of '06, and don't have any problem like that at all.

    I had to replace two tires at 18,000 miles and I was very upset about that. Next time will try something that has a better longevity rating.
  • jrallsjralls Posts: 1
    I am searching for the orange mesh seats for an 2007 Nissan 350Z. If anyone knows where i can get my hands on some please e-mail me at
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    edited July 2010
    I noticed that in my air filter box are dead leaves and such. I was looking for a diagram of how the how the air box and tubes are designed and where in the front fender or front quarter panels they sit... can't find it. Does anyone know where the front part of the stock air intake sits and how I'm sucking up leaves? Thanks!
  • Hi. Am new to Edmunds and forums so not sure this is correct place to start.
    I had a 2005 350Z (purchased in fall of 2004). No major issues until past July 2013. Had new rear suspension installed at dealership due to damage to original parts (my bad ran over curb). Picked car up on July 22 and noticed steering was unusually tight but did not return to dealer (my bad again). 2 days later made lane change on dry road, no speeding, sunny weather, good pavement and car rear wheels unexpectedly started to skid to right. Steered into skid and rear wheels fishtailed back to left. Tried to steer into skid and car continued to spin 360 degrees 2 times across 3 lanes of traffic before hitting inside concrete barrier facing oncoming traffic. Thankfully only minor injuries and nobody else involved. Have driven this Z and previous 300Z for over 20 years combined and never had this reaction from vehicle even on icy or snowy or wet roads. Insurance totaled the car. I could not get insurance or anyone else to inspect rear suspension but found some items online that indicated this could be a faulty install on the toe out. Am trying to find anyone else that might have had this situation or type of accident and it traced back to faulty install and/or faulty toe out settings on new suspension. Can anyone help me? If this is not the appropriate place for this post please advise which forum or blog I should go to. Thanks
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