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Audi A4 Convertible



  • tharp1tharp1 Posts: 1
    I cannot get the warning light to go off. I have opened and closed the top several time and is seems secure but the light is still on??
  • icaticat Posts: 12
    I have a 2003 A4 Cab with 32K miles. Yesterday while attempting to lower the top, it stopped hald way and I had to manually close it. Is there a way to reset the top so I can open and close it again? Oh yeah, the trunk will now not open via remote. Of course the soft top not closed idiot light and tone will not shut off
  • What is the best deal anyone has seen on this car? Money factors, residual rates or what the best price that has been negotiated Quattro with Premium Plus
  • I have an a4 2003 that I am taking to the dealership tomorrow. I have intermittant whistling in my brakes and want to be sure it isn't a pad indicator. will see what he thinks
  • Try turning ignition key on and off three times (without starting engine), should reset the light and roof mechanism.
    Had same issue and this is what Audi shop told me to do - it worked. :)
  • (Same answer as Post #226)
    Try turning ignition key on and off three times (without starting engine), should reset the light and roof mechanism.
    Had same issue and this is what Audi shop told me to do - it worked. :)
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Hi everyone. Looking at a used 2007 2.0L, AWD, cabrio and it's not clear if all cars come with the triple layer fabric roof for enhanced noise reduction. Does anyone know? If it is an option, then how do you know if the option is "in there"? Is there some sort of label on the inside of the roof? I can look at the original sticker if the used car dealer has it, but it's not clear that he does at this point. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,692
    It's standard..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Host, thanks.
  • stacyjmstacyjm Posts: 1
    My 2005 A4 cab just went out of warranty in November, 2009. I only have 45k miles on it. However, in the last month I've forked out $2500 for repairs, including a new fuel pump, themostat housing, and valves and gaskets that have dry rotted. I also had the timing belt replaced at the dealership's recommendation--they said it would be due for replacement in the near future and went ahead and did it while the car was in the shop for the fuel pump replacement.

    I love the car, but the amount of repair work I've had to have in the last month seems excessive. Plus, now I'm constantly worried that my CVT transmission is going to go out on me, since this model car has a known problem with that issue.

    Is all the repair work I've had to have done lately a sign of things to come? Or is this normal for this car? What else do I need to be worried about? I could be investing all that repair money in a new vehicle and don't want to continue to throw money at repairs. I need some advice!
  • hatnbakhatnbak Posts: 1
    I can identify with you. My 2004 A4 Cabrio 3.0 went out of warranty about 2 years ago, and I've had A LOT of repairs. I've finally learned to avoid my Audi dealer, as their labor rates & recommended time for different fixes makes the repairs ridiculously expensive. I can't even remember the entire list, but in addition to $2000 for convertible top positioning sensors & control module (which probably wouldn't have been needed if I'd been aware of the reset procedure mentioned here!!), I've replaced an Antenna ($800 or so); had an oil pan leak (also around $1000); got a new timing belt (Audi dealer wanted $2800 for 75000 mile maintenance including timing belt, but I got it done for around 1000 elsewhere), new brakes & tires (expected), co2 sensor (more than $500), a replacement for the prop to hold up my hood; and a few other things I can't remember. Now my trunk won't open (Audi estimated $500, but I'm going elsewhere); my glovebox latching doesn't work (Audi dealer said around $800; I decided to lock the box & not use it); the front got knocked off my dash cupholder (dealer wanted around $400 to replace; other repair shop glued it back).

    All in all--very frustrating for a quality car; I still love the way it looks & drives, but wish I'd sold it 2 years ago; now I feel like I've put so much money in, I should keep for a while!!
  • nanos64nanos64 Posts: 1
    Help!!!! Ok. this is the last week to make up my mind about which convertible to choose. BMW 3 series is sweet. But they want $5000 down and asking approx $545 per month for 3 years. 12,000 miles per year. I am reading that the Audi's are only approx $2000 down and the payments are much cheaper. Has anyone compared both convertibles and have any feedback on each and which one is the better car. I will be giving in my 328 i sedan. Black on black. I loved my BMW. But lower payments and down payment will make my husband happier i am sure. What do you guys think.
  • rdfanrdfan Posts: 2
    Uh, actually that might be a maybe.

    Yes - a triple layer roof is standard. However, I think the original poster may have been asking about the optional "acoustic convertible roof" option which was only available on the 3.2 models and only with the Convenience Package which means models equipped with Home-link, rain-sensing wipers and bi-xeon lights most likely have the extra-quiet roof.

    Does anyone know if it was a stand along option and how I can tell if a car has it? I'm in the market for a used CAB to replace my ancient Saab 9-3 'vert.
  • rdfanrdfan Posts: 2
    Also, can someone tell me how to identify if the car is equipped with the $250 Sport Suspension. If there a badge, or different tire size or unique wheels?
  • Ask to see the original Bill of Sale and/or the Window Sticker on the car. Another way- track it on one of the car status sites (to see repair/collision data). ID by VIN which should give you all the items originally on the vehicle. Ask if the top was replaced (which may be important for other reasons, too).
  • lassie1lassie1 Posts: 1
    I am thinking about a 2007 Cabriolet quattro with 16k miles and 11 months left on original warranty..I have been reading all the posts about repair costs etc..for $28600 am I getting a potential lemon???
    Any replies would be appreciated
  • vtscvtsc Posts: 1
    The Audi dealership cannot seem to resolve an issue with the convertible top on my 2004 A4 3.0 Cab. (46Kmiles - 7 years old). The spring that holds the inner roof top to the upper canvas, (visible at just behind mid-point while dropping the roof), is broken. It looks as though the j hook spring is connected to the lining on one end, but broken in two below the actual spring. The lining has pulled away from the canvas and is noticeably separated and sagging when the top is up.

    Does anyone know of a fix? Where to find the springs? Had this problem also? etc.

  • Can you tell me about the rest procedure. I had the same exact issue today on my 2006 where I tried to open the top and it just stopped working, manually closed it but still doesn't work. You can reply to me at

  • I ahve a 2004 audi cab. my radio antenna went out 2 years ago and audi wanted 650 bucks to repair. i have replaced the fuel pump, the hinges on the glove box broke (they want $300 to fix). ignition coils went bad and chrome trim has oxidized. if it was not paid for I would dump it. sorry excuse for a $40K car.
  • summer29summer29 Posts: 1
    My 2005 audi conv. has been having so may issues lately ! from brake light burning out after 4 mos. then brake light on trunk. My major issue just happened is the glass separated from canvas and was told have to replace entire top! ON a six yr old car!!! Anyone else have this issue?? Can u email me at if u did.....shouldn;t this be considered a defect! Dealer tells me wear and tear! I live in NY I use it maybe 4 mos a yr and certainly not everyday! $50,000.00 car! I know people with sebrings that never had this happen.

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