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Ford Excursion Owners: Meet the Members



  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

    If you have some time, we would really appreciate Town Hall members writing a review of their current auto, or a favorite make/model. It takes approximately a week for your review to appear on that make/model.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


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  • 390gt390gt Posts: 17
    I've been running the Timbren's, procomp SS and Edelbrocks for almost 25K miles. How does the Hellwig work out with the Timbrens up front? How dow you like the ride with the Timbrens?
  • I installed the loadboosters about a week or two before the sway bar. There was a definite handling improvment with the sway bar when cornering. The timbrens made the most difference in the ride and handling. It's alot easier than the front spring replacment that alot of folks are doing.
  • Have just started visiting Town Hall this past week. Doesn't seem to be any new Excursion members the past couple months, so thought I'd just say hello for anyone interested.

    I purchased a 2000 Exc V10 White Ltd., 3.73 new in 11/00. It's the "Big Dog" around our driveway, and it's a great rig. I've been running trucks/vans/SUVs since 1974, mostly towing boats across the US, hauling the family (and occasionally playing off-road in my younger days).

    The Big Dog suits my needs perfectly. After 30K miles, it still is solid, not a rattle anywhere, handles, tows and looks great. I couldn't be more pleased (unless I could figure out how to get 20mpg!). In fact, it's been so good I didn't know I needed shocks, sway bars, tires until I started reading Town Hall. ;-)

    Yes, I'm still on the Firestones, and the darn things still haven't worn out enough so I can justify going down and getting some "good" tires. (Seriously, I've never been a Firestone fan, but these Steeltex continue looking and working fine. I rotate them every 6K. I keep watching for an excuse to replace them, and am still waiting.)

    I've added a few functional/cosmetic accessories: CatchAll mats & liner, sill protectors, bug guard, mud flaps, better headlights and backup lights, but that's about it. I would like to add fog lights, since they weren't standard in 2000. Any tips on models and installation there would be appreciated.

    Anyway, just an intro for you all. Looking forward to contributing whenever possible.

    Enjoy the outdoors,

  • Hello I am new to the group and would like to answer some of the questions I have been reading. But first, I have a 2000 Excursion 4x4 V10 3:73 gears.The odometer just turned 60,000 and have only replaced the power steering pump. I just installed a 6 inch lift by BDS and it sits on 36/14.50 16.5 Mickey Thompsons on 16.5x12 Eagle 589. I am also a stereo nut and have two Xtant X series powered by an Orion Pro 1000. I am in the process of putting a in dash tv along with two headrest tv's. I love this truck. I was a die hard chevy guy for years and took a verbal beating when I bought my Excursion but its by far the best vehicle I have ever had.
    For those wanting better headlights there is an ad on E-Bay for what looks like the 2003 model headlight. It has a large light on the outside with two smaller lights next to it. They look awesome and listed under Excursion in the search bar. Not sure what page but think it was 3 or 4, only 6 under that search. Ad says slight modification needed which is probally the plugs.
    My wife uses the beast as a daily driver so I only get it on weekends mostly. Get tons of comments from all ages now that it is lifted.
    Please feel free to contact me as I am an information nut. If you get a chance go to the Sierra Club website. They are Excursion bashers. Just sent them a long e-mail about are ridiculous and obsesed they are about these vehicles. The head cheese was on good morning america making it sound like only an idiot would buy an Excursion. Well it made me mad so I responded. Well I shut up nice to other people enjoying their Excursions.
  • i am curious about the mileage the excursion can get. either gasoline or diesel, both early model years and late, and the different size engines. thanks,tc
  • Hello. I purchased our excursion in Oct and have been pretty impressed with the drive ability of such a large vehicle. We own an 02 explorer, which we have been very happy with, but on long trips we use all its space. I have three daughters ages 5 and under, plus my wife and I. We test drove three trim levels, including a 4X4, and all handled relatively the same. It does not match the ride and handling of the explorer but the interior space was calling our number. When we purchased the 04 rwd e.b. with a psd engine, we knew the pros and cons.
      We have taken it on a couple of road trips and have been impressed with the tremendous power and smoothness of the psd. It gets a little over 20mpg on the hwy and 14-16 in town. This thing loves the open road!
      Next week we are taking it to Monterrey, MX. I'll let you know how we did when we come back.
      The only issue the dealership is trying to resolve is a clunking noise when it first goes into drive and I depress the gas peddle. I am interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this problem and what was done to fix it. I can be reached at
      Thanks, john
  • rexfordrexford Posts: 2
    We bought a 2004 Red Edie Bauer 6.0 diesel about a year ago and I love the truck. I've added a few mods and the Dealer has been fair, correcting a few problems. I hope to learn a lot on this forum and share with our stories too.

    Thanks from Calgary.
  • photogphotog Posts: 1
    LOVE this truck!!!
    So much drech with the Eddie Bauer mdl and having gotten bitten on our Expedition a couple of yrs ago we decided to get the cloth seats and the 6 way power seats and be ready to tow the 31' Airstream in real comfort.

    However, there are a few things I wish we could have gotten ...
    I want to install Upfitter switches/Tow Command modules in the cubby hole to the left of the cup holder. just need the part number for the Tow Command. anyone??

    I would like to get a good OEM proximity sensor since this is one thing that I lost out on .
    And the fog lamps did not come with the truck.

    Still, lots of room for the dog crate in the back. Need to get that rear seat out and bagged and stored. then I can install the Truck Vault.

    One last thing, getting a Pulrite Hitch installed AROUND that verdampt skid plated fuel tank. Anyone fought this battle already???

    thanks in advance in Houston, TX
  • Bought my Excursion new in 2000, It is the only vehicle I ever had where I was still satisfied after almost 5 years. No problems ever. 7.3 Power Stroke, Fed it gas once by mistake, no effect just cleaned out the carbon, no do not try it drove 125 miles on a 50/50 mixture. Sure made a fuss but no lasting effect.

    Average over 22 mpg. 17 in combination. Two trips to Fla. 1 cross Canada. Regularly tow excavator and Bobcat B trained behind it, Gets looks but what else will do it.

    Hooked to a friends Duramax dually 4X4 and pulled him acrost the lot. He doesent have the weight. With my tools and attachments aboard she weighs over 9800 without passengers. Just a little locomotive???? Hope Ford will continue making this beast as it suits me fine. I do drive carefully don't want to crush a burb.
  • kevins3kevins3 Posts: 10
    My Excursion is The Dark green limited 7.3L diesel runs beautiful. other than having the hubs replaced. I traded the factory tires before they were recalled lost out on that one. But still Happy! we went round trip west from Ohio to San Fransico to Vegas Kansas city then back home! Not one bit of trouble! Love this vehicle! Thanks for reading this Kevin
  • My wife and I are planning to buy a 2000 Ford Excursion 6.8L V10 (4.3 axle ratio) to pull our 6800lbs trailer (dry weight). We currently have a Ford Expedition 5.4L V8 XLT and is clearly not powerful enough to pull it. My concern is in doing further research I found that the 2000 Ford Excursions can only pull up to 10,000lbs and it's not till 2004 (I think) that they upgraded this to 11,000lbs. With other things loaded on the trailer on a trip I'm guessing that it's probably more like 7500lbs to 7800lbs. I'm just wondering if there are some out there who owns a 2000 and is pulling a trailer as heavy as mine and what your experience has been. I didn't see a section for towing on Excursions so let me know if I need to post this somewhere else. Thanks in advance. --- Al
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    While you're waiting for a reply here you may also want to check out Towing tips for SUVs. And congrats, in advance! :)

    tidester, host
  • rdctrdct Posts: 3
    Good choice for towing vehicle. We have owned the same vehicle for 4 yrs now. Traded in a Suburban for it. The Suburban is a 'friendlier' driving vehicle, but you need the 454ci engine and the 2500 3/4 ton series to do the same job as a basic Excursion. Ours wasn't.

    I had hoped our Ex would show a large increase in towing fuel economy compared to the 6 - 7 mpg our Sub was getting, because our Sub struggled with a 350ci, but the Ex didn't show as much of a difference as I had hoped. Hard to compare apples to apples though, as we bought a larger camper at the same time, and I think with the larger Ex engine, we (I) tend to drive faster.

    Our camper is around 8000lbs loaded, give or take 500lbs depending on water and stuff. 9600lbs gross, so we have the potential to be maxed out on long trips. 35' long including the tongue, 11' high including the A/C.

    Our Ex only has the 3.73 gears. At 55 - 60mph, we get 8 - 9mpg. At 70 - 75mph, we get 6 - 7mpg. Not an incredible difference. This is according to the o/h computer. I would be interested to see what you get with the different gears.

    Most of our traveling has been through mountains and long grades. We're planning a trip out to Yellowstone from the east coast this summer, so I'm looking forward to a slight increase in mpg's - at least on the way home with the wind.

    You will have no problems towing your camper with this truck. Your camper is on the small side for the amount this truck can pull. Don't forget to have the weight distributing hitch setup properly for this vehicle.

    ">link title
  • hockey8721hockey8721 Posts: 1
    We are considering a 2000 EX 8cyl diesel and was wondering from any of the owners what your take on them?

    Also it has around 69,000 on it. Any concerns with the diesel after it gets the higher miles?

  • itruckitruck Posts: 2
    hi, just purchased an 01 excursion limited 4x4 with 7.3PSD. i traded in my 2002 super dutyf-250crew 4x4 with was the worst MPG vehicle ive owned getting at the most 11mpg. the fuel mileage with the excursion exceeds what i thought i would get. im getting close to 21mpg hiway and 16.6 city driving! probably the best truck ive owned yet.
  • This is my first posting but I have been reading postings on this site for weeks. It seems a lot of folks have installed a Hellwig sway bar. I am wondering if this is due to the stock bar not being good enough or because some Excursions did not come with a rear sway bar? My 2003 has a stock sway bar and it seems to be beefy enough but I am experiencing sway or "wander" at highway speeds while towing my Cougar 304. I have a Reese Dual Cam WDH and am considering some modifications to control the sway. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Bilstein shocks have solved the sway problem I was having, but we pull a 10-12K lbs horse trailer and need a little enhancement of the power, especially off the line. Am considering Airaid Intake System, Superchips Max Micro tuner and a MBRP performance exhaust system. Anybody running similar equipment who can discuss advisability with me would be appreciated.
  • We purchased our 2005 Excursion w/6.0L Power Stroke Diesel new in 2005. We just love it! It has more than enough power and room for us (4) and our stuff, as well as 3 dogs! We've only had a couple problems with sensors: one "coking-up with carbon" and one that went bad completely. Other than that, no problems at all. We've added a 4" turbo-back exhaust w/a 5" chrome tip - it still has what I believe is the catalytic converter on it, but no muffler. It runs quiet until you stomp on it. Bye-bye everyone! We've also added a HyperTech tuner, which allows us to tow up to the maximum for this vehicle on any setting - even Stage 3 (hi-perf). My husband likes the way it tows our 19.5' boat/trailer better than our '02 F350 4x4 PU with the 7.3 PSD. Our next change for both trucks is new intake systems! These are definitely BUILT FORD TOUGH! As far as MPG: we average 15-17 city and 18-21 hwy. How could one NOT love a truck that can pull anything all day long and still get real decent MPG?!?
  • My wife and I took our first road trip with our 2001 Excursion V10 pulling a 32ft Wildcat TT (about 8500lbs) loaded last week. All was well for the first 125 miles then we began losing power up hills. Earlier, it would jump to 4500rpm gain speed then line back out after hill was climbed. Later it would change gears but rpms would stay about 2800. Had ford dealer in that area check trans and found nothing wrong, changed oil, filter and fuel filter. After cooling off that night we started back home. We just made it home when it did the same thing. The ford dealer said that he thought the catalytic converter might be bad. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This sure poured cold water of road trips. Thanks,
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