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Mazda6 Sedan



  • Hopefully, Mazda has made some engineering adjustments to control torque steer. The Millenia S, which is front wheel drive, has 210hp/210lb-ft and has no torque steer.
  • I'm not sure of the year it appeared, but the Dodge Intrepid has had Chrylser's AutoStick for many, many years now.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    of some more mazda 6 pictures

    I can understand fwatson's anxiety at this car being entirely youth oriented. However I will say this.......its about time we started getting "youth oriented" sedans availbale in the American market. I love a car like the Protege5 or MP3 and would love to have the chance to buy a larger version of it.

    I've been harping all over this board that because a car has 4 doors is no reason it should ride or handle or look any less sporty than the best performing mainstream cars out there. Now with this car and the Altima we are finally starting to see a FEW youth oriented sedans hit the market.

    I was raised in staunch GM country in the midwest and to this day so many of my relatives think cars like a Buick LeSabre or Olds 88 are the cats meow. Still today if the car doesn't carry a GM nameplate these people are shocked you would even consider such a thing. I have driven so many Buicks in my life I'm so tired of them.

    Throughout the 90's you saw people gravitate to Audi's and BMW's because of their image, but also their vehicle dynamics and sporty looks. The Nissan Maxima and Taurus SHO were successful in showing that mainstream marques can produce capable sporting sedans. And let's not forget the poseurs like the Bonneville SSE, that maybe looked the part and had some throttle but did not extend the goodness to the whole package. And yes even Ford softened up the SHO late decade and it too became a poseur. The GTP Grand Prix was successful in the power department, and looked nice but did not seem to approach the handling prowess it needed to to become a complete all around sporting car it could've been.

    And no flames please, because I have owned an 89 and 99 SHO. The 89 was a fiesty car, and the 99 is good too, but not as quick in handling or snap neck power. Yet, it is one of the best late 90's cars available to most of the public if you wanted a car with reflexes, sporting looks, and go. A car that gets the blood flowing. A car that makes you feel youthful. A car that won't numb you or put you to sleep.

    Like a Camry. Like an Accord, Avalon, Century......hey no offense, but if you want a mature car.....there's MANY to choose from. So I welcome with open arms any maker that brings to market a sedan that is youthful, vibrant, on edge, and doesn't sacrifice sportingness or looks just because it has 4 doors.

    God, that yellow Mazda 6 is gorgeous. Mazda could really bust open what the new Altima started, with these new aggressive looking cars.

    Earlier I said the dash looked Chryslerish. I might modify that a bit. Some parts of the console, radio and climate control look a bit Intrepid like. The top of the stack looks a bit like the GMC Envoy. The overall shaping of the dash looks a bit like the Ford Mondeo, too. I'm warming up to it.

  • This question may be premature, but has anything been said about the pricing and/or first availability?
  • I prefer the hatch over the sedan too!
    does anyone know the length, width, wheelbase of Mazda 6?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    manumatics have been available for a few years in family sedans, not just in the Passat - Dodge Intrepid has had autostick for a few years and I think Stratus has it available.
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I just wanted to give Mazda kudos for turning out these protoype designs. The hatch and the wagon are great looking, even compared to Euro cars. We've had enough of the "if it is ugly it must be a great car" mentality for Japanese cars.

    I notice with some interest that Audi is now the design leader. Both the new Nissan Altima and the Mazda 6 are taking style cues from their cars.
  • I'll start off by saying that I'm 21 years old...but Mazda has completely missed me with the New Mazda 6. I'm not into these new sporty cars...I like luxury over sport. In my almost 6 years of driving...I've only owned Mazdas.
    1991 Protege DX
    1994 626 LX
    1999 Millenia w/Premium Package
    As of this week...2001 Millenia S
    I love the Millenia...but this will be my last Mazda.
  • I've never thought of Mazda as a luxurious car company. They have always struck me as a sporty company with a few boring sedans. They appear to be fixing that problem...

    I bet that the new 6 will have option packages to turn it into a BMW-esque luxury vehicle. Meaning luxurious and comfortable without sacrificing it's sporty roots.

    Give it a chance before dismissing Mazda - this car will probably be more than you think it will. And if you still decide to stop buying Mazdas, they don't need to worry - if this car is everything it looks like it is going to be (and they bring the 4-door hatchback to the US), this will be my first Mazda. I had been dreaming of the day Ford brought the Mondeo ST220 here, but I think that I like this one better. And I miss my old Civic hatchback.
  • Mazda will have a really fantastic lineup if they update the Protege to the "3" and make it based on the Focus platform,

    The 6 sedan, hatch, and wagon- although I doubt the hatch will make it over here *sniff sniff*

    The Miata (which they should rename the MX-5, as it is called everywhere else)

    The MPV, and the Tribute

    I'm quite impressed...Mazdas have always been good little cars, light years better than Mitsubishis in my opinion.
  • Mazda will have a really fantastic lineup if they update the Protege to the "3" and make it based on the Focus platform,

    The 6 sedan, hatch, and wagon- although I doubt the hatch will make it over here *sniff sniff*

    The Miata (which they should rename the MX-5, as it is called everywhere else)

    The MPV, and the Tribute

    I'm quite impressed...Mazdas have always been good little cars, light years better than Mitsubishis in my opinion.

    And, milleniaman1, I'm sure there will be wood-grain and leather options on the new 6.
  • Mazda has said that it will be bringing the hatch over here to the US! I am first in line! Things are really starting to heat up over at Mazda.

    Go Mazda!!!

    Zoom Zoom Zoom

    P.S.- I highly doubt wood grain trim, it would ruin the interior IMO. I love, love, love the brushed alluminum inside of the 6, very upscale and sporty.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    is it really brushed aluminum or is it 80's style boombox plastic?
  • I know Mazda is not a luxurious car company...I do not consider my old Protege or 626 to be a luxury car...but the Millenia was designed from the ground up to be a Luxury car. If you anyone doesn't already know...Mazda was going to start its own Luxury division called Amati...the Millenia was going to be the flagship sedan. The new Mazda 6 does not have these same roots. I really like the Millenia a lot, because it is unique. It's not a clone of anything like the Maxima and I35 or the Camry and ES300. I suppose I've owned enough Mazdas anyway...I plan on keeping my Millenia S for about 5 years.
  • I noticed in one picture there is a gated shifter with manumatic mode, in another there's an old fashiond one maybe the four cyl, and the other the 6.

    At any rate...I absolutely LOVE the looks of this car, inside and out. I am a big Nissan fan (especially the Maxima), and I just walked away from an incredible accident where my Maxima literally saved my life....I may buy another, but this car is gorgeous! I wish it was out now so I could test it.

    Way to go Mazda! If the price and performance are right..this will be a big hit (as long as it tought traditional Japanese quality)
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    The 4 cylinder will have an optional 4 speed automatic, while the V6 will have an optional 5 speed manumatic, notice I said optional, meaning a 5 speed manual will be standard!!
  • The problem with autoweek is that they make a lot of assumptions. Many a time autoweek has predicted the wrong thing or provided wrong information. All the reports that I have seen indicate the 5-door will be coming to the US. Also I do believe that is really aluminum trim but what ever it is it sure looks snazzy. It really sets the interior apart from other cars.

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    From what I read, Mazda execs have said that all three versions will be available in the US, the wagon due to the fact that the wagon is making a comeback in the United States, and so are hatchbacks. I hope to see all three versions available around this time next year.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421's Preview of the 2003 Mazda 6 is now linked in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar of this page. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

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