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Mazda6 Sedan



  • Thanks for this. As it happened, the order went in, according the dealer,just before the January window closed. So that's good. I only wonder if they can produce and ship the thing before March 1st and the next change in incentives.
  • vkarvkar Posts: 28
    Have folks started receiving recall letters?
  • I have had my yellow s since September. No recall notice on any subject.. But the good news is: no rust, no smell, no nothing. Just sweet zoom-zoomin'.

    BTW, what are all the outstanding recalls on the 6?
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Remember when both Nissan and Mazda after 1994 tried to compete with Honda and Toyota by blanding down their exterior styling. Just like the 95 Protege, and 98 626 weren't recived well by Mazda's loyal buyers Nissan loyal buyers rejected the 95 Maxima, 95 Sentra, and 98 Altima so Nissan was never were a Honda or Toyota beater. I know a former 2000 Altima owner who rejected the newer Altima's because Nissan changed their styling direction.

    Nissan a couple years ago got alot of press in Business Magazines just like GM is now. When you name drop the likes of Carl Ghosn or Bob Lutz in a magazine people pay attention. Mazda doesn't have one of those guys to name drop in a magazine article. Mark Fields was the cloeset thing you could name drop in a magazine article but now he's leading Ford's luxury divisions: Lincoln, and Volvo. Fields did a great job at Mazda while he was there.
  • I think that is one of Mazda's greatest internal problems. It seems like everytime I look at a Mazda Press Release, there's a new CEO. I agree that Fields did an outstanding job at Mazda. But, his time in the big seat was too short... long enough to change Mazda's direction, but too short to see it through. I hope he does well leading Ford PAG. Ford has set some extremely high standards for PAG, and probably spent too much time and effort concentrating on that effort, and too little time trying to develop their mainstream marques. As a result, Ford, Mercury, and Mazda are playing a catch-up game.

    With the new CEO, I think the musical chairs will stop. They are putting the Japanese back into Mazda, and that's a good thing.
  • From what I have been hearing, the fuel odor recall has been pushed back due to a major shortage of parts. Supposedly, Mazda will send out the notices on 2/9/04.
  • In the 6 is put in the wrong place. This happens to me quite often: trying to find a good position for the center vent, I inadvertently press the hazard button. Granted, it's only for a second or two, but the point is, it shouldn't happen. There are plenty of places to better position the hazard: somewhere lower, or on the steering wheel neck. You shouldn't hit something inadvertently if you do not intend to do so. There: my one beef with (along with the wide turn...)
  • I currently work for an intl org in Costa Rica, where cars are extremely expensive and engine choices on certain cars are limited; luckily we don't have to pay taxes. For example, the v6 model of the Mazda6 is not available (the Mazda 3 only comes with a ~105hp engine). Although I liked the 04 160hp Mazda 6, it comes with even less equipment than one would get in the States at a higher price and the sales guy is largely inflexible. I went to the VW dealership and found that the 04 Jetta 1.8T had more power, torque and standard equipment at a comparable price. The people were also more friendly and willing to negotiate.

    Right now, I'm torn between the seeming reliability of the 6 and the Jetta. Did anyone compare these two cars and choose one over the other? If so, what swayed you in one direction or another? How's the handling of the Jetta compared to the 6??

    Thanks for your help!
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "Nissan loyal buyers rejected the 95 Maxima, 95 Sentra, and 98 Altima..."

    The late 90's Maximas were still fairly popular, but Altima and Sentra sales tanked. Renault's bailout enabled them to release the 2002 Altima sooner than planned.

    Also, I totally agree about the 98-01 Altima beeing nerdy. I bought a '97 for the same price as a '99, since I can't stand the 2nd generation.


    Back to Mazda, yeah the 95 Protege was hideous and had the blandest interior, too. The 626 was a snooze fest. I think the old car's poor reception is hurting sales of new base 6i's. Buyers of 4 cylinder sedans think of Cam-cord when shopping and that 'Mazda6 = 626'. Too bad.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    Where do the Mazda 6's come from in Costa Rica, maybe Japan? The Jettas I bet are from the same MEX plant as we get.
  • mpiatekmpiatek Posts: 68
    When I bought my 6s, the Jetta GLI was my #2 choice. In case you aren't familiar with the GLI, it's basically the Jetta with sport 17" wheels and suspension and the engine is their VR6. Both cars had manual transmissions. The Jetta was definitely fun to drive. It was quick off the line, had a nice turning radius, and overall handled pretty well.

    What swayed me toward the Mazda was the cars size, and a general safer feel to the 6. The Mazda 6 is a bigger car in general, but it's acceleration and handling were about the same as the Jetta GLI. The Mazda has much more interior room, so driving is more comfortable while having the same performance, which is nice on road trips. The safer feel is a little harder to explain. Basically, I took my wife on both test drives, pushed both cars pretty hard, and she simply said that in the Mazda 6, she never felt like the car was being pushed hard. The Mazda 6 gives you more confidence while driving.

    In the end, obviously, I ended up with a MT Mazda 6s with sport package. I've never regretted that decision a single minute. One thing the Mazda 6 has that a Jetta doesn't even come close to is looks. A Jetta will never make anyone do a double-take, and my Mazda 6 turns heads all the time.

  • mpiatekmpiatek Posts: 68
    I forgot to mention. Motor Trend did a road test between the Mazda 6s, Jetta GLI, and Altima 3.5SE. All of them have manual transmissions and I found the review very helpful.

  • On the Mazda Canada website ( they have old commercials from the 70s. 80s and 90s, really cool stuff. Look under "fun stuff" and then "multimedia"

    There's a 1990 commercial for the 626 where they try to explain "Kansai Engineering." its a very interesting concept.
  • I got the honors!! Not to just BS, but...

    My car now just turned over 7,000 glorious miles. My last tank is the best: 330 miles before the light turns on. I hope I keep getting better mileage. Has an oil change the other day. The dealer tried to have me approve a tire rotation, but charged me $35! I said no thanks, can do that for almost free at my local mechanic. Absolutely no problem so far. Knock on wood!
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    One reason why the Jetta is smaller, it's a compact size car! Classified so by the EPA, it is not a mid sized car. Just a compact at a mid sized price.
  • Thanks for your input. The Jettas sold here, like those in the States, are made in Mexico. Whereas the 6i that we get are imported from Japan. Since I just arrived here a few months ago (and importing a car from the States is out of the question), I'll give myself some time to consider all available options, including other models. I'm just afraid that the Jetta will not be as reliable, although it has more standard features. On the other hand, I don't feel comfortable 'giving my business' to the only Mazda dealership in town or even dealing with them afterwards. Maybe a good compromise is the new Volvo S40.
  • 12,000 wonderful miles on my 03 Steel Grey 6s AT. It is quite a bit better in the snow than I was anticipating. Even with the stock tires. Still no evidence of the Stain/Rust? returning from the repair.

    The DW may be interested in selling the MPV in 05 for a 6 Wagon. I'll keep the pressure on.

  • rodlcwrodlcw Posts: 45
    You have all seen my posts of the problems this past year. Supposed Brake fix. NO go. Still squeal. So, I have had about all ths problems I have seen posted, except NO Rust. Windows, Transmission leaks, brake noise, turn signals noise, manumatic sticking, shifter lever squeak noise, etc. Have owned many Mazda's since 1980 and have gone thru the "first" year blues before, but this FORD, ooops I mean Mazda, may be the worse one yet.
  • jgagnejgagne Posts: 5
    Is the Bose stereo worth the price? Is the base stereo in the 6 any good? I test drove a 6 with the Bose system and it sounded great, I havent heard the stock stereo yet though.
  • So I'm at 15,500 miles or so and my 6s rocks! None of the problems people have been explaning here except extremley minor staining... no big deal. Lots of grins still today when I drive. I love it when I floor it to pass on the highway and do the "holy s..." when I hit 90! So awesome...
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