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Mazda6 Sedan



  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Don't have an answer, but can you get me some of whatever you're smoking?
  • I was as surprised as anybody when I saw Consumer Reports give the Mazda6 a below average rating on initial reliability. As of today, CR places the 6 among such undistinguished company as Chrysler’s Stratus/Sebring models and Chevy’s Malibu. I decided to investigate the Problems & Solutions boards a bit and found people complaining about the following:

    Squealing brakes, clattering clutch plates (on manuals) and hard shifting (on automatics), cloth seat covers that are bunching or tearing, rust spots, misbehaving automatic climate control systems, wipers that skip across the windshield, and four recalls over balky software and sensors.

    Much of these can be attributed to the 6 only being on the market for a little over a year. Until Mazda figures out to fix them, however, CR seems justified in its ratings (IMO).
  • I don't get it, what do you mean, "What I'm smoking?"
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Most of the problems CR reported are probably related to the fuel sender recall and the stain issue last year which caused a frenzy on this board.

    As for the other problems you cite concerning hard shifts, brakes, etc., they are reported by owners of all makes. Different owners have different tolerances for issues with their vehicles. Something that "clatters" according to one owner might be totally ignored by another.

    After six weeks with my 6, what I know is that this is a well-buttoned down vehicle comparable in build quality to Honda and Toyota.

    As time passes, my experiences and others like mine will trickle in to CR and I predict that the car will return to the recommended list.
  • LOOSE TRIM - The plastic trim piece around the hand brake on my 6i is loose at the back left hand corner (as viewed sitting in the driver seat). I can easily move this piece up and down from that corner. Could someone check on their 6 and let me know if this is normal? If not, this is probably the cause of terrible rattles in my interior.

    LOOSE BRAKES - My dealer machined my front rotors to take care of my car shaking when braking per a TSB. But my brakes seem "loose" now. Earlier, the car used to start slowing down when I applied slight force on the brake pedal. No the pedal seems to depress a lot more before the car starts to slow down. Is this normal after machining the rotors? Can anything be done to make the brakes feel "tighter"? Dealer says nothing more can be done.

    Appreciate any help on either problem.
  • Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the ACC? When I try this, everything is manual. The fan speed does not auto-adjust with the temperature, the vent does not change from floor to front, etc. I like these other ACC features, just seems like the A/C should not be on when it is only 40-degrees outside. Not to mention the gas milage is bad enough...

    Anyone else have this issue, I need to schedule my next oil-change and "punch list"...
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    What a clever way to phrase [non-permissible content removed] session.
  • How does the shut-off for the seat warmers work? Is it a timer or a temperature sensor? Sometimes they are warm and toasty, other times I never seem to notice that they are even on. Leads me to believe it is a timer... This is my first car with leather, and I definitely like it! I leave the switch ON, as opposed to turning it on after I start the car, any issue there?
  • leo80leo80 Posts: 4
    hi all,

    i am in the process of buying a Mazda6 S Sport Sedan Black V6 MT w/ Leather, Moonroof and Bose Audio Package. the invoice price for this is $24K and so far I've negotiated the price down to $23K (all this includes the $500 recent grad disc).

    I was curious to know what kind of prices are you guys paying for your 6. this is the first time i'm buying a new car n i wanna make sure i'm not getting ripped off in the process.

  • is this for a 2004 or 2005?
  • leo80leo80 Posts: 4

    and it's me being picky about the color (i want black exterior) ... otherwise the dealer is ready to give me an in-stock grey with the same specs for 22.5K + taxes, title.
  • >>How does the shut-off for the seat warmers work? Is it a timer or a temperature sensor? Sometimes they are warm and toasty, other times I never seem to notice that they are even on. Leads me to believe it is a timer... This is my first car with leather, and I definitely like it! I leave the switch ON, as opposed to turning it on after I start the car, any issue there?<<

    My seat warmer gets uncomfortably hot sometimes, feels like my rear end is frying. My husband (who has a seat warmers in his Subaru) says you're supposed to turn it off after it warms up. I have no problem with that. :)

    C. C.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    I have seat heaters in both my Maxima and the Mazda6 and in both cars they are so toasty I can only have them on about 5 minutes. I love them. When I bought our Maxima the dealer told me to turn them off when you're not using them, first to keep your butt from getting burned, and second to avoid drain on the battery. So that leads me to think they're just like a portable heater -- you turn them on, they're on until you turn them off. They do have 2 settings -- high and low, so maybe when you don't feel it as much you have them on the low setting.
  • Anybody has a with thte CD changer? Some time back, while unloading/loading CDs, one got stuck in the disc4 slot, with a blinking light. The changer would not play, and I could not eject any disc. Now I haven't listened to a CD for a month, and my dealer who took down my service request hasn't called me to inform a new unit has come in (they would call me in when it does, and swap the units; send the stuck unit back somewhere, retrieve my discs, and send them back). I don't know where to turn to. TO make matters worse, one of the CDs I borrowed from the library! Anyone with stuck CDs in your changer?

  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Someone on the "Mazda6 Owners: Problems & Solutions" discussion reported that problem quite a while back, but I didn't see a follow-up post.

    Unfortunately you're probably at the dealer's mercy. Removing the discs yourself would likely be a significant challenge.
  • No problem. I have the 4 door Sedan and put my Delphi Skyfi radio antenna in the back window and it works fine (as it did in my Taurus). However, you are correct; there aren't many places to mount the receiver.

    Looks like it will be on the dash.
  • I turn my seat warmers on for about 2 - 3 minutes, and my seat stays warm for quite some time. My body temp keeps the seat warm after that period.
  • I have the CD changer, and I have never had that problem. A lot of times, when things like that happens, it takes a while for them to get the part. My friend has an '04 Solara, and shortly after she got her car last year, a CD got stuck in her single disc player that was connected to her navigation system. It took Toyota like three months to contact her and let her know her new navigation system was there. Before I got my 6, I had a Kia Sephia, and within three months, the motor in my window died, and it took at least a month for them to get the part, so I had to drive around with the window stuck open like 3 inches.
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  • The Automobile Journalists of Canada have named the Mazda6 Sport as the best new family vehicle in Canada for 2005.

    The Mazda6 wagon was named best in the station wagon category.

    Last year mazda won every category they entered and the Mazda3 was ultimately named the best new car in Canada by the AJAC. They will name the best car for 2005 at the Canadian International Autoshow held in Toronto in February.
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