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Mazda6 Sedan



  • The Mazda 6 V6 is indeed originally a Ford design, but Mazda has made extensive modifications to the motor to better suit Mazda's needs, including Variable Valve Timing, a redesigned intake and heads, and other modifications designed to enhance performance. I've had experience with both the Duratech in the Taurus and the 6, and I can tell you firsthand that the 6 motor is DEFINITELY smoother, more refined, and more eager to rev than the Taurus motor. Mazda geared the V6 to be just that, a Mazda. It may or may not be more reliable, we shall see in the long run. But given the choice, the Mazda V6 is far superior than the Ford motor it was based on, hands down!


    As far as engines are concerned, I think it's virtually impossible to find a TRUE American or Japanese car, or engine, these days. I'd try not to make a decision about a vehicle based on whether it's an American, Japanese, or German powerplant, you have to look at the sum of it's parts, and how they work together. In case of the 6, it may be a Ford motor, but it's been redesigned to be much more suited to the intentions of the 6. I personally don't like Toyota, not because of their motor design, but because their cars as a whole are not very exciting to me. If you choose to leave out the Mazda 6 (or any car, for that matter) based on the origin of their parts, then you are missing out, IMHO.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    In regards to your Protege question, none of the engines are Ford designed or built. Just some engines put into Ford Escorts (derived from Protege chassis) of the same vintage. The GT version had Mazda 1.8L engines (from the ES Protege).


    However, I believe the ATs in the gen 2 and gen 3 Proteges are Ford designs, if not Ford-built.
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  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Are there any significant differences to the 2005 models vs. 2004 and earlier or did they just repackage the options to come up with the "sport" and "grand touring" models?


    Question 2: does the auto 6 cyl have enough low speed oomph? I'm currently driving a slightly heavier sedan with a 3.5l V6 with 230 lb-ft of torque. The only 6 I've driven was a manual but I would prefer an automatic do to my stoplight/stop sign intense commute.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Posts: 28
    Question 1- no, there are no significant changes from the '04 to an ' short- Mazda is giving people the opportunity to "step up" to the V6 without needing to put in all the options, thus the "sport/grand touring" opts TY vs LY

    Question 2- I traded in my '01 Saab for my Mazda 6 5-door..and yes- quite often in automatic I do miss the lack of "oomp" vs the Saab....that said, I knew this prior to purchasing my car (a 2004 I bought in November)...but when I need the "oomph," I throw my car into "manual" shift mode- and then do get the "oomph" that I need (but it doesn't get the "oomph" until I reach 4000 RPM)....PLEASE NOTE THAT THE '05's NOW OFFER A 6 SPEED TRANNY, WHICH WILL GET YOU THE "OOMPH" AT A LOWER RPM.


    In summary- unless you are 17 yrs old and live to race folks off the line at red lights, I wouldn't concern myself about the "oomph" thing...I drive approx 30k annually, and do get frustrated with slow moving traffic- I just simply "pop" my auto into manual when nec, and blow folks away by "popping" my car into 4th gear when doing 80 MPH on the NJ Turnpike....


  • 05s - ABS is now standard across the board. I believe new 6spd auto transmission available for V6s.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Thanks, gentlemen. I knew the 6sp auto was new, just forgot that in my post. Good info on the manual shift auto feature. Haven't not tested an automatic yet, I'll have to check that out.


    What I'd really like to see is a stability control option. Camry has it but Accord, Altima, and M6 do not. I agree with the car mags that ESC is probably the most important safety advance in 50 years.
  • gaetsgaets Posts: 1
    I have just ordered a Mazda6 GS V6 with GFX package. I picked Glacier White exterior in color and it seems like I have to wait 2 months to get it. What scares me is the concern about the V6-engine being a FORD. I don't want to put the FORD manufacture down but I am not confident in their products knowing alot of friends who have them. Not one has told me any good things. I should be getting my new MAZDA6 by March 2005. Q= Why is it so rare to get white and why does it take so long to get it??? I am worried about the engine being a FORD but I have been ensured that its only the BLOCK and the rest are all MAZDA parts. The V6 is mated to a standard 5-speed manual or an optional new 5-speed automatic transmission with manual 'Sport' shifting mode. Mazda's V6 engine is a modified version of Ford's Duratec powerplant. Q= Is that true ???? I have test driven both 4cyl and 6cyl 5 speed and its true about the 6cly. It is more smooth and less noisy compared with the 4cyl. I am also concerned about consumption being a Montreal Driver. Q= Will it cost me alot more???
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I'm not a fan of Ford either, but it seems to me that their influence on Mazda is limited enough that a Mazda6 does not look or feel at all like a Ford and that's good enough for me.


    As for the Duratec, yes the Mazda 3.0 is based on it but modified significantly. If you have ever driven a Taurus equipped with a 3.0 Duratec, you would know that the two engines sound and feel completely different. Besides, the Ford Duratec really seems to have a decent reputation anyway.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230


    Check my post 17160. I hope it answers your V6 question. As I stated in that post, the motors from Ford and Mazda are night and day, with Mazda's V6 being the much better choice. I have the V6 with 5-speed manual, and I LOVE revving up that motor! What a rush! The Duratec in general is a good engine, and many auto testers give it good marks in terms of durability and reliability. With Mazda's tuning in a great-handling car, it rocks!


    The V6 and 5-spd manual for your 6 is a great choice. Enjoy it.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Don't forget about ABS being standard all across the board for the 6 model line. Everybody was complaining about ABs being an option on the 6i model trim. Now the 6 has ABS standard all across the board for I and S models.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Finally got a response from Mazda about when to change the automatic transmission fluid. As some of us had guessed, Mazda recommends the change at 30,000 miles.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Posts: 28
    I see that the the '05's offer Satellite radio as a dealer installed option....does anyone know if this can be installed in the '04's?


    Yes- I know I can simply add on a "plug and play," but I do not want to add any exterior components to my car.


    Thanks for any info.


  • Steven,


    I sent an email to Mazda a while back with your question about satellite radio in an '04. They responded that the '04's cannot be modified to accept satellite radio. Bummer since I was hoping to get it too.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Sudyam: if you press the AC button to turn it off, then you have disabled the climate control system. That's when I just use the blower button and dial.


    For the climate control to work the AC button must be on, but that doesn't mean the AC is actually working. That is determined by the temperature you have selected on the pre-set. If it is 60 degrees outside and you have your climate control set to 72, then the AC shouldn't turn on.


    By the way, for those wondering where this post came from, we moved it over from the MZ6 buying experiences board.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    A similar discussion has been going on in the MZ6 problems and solutions thread. Maybe we should all put our heads together on this one and figure out how this system really works. :)
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Posts: 28
    This is the right info...I know that it is "tough" to accept the fact that the ACC is working properly (esp in the winter in the Northeast) with that darn A/C light on, but shutting off the A/C light does disengage the ACC.


    We used to own a 2002 Subaru Forester, which had the same setup as the Mazda.
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Posts: 28
    Thanks for the info...I bought my car in late November, and my salesman had no idea...haven't gotten around to e-mailing Mazda or checking w/ the service area....seems a little strange that the modification is that big to the degree that the '04's cannot accept satellite.


    I am going to pursue further...
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    We spoke about this topic on the "problems and solutions" board as well. We came to a few conclusions:


    1. When the "auto" button is pressed, indeed the "a/c" and "auto" lights go on. This doesn't mean that the compressor is running all the time, it means it's ready to go when it's needed.


    2. Turning off the A/C does NOT turn off the ACC. It does disengage the compressor, but the fan speed and direction (defrost, vent, floor) is still controlled by the ACC. I know this for a fact because I do this during my commute to/from work everyday. This feature may be unique to the 6, or for all Mazda models.


    3. The ACC usually pulls in fresh air from outside, and doesn't allow the "recirc" to work (at least during the colder months).


    4. Keeping the temperature around 75-78 degrees (F) usually keeps the interior comfortable 99% of the time. Your results may vary...


    Hope this helps...
  • Sorry, I just posted in the "problems and solutions" thread before I read your post. I agree with your statements, but I think in #1, that tha A/C compressor is always running. The reason I believe this is because I tried it yesterday when it was raining, and it's easy to tell (from the humidity) whether the A/C is running or just lighting the lamp. Even with the interior temp set to 85, it was 60 outside, the A/C was ON. When I turned the A/C off (based on #2 above) you could "smell the rain".


    I kind of started this mess with my earlier posts, but I now think the system works fine once you know the (complex) rules. Set the temp to 75-78, as stated, and press the A/C button as needed; to control humidity or gas milage :-)
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