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Mazda6 Sedan



  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Slight road noise is a Mazda6 trait; mines an '04 and after a year I've gotten used to it. Some road surfaces make it more noticable, some it's not noticable at all. The driving attributes of the car far outweigh a little road noise, IMO; and so far this Mazda has been equal to the Accord it replaced in terms of reliability (0 problems). The Accord even had a rattle and a squeak that had to be fixed, where the Mazda is still tight so far. I'm willing to bet different tires might help a bit; the OEM Michelins are just OK, not great.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    I've got an '04, and comparatively speaking, the road noise is not bad at all, and it's quieter than my Grand Am. The tires do react differently on different surfaces. There's a part of my commute that's a little louder at speed, due to the pavement surface (asphalt that's been worn down for years and never resurfaced). It's nothing that my Bose can't take care of.

    Don't know if the '06's have more sound insulation or not, but I'd recommend test-driving one, to see if you like it better or not.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Road noise is all relative. If you drive a Mazda6 back-to-back with a Mazda3 on the same roads you will notice the difference, even though some think the Mazda3 is quiet enough. Also, since auto manufacturers have reduced engine noise a lot, now people tend to notice road noise more. I have driven the 06 and 06 Mazda6 back-to-back (same roads) and didn't notice a difference.
  • I do like the driving attributes of this car, so I may wind up being okay with the level of quietness it offers. Thanks for the feedback -- it's good to hear the car overall is a tight construction and that you like yours. My last three cars have been a Regal (very quiet, no rattles), a Camry (rattles), and now an Accord that is already on a replacement transmission but is otherwise a good car. I'm looking at the Mazda6 mainly because it seems a lot more fun to drive.
  • I've noticed the same thing in just about every car I've owned recently, that the road surface can make all the difference. The Mazda6 was quiet on a connector road, but a little loud on the Interstate. I just need to drive it more and get a better feel for it. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Must have been a typo -- you meant to say you've driven the 05 (you typed 06) and 06 models back-to-back? That would confirm that they've not done anything different in terms of sound-deadening materials.

    I agree it's a relative matter. My brother got his Miata a few months ago and is having a blast with it, even though it has all kinds of noise his other cars never had. It's what he likes, the feedback from the car after working all day in a quiet office, plus the driving dynamics of the car and having the top down on a nice day.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Yeah, it was a typo, but you knew I meant to write "05 and 06". :shades:
    The 06 I drove was a 4-door 2.3L MT and the 05 was a 5-door 3.0L MT. I can't put my finger on it, but there WAS something that felt better on the 06. Maybe it's the new suspension bushings on the 06 model. That, and the new console design, made me think I'd like the 06 better (even though there are some serious rebates on the 05s). The redesigned door panels on the 06 are a lot nicer too. I think for zipping around town, a car like the Mazda3 would be fine, but the extra road noise of the Mazda3 could get irritating with a lot of freeway driving or on a long trip (I tend to favor the freeways when I have a choice). One thing I noticed was that in the Mazda6 on the freeway it was easy to have a conversation with the sales guy, while in the the Mazda3 I had to speak a little louder. No biggy if you drive alone with the stereo up loud, but something to consider if you drive with a spouse a lot, or date frequently. Seeing how I'm back in the dating game I gotta think about the latter. ;)
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Anyone have a chance to drive the Mercury Milan or Ford Fusion?? I would like to hear some feedback from those who are familiar with the Mazda6...
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    I'd like to hear about that too. I have heard that they softened up the suspension, so that will make a nice topic of discussion. Since they don't offer the 3.0L with MT it's out for me, but I'm curious anyway.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We sell all three so hopefully the customers like one of them... ;)

    The big sister, the zephyer, is growing on me....
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Rich, you got it made ... :P

    Now, how about this - a Fusion SVT with 3.0L engine, AWD, and 6-speed MT? Now that would get my attention.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Rumor has it that the SVT will get a 3.5L version, soon to be also in the Five Hundred.

    I've also heard that the 3.5L will be in the redesigned Mazda 6, coming in '07 or '08.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    You never know...Ford essentially SVT's everything they sell but only a select few make it to the showrooms. I was on a Ford junket that included a visit into the SVT area...It was amazing to see the stuff they get to play with...I think the success or failure of the MazdaSpeed6 will play a role in a future Fusion SVT.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Since my spouse never shuts up while I'm driving, maybe I should always have her in the 6, to squelch some of the road noise,. On the other hand, naahhhh. :D
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    Rumor has it that the SVT will get a 3.5L version, soon to be also in the Five Hundred.

    The one I've been hearing on the Fusion thread is that there will be an ST tuned Fusion with the Duratec35 making upwards of 245HP and the SVT version will be AWD with the MAZDASPEED Mazda6 DI turbo 4 with about 280 HP and lots of handling goodies.
  • xeoxeo Posts: 10
    For those of you out there with the 05 4 cyl - are you happy with the performance or do you wish that you had gone with the V6?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Anyone drove the 06 with Nav yet? what is your impression. Any major improvement (spec look about the same except the nav) for handling and power delivery?
  • We have a 05 6i auto. What is enough is highly dependent on the user. I find that it is enough for daily driving. However, when you need to "punch it", there is noticeable lag when the trans tries to downshift. I suspect the M/T would work better with the 6i. I'm guessing the new A/T on the 2006 would also be better in this respect.

    On the flip side, I do find the 6i lighter on its feet than the 6s. Better mileage is also a plus for the 6i. We are satisfied with the tradeoff.

    Good luck,
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "I'm a little surprised at that much discount without evening asking, on a car that gets good reviews. Sounds more like GM or Chrysler desperation discounting."

    The discounting on the 6 is because the 6 doesn;t have as much as interior room as the its competitors such as the Accord, Camry, or Altima. I have to say Mazda nailed the 6 on the styling but they didn't put enough interior room in the car for the mid-size category. BTW, The Mazda 3 has been discounted alot less the MZ 6.

    "I noticed the console of the 2006 has been redesigned, with climate/audio controls that look like they would be easier to see and operate."

    Thats a good thing that the climate/audio controls have been revised for the 06 model year. I sat in an 04 MZ 6 ar an autoshows and the controls look kind of confusing to use.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    ...a ZOOM is always faster than a zepher, zephers are a light breeze. ;)

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