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Mazda6 Wagon



  • suydamsuydam Posts: 1,045
    Just the opposite for me. They seem incredibly sensitive -- like you hardly have to touch them and you stop on a dime. One of the best features for sure.
  • I may have to get the brakes checked.


    You had mentioned about the dog net in one of your postings, yes, I too like that feature. I have a german shepherd and it will really help me. I did look for that feature before buying the car.
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  • Does anyone know how the heated mirrors work? Does the rear defrost turn them ON?


    I could not find any info. in the manual.
  • Yes, the heated mirrors automatically go on when you turn on the rear defroster. I thought that I saw it in the manual but I could be wrong.
  • Thanks! will check the manual again to see if I missed it.
  • Now that I think about it, I think the salesman told me when I purchased the car. Let me know if you find it in the manual.
  • zampazampa Posts: 2
    well about 4-5 weeks to go... I got the deal through some special dealer cash back they offered me on top of the regular $1500. I just haggled like crazy and got them down as low as I could get them.
  • Yes, the rear defroster turns thr heated mirrors ON. Its on 3-34 page in the manual, I somehow overlooked it.
  • tzoomertzoomer Posts: 18
    At 6 months, my 6 cyl AT mpg has varied from 20.3 puttering around town, to 26.9 on highway+expressway.

      A ball to drive, responsive. My brakes have been excellent. Took me a while to achieve a really smooth halt, against the strong AT engine push. Oddly, when going leisurely up the gears it sounds to me like the engine is "over-revving," but tach doesn't agree.

      No problem with road noise, but ride can be harsh due to those low-profile tires that give it such fast handling. I have to pay constant attention to sensitive steering or the car wanders (not a car for talkers or dozers!). Windshield fogs up easily, and right-hand wiper pattern leaves a smudge right in front of the driver.

      A very courteous" car, its automatic interior lights coming on at just the right moments. No problems to repair.

      If there are '04s still on the dealer lot, it may be that other dealers, like mine, hardly ever advertise. They must be focusing on "retaining customers" instead, because I get a letter, coupon, or incentive from my dealer about every 3 weeks. Or do they think my car really is "unreliable," as CR projects?
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I'm not getting any higher than 22MPG thus far, but it's winter and my car only has 1500mi so I'm not expecting much more than that yet.


    My dealer keeps pushing an '04 wagon deal in our local paper, but I've been by there a few times since I bought my car in November, and they still have several '04's left. Furthermore, I still have not seen ONE other Mazda6 wagon on the road in my area. Hard to believe.


    I have had several people comment on how much they really like my car, but for some reason most of them say they probably would never buy one. Mazda just doesn't rate well with many people I guess.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    So far I have seen only one wagon in my area, but seen several sedans.


    Couple of days back I got the rear bumper step plate installed, looks good on my silver wagon. When I was there at the dealership, they also did a inspection and filled all the fluids for free, that's something I have not experienced in the past with toyota's and nissan.


    My initial impression about the dealership & servicing is right, they are very nice. Never felt like that before.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Yeah, the sedans seem to be the most plentiful, and I do see the occasional 5-door, but no wagons yet.


    The step plate is nice to have. My car came with one installed, and I've already whacked it with the wheels of a suitcase once.


    Nice to know you have a good service department behind you as well. The place I go has always been good to me.
  • I took a road trip over New Year's from Atlanta to Norfolk and back. Saw tons of SUV's of course, a couple of Focus wagons but only one Mazda6 wagon.


    I have a '93 Mercury Tracer wagon (160k and still going strong) but am getting ready for something else. The new 6 wagon would be a very nice upgrade although I know I wouldn't get quite as good mileage.


    I'll be interested to see the messages here along the way with issues or kudos for the car.
  • ebeneben Posts: 26
    "Couple of days back I got the rear bumper step plate installed."


    What's involved in attaching the step plate? Is it just adhesive, or are holes drilled in the bumber?
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Eben -


    I believe it is just adhesive, did not see any screws from the top of the step plate. I had the Mazda service technician install it. Paid $60
  • btrostbtrost Posts: 6
    I have installed this myself recently on my 04 wagon. It is a pretty easy DIY install, you just need to clean the bumper thoroughly first and use the included spacers to mount it in the right spot. The plate attaches with double sided tape - after 2 months, no problems with mine.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Initially, I thought of installing it myself, I would have saved $20. But did not want to regret later if something went wrong. From my past experiences, I have not been very good dealing especially with the adhesive stuff. I am glad you got it right.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Few days back I noticed that the retainer bar in the cargo area comes out just like that without having to push the button on the right end of the bar. The manual says, I need to push it to remove the bar. Looks like there is a problem with it. Moreover it makes sound on rough roads, may be because it is not secured properly. I removed it and put it in place a couple of times, but still the bar comes out easily.


    Can anyone tell me if this is normal or should I get it checked.



  • ebeneben Posts: 26
    Get it checked; mine snaps securely into place and the button must be pressed to remove.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 1,045
    I was a little nervous about the tires on my new 6 wagon after several posts, but after a month of winter driving I can report that they are not as bad as some posts have indicated. I live in Ohio where the snowfall is moderate (inches rather than feet) but we do have a steep and winding driveway, and the wagon has been doing fine. We just got 6 inches of snow with supposedly more on the way, and the wagon made it to the store and back for groceries with no problems (ok, so it slid a little going up the unplowed driveway, but it made it to the top).
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Last friday afternoon, we had a heavy snowfall, 6 - 8 inches, took me 3 hours to reach home from work. I should say my MZ6 wagon did a wonderful job on messy roads and did not have any problems of sliding/slipping for 30 miles. Had more than 6 inches of snow on my driveway and had no problems at all. My daughter's day care home has a steep driveway and so far had no problems driving up. That was not the case with my 95 camry, never used to go up on icy/snowy driveway. I am glad my wagon drives great.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    The NHTSA has issued a recall for certain 2004 Mazda6 models. According to the website, it only affects 190 vehicles, so chances are you aren't affected. It has to do with the locking mechanism on the rear seat belts. If you need more information, go to, click "Recalls Search From Office of Defects Investigation (ODI)" found in the middle of the page. For the NHTSA campaign number, type the following: 04V582000. It will give you the details of the recall, as well as numbers to contact Mazda and the NHTSA.


    Good luck...
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  • I just picked up my squall blue wagon with gray leather. Gorgeous, and getting lots of attention. Question for you: do your heated seats seem to cycle on and off? On all my previous cars, I'd end up turning the seats down because they were constantly on and got too hot! But these seems to go on and off - am I nuts, or is something wrong?
  • I got my recall letter about this about a month ago. I feel so special that I was one of the 190 chosen!!...errr...or something.


    I haven't had a chance to get to a dealer just yet.


    Oh yeah...and mine is a hatch...just realized I'm in the wagon forum.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The site states that the M6 is available with a "Thatcham category 1 alarm". Is that some sort of high-end alarm system? Has anyone bought one for their M6, and what fancy features does it have?
  • I also have a squall blue w/gray leather. Now have 10k miles on it. (And loving it.) The heated seats do cycle on and off. Usually they get too hot before they go off, and I have to turn them off myself.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 1,045
    I have the squall blue with gray leather too; a very nice combo. My leather and heater were added aftermarket at the dealers so I don't know if they are the same as factory installed. My heater gets so toasty after a couple of minutes that I turn it off, so I don't know if it cycles or not. It's really been great on these 10 and 12 degree mornings we've been having lately!
  • is the 3.0L on M6 and MPV, the same dated FORD engine ????

    Don't be surprised of the low MPG...
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