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Importing Canadian Vehicles to the U.S.



  • I used Stonewell to import 2 vehicles from Canada to the USA they were great to work with.
  • medlowamedlowa Posts: 7
    I did it myself.
    Got the letter from the manufacturer (Chevrolet) cost approx $25.00
    Got a EPA test done, cost approx $9.00
    went to phoenix sky harbor Airport Port Authority, filled in some papers approx 5 minutes.
    Went to the registry, registered all done in a day.

    good luck
  • wassermewasserme Posts: 3
    Thanks! We ended up doing it but found the canadian VW was no help at all--they totally refused to give us a letter; but US VW had no problem with it at all. Any success getting out of Canadian sales taxes? We were told we would get it back and then when we applied they said "that's only for Canadian residents"
  • I purchased my infiniti in Michigan and registered in NY where I reside in 2010. Shortly after that I moved to Vancouver BC for a 2 year assignment and while there I had to register my car with the CIBC. They made me surrender my title and gave me the impression that they would return it upon my departure but I found out that it wasn't true when I repatriated back to the US in 2012. I was told that the BC registration should serve as my proof of ownership and I also have an official letter from the CIBC stating that the registration is to serve as my title.

    I filed for a title when I returned to the US and shortly after received a letter from the NYS DMV stating that they need other paperwork besides the ones I gave them (Copy of my original title, BC registration/title, letter from CIBC). They also asked for various customs forms.

    I called the company that drove the tralier back with all my goods and my car and they're claiming that they never received any customs paper work and customs is claiming that they gave all the paper work to the driver.

    Now I've been driving around in a car for almost a year with no title and someone suggested that I can drive over the border, I live in Buffalo, and clear my car through customs and turn that in to the DMV. I was wondering if some can shed light on what's involved here as from all I am reading customs is looking for an original title or proof of ownership from the foreign DMV. My BC registration is with NYS DMV so should I try and get it back so that I can reclear my car?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this whole thing has turned in to a big mess.
  • Hi Medlowa,

    I would GREATLY APPRECIATE some clarification on your easy registration.

    1) You registered the car in the States without needing to import it? - or was what you did the importation process?
    2) You didn't need to go all the way back to the "other side" of a POE?
    3) Was Visa an issue ? -or you're American ?

    My Situation:
    My car is made in Alabama to both US and Canadian standards (2011 Hynundai Sonatta), I'm in California, and I've been here for more than a year already with my ONtario plates on a TN visa. My sticker is expiring soon, and I'm STUCK - wondering if I'll have to take it back to Ontario.


  • How do I register a car in the US that was imported from Canada but was never cleared? I bought a 2002 Toyota Celica from a woman that brought it here from Canada problem is I don't have any of the EPA forms or anything and the title and everything is in here name. She isn't answering my call anymore and will not return any of my calls! I have the signed title and everything but I read somewhere that my car could be seized because of this?? Is there anything I can do to register it and how much will it cost? I only bought is for 2500 if that helps. I live in NY but she is in CT some where. Please any help would be appreciated!
  • I think you're a bit screwed here; no state will allow you to register it but she illegally imported it and sold it. You may need to take her to small claims or contact border patrol and have them go after her. They take this stuff very very seriously (and small claims is really annoying) so I would get in touch with US border patrol.
  • Hi I need to do the very same thing as Medlowa. Need to import a chevy camaro from Canada to the US and need the safety compliance letter. Anyone have a number to call or a web address to go to for this? I have had someone look into it for me and was told the cost would be $300 instead of the $25 like medlowa said it would be. Any help guys?
  • Hi,
    Call General Motors in Canada, you should be able get that from the internet.
    An you should the letter of compliance for around $25
    Hope it works out
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