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Subaru Legacy/Outback Wagons Maintenance & Repair



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Since we're on the topic of radios... anyone have an easy fix for this problem?

    I have a stock Panasonic tape deck in my '96 OBW, but it also has a second DIN that replaced the junk tray in the dash with a single disc CD player. The problem is that the CD player will not eject the disc when the unit is warm, such as after it has played a CD. It also does not like to accept a disc when it is warm, but you can usually poke it in fast enough that it takes it. I think it uses a friction drive / roller to actually move the disc in and out and something is slipping on the friction end so it is unable to overcome the resistance as it ejects. Anyone else had this problem? Is there any way to cheaply repair it? Currently, I use a set of tweezers to "eject" the discs, but they are not real disc-friendly.....
  • vowlesvowles Posts: 1
    hi ya'll

    i've been in and out of the subaru dealer and my guy for the last four weeks. i did a full carbon flush of the engine and fuel system and i must say it runs better. the check engine light is back on though and they are saying now that the coil needs to be done as that is what the mis-fire code indicates should be done. if it's not that it may be the valve guides, being off and the valves not properly closing.....anyone have any experience? i also had a head gasket job done recently in which they did the valves.

    thanks so much.

    stranded in Halifax with no $$$
  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    I have a 95 Legacy L. There are no head-rests for the second row passengers. It is very often that I have people in the second row. Call me Safety Susy but, I don't want anyone getting seriously hurt. I also want it to be relatively comfortable back there.

    Is there any way to mount headrests in the original seats? I was also looking at seats from a newer Suby (00-05). Does anyone know if they would fit? I'm trying to keep the original color. It's a nice light grey, unlike 97-99 (equipped w/2nd row hdrst) which seem to to be primarily Charcoal.

    Colby aka Picky Pete
  • francophilefrancophile Posts: 667
    From a bit of googling it appears as though 1995 was the first model year of the 1995-1999 body style. It is quite possible that a back seat from any of those years will fit your car. The next fun bit will be finding the color you want!

    Good luck,
  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    My 95 Legacy L (also a 5-speed) has been stalling. This just started happening today. It starts fine but, will quickly go out unless I constantly rev it. This also happens any time the rpms get down around 1000. Driving is jerky around 2-2500

    I'm in upstate NY so the temp is around 40f. It stalls even after the engine is warmed up.

    I was messing with the throttle earlier today. It didn't seem like it was enough to get anything out of wack. I thought maybe I had changed the idle setting though.

    Any ideas?

  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    You're right, it was the first year. Actually it seems like a forgotten year sometimes. Hard to find aftermarket parts.

    I am quite positive that the rear seat is the same in the 97-99 but, as I said before the leather is mostly the charcoal color and the velour that I have seen has been that kleenex box pattern.

  • ssteveksstevek Posts: 45
    50k sounds way too early for a clutch to fail. My '98 Outback started slipping around 95k, I've got '96 now. It doesn't happen all the time, which I find unusual. I haven't done anything about it so far because except for a few occasions when trying to accelerate quickly onto the highway it doesn't slip. I've heard from others on this site that 95k is not an unreasonable time for a clutch to start to fail, I've never had clutch shudder unless I erroneously engage it.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    I am sure your 95's seats are much like my '96. Other than the seat pattern change, there are not inserts for headrests on the 95 or 96. You could probably get a whole seat back off a '97-99, but then you run into the upholstery problem. Probably not worth pursuing until you solve the stalling problem! ;-D
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I'm not sure this is the case for the Outback (maybe someone else here knows) because I haven't looked around inside mine closely enough to know for sure, but many vehicles have a temp sender for the gauge on the dash which is separate from the temp sensor which the ECM uses to make it's decisions. That's why I stated that a malfunctioning temperature sender (which is what I call the component that drives the dash temp gauge or idiot light) wouldn't necessarily be responsible for driveability issues.
  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    xwesx - you're right. In fact it's off to the mechanic tomorrow.

    To the members-

    I just want to ask everyone again for ideas as to what may be up with the stalling. To be honest, I figured someone would shoot back a reply right away. Do we not have a whole lot of Subaru people on this forum?

    I don't know if we are using these forums to their potential. I only say that because I see other questions without replies. Well, you can bet I'll come back with an answer to this problem after we see the Doc.

  • phil9phil9 Posts: 1
    I'm original owner of '99 outback and have had hesitation problems since new. Hesitation occurs during accleration until speed is reached but not always.Dealer has replaced plugs,wires.ECM module twice,AF sensor,Oxygen sensor,adjust throttle body.Have 68,000 miles now and same hesitation all along.Codes never show any problems.Been a good auto except for this. Dealer is baffled.Been to four dealers over the years.
  • james16james16 Posts: 1
    I have had a roof leak for some time now in my 2002 Outback Limited, seems to be coming in where the rear seatbelt goes into the headliner. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and can give some advice on how to fix myself as I now have the car out of the country and is not covered by warranty.

    At a minimum, easiest way to get the headliner off? Best way to troubleshoot for a leak from that area?

  • stymiedstymied Posts: 3
    I just got a 2000 Outback and according to the manual, the cigarette lighter isn't supposed to be used for anything but the actual cigarette lighter. No other "plug in type" accessories can be hooked up to it. "Doing so may cause a short circuit and overheating, resulting in fire"
    The manual states that I would have to get an optional accessory power socket installed in order to, for example, charge my cell phone.
    My question I REALLY need to get the accessory power socket installed, or can I just plug my phone into the cigarette lighter slot instead?
  • amsbearamsbear Posts: 147
    My understanding is that once you use another "non-lighter" accessory in the lighter socket, you can't go back to using the lighter in there. The lighter socket may no longer be able to eject the lighter plug when it heats up and therefore you have a fire hazard.

    98 OBW Ltd
  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    You may have a leak around the weather stripping for the door.

    Do you Have a roof rack? Those are just more holes in the body, and of course more chances for leaks.

    I don't really know how to get the headliner off though. I think if you take the plastic pillar covers off, you will find some way to remove it.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Another individual had roof leak problems and the water emerged at the same location you describe. I think his vehicle was an '01 or '02 Forester and the problem was due to a faulty design / seal on the water rails for the sunroof. He posted a fair number of photos detailing the problem and the fix. Perhaps a search would help? I know that some of the folks here should be able to remember the thread, but I think it was "Subaru Crew - Problems / Solutions" maybe sometime between November and January.... ?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    I did not respond re: stalling because nothing came to mind right away as a likely cause. The only problems I have had that have affected the liklihood of the vehicle stalling is a mass airflow sensor (MAS) issue, and then last summer when I had a bad knock sensor coupled with bad oxygen and timing sensors.

    But, it could also be due to spark, fuel, or air supplies; independent of the sensors. Same with the hesitation problems for the '99 L mentioned in another post. For that individual, an ECU flash might help the car to remediate the problem?
  • 95legacy95legacy Posts: 26
    Allright I'm a major dunce. I went down the street to our neighborhood mechanic and he quickly solved the problem.

    I had a vaccuum line that got disconnected...SOMEHOW. Yeah, that couldn't have been because of me. OOops. The airflow was off hence the roughness and stalling under 3000 rpm.

    If you don't know what/where a vaccuum line is I will describe it. The idea (correct me if I'm wrong)is that the engine creates a vaccuum inside which sucks in unburnt fuel. Without the suction you don't really get a flow of fuel.

    The vaccuum line comes in from the air intake, the big 3" diameter black hose usually on the left side of the engine compartment (95-99 at least). The vaccuum line itself is a 1 inch diameter rubber hose that connects to the underside of the air intake hose. If the vaccuum line becomes separated from the intake you lose the suction as I did.

    Feel free to ask if you have Q's. I hope I have A's

  • goosegoggoosegog Posts: 206
    Stymied, there was a discussion about this a few years ago and my record of that is not immediately available. But I recall that based on info from Subaru it is OK to use such a device in the lighter socket and they changed the manual for later years to reflect this. I will try to find this info for you.

    Don't forget that the 2000-2004 OB wagon has an accessory socket in the back left cubby. All you need is a 12V extension lead.
  • www3www3 Posts: 4
    hi Folks,

    My 2005 2.5i Outback is all over the road at highway speed. Is it the Potenzas?

    Also , my cruise control causes pulsing on downhills.

    How can I fix these issues? The handling one is about to drive me bananas!


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