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Acura RSX v. Toyota Celica v. Mitsubishi Eclipse

kkoftonkkofton Posts: 1
edited March 24 in Acura
I am in the market for a new vehicle and I am debating between the Celica and the RSX. Seem's to me like I get more for my money with the RSX and both exterior's impress me, it's the interior of the RSX I am not to thrilled about. Which one should I pick? HELP!!!


  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I think there has already been bid discussions on this exact issue. You may get more (if you think) with the RSX, but you pay several thousand more...
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    In addition to the feedback here, you should also try comparing these two vehicles in Edmunds' Side by Side Vehicle Comparison. You'll find a direct link to that tool into the Additional Resources on the left side of the page. Hope this is helpful.

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  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    i would go with the RSX, it's better looking and more refined.
  • vikdvikd Posts: 187
    The RSX (and this is hard for me to say being a previously satified Acura owner) looks too much like an Insight...just dont want my sports car to look like a Hybrid.

    My .02
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    O dont be silly
  • I'm not too sure why there's even a topic on this. 1. The RSK does NOT look like insight, I really don't see any cues that would make one think that. 2. The RSX is not comparable to Celica on any category.
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    I wouldn't say that the RSX looks like an Insight, but there is certainly something of a family resemblence (and for what it is worth, I don't think the Insight is a bad looking car) there. That being said, I think if one is worried about looks, the RSX is a better choice than Celica; I think in 5 years the Celica will be looking a little dated (though it has held up so far) while I think the RSX will still look pretty decent.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    How can you say that. The RSX copied many things directly from the Celica. Both 6-speeds, the same exact foot peddles, the dash (odometer and speedometer) are EXACTLY alike. Similar speed and performance numbers, giving the edge to the newer Acura probably. The are prices very close with Acura being a few thou higher.
  • I think that the RSX borrowed its six speed from the 911, or the Miata, or possibly the S2000. Saying it copyied directly from the Celica is ridiculous. The Celica is just what a Toyota should be and the RSX is exaclty what an Acura should be, they are very different cars, the RSX is MUCH more conservative and mature.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I think Celica was designed to appeal to the same crowd that Integra was designed for (low 20's). With Integra's evolution into RSX, it seems Acura marketing decided to give it a more subtle look befitting a more expensive car and appeal to a higher age group (25-35).
  • uthinxuthinx Posts: 21
    Here are the sales figures for sporty cars for October 2001.

    Celica figures are down from last year. Since there were no significant changes in the design is this because the market for this kind of styling is becoming saturated?

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    The Celica number is down because the styling hasn't changed. Fresh styling is a key element in the sporty car segment.
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    how can that be if the Integra went unchanged for 7 years, and was still "up there"...?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The Celica's styling hasn't changed because it's still relatively new.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    I look at the RSX and think it greatly resembles my '89 Accord H/B (which was almost identical to the Integra of that era). IMO Honda has kept that familiar look throughout the years. So since my over 12 year old vehicle resembles a brand new model I would say Honda knows how to design something so it won't be out of style.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Just look at a 1990 Accord, and other cars of its era. May be then, it was just like another three box design.

    Honda usually uses cues from its existing/past models. When they launched the '98 Accord, they either used NSXesque rear on the coupe, or that from late 80's Prelude on sedan. The RSX's rear is similar to older Hondas, and especially closer to the good old Legend.
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    That You cant reason with Honda fans. Forgive my momentary lapse.

    bobbyknight - you live up to the handle ;)

    But I have to ask. what should a toyota be and what should an acura be?

    I think toyota has much more personality than Acura. toyota has a very illustrious racing background and they also make lexus, which has much more attitude than acura. whattaya think bobby? write back :)
  • aroonaroon Posts: 2
    Hello everyone. I am new here. Anyway, I realize this is slightly off topic but does anyone know where reverse is situated in the RSX six speed tranny? To the left of first? Or beside sixth?
    And to any owners, is it possible to screw up the car buy accidentally shifting from second to first (yes, i know that first is directly up from second, but still), if reverse is beside that gear>?

    Or is it possible to shift from fifth to sixth if R is situated there?

    The reason I ask is that although i have driven the base RSX, i did not have shift into reverse, and generally Honda products do not have a "reverse mechanism." For example Fords (Focus and Cougar, to name 2) have a ring to pull up to shift into reverse.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    You may also want to copy/paste your question in our ongoing Acura RSX discussion. Good luck. ;-)

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  • OK First off for somebody to say that that the RSX copied any thing off of the celica Is just... je ne sais quoi! (BOOMN29 "Both 6-speeds, the same exact foot peddles, the dash (odometer and speedometer) are EXACTLY alike")That just blew my mind!! First of all the dashes & gauges look nothing alike. Six speed & foot peddles...? c'mon. I guess the fact that it has wheels & an engine is copying off of toyota too!!! The celica was just recently invited to the party with this new body style. Acura ran that integra body style from 94 through 2001. They were waiting for everybody to catch up. Years ago I wrote motor trend to find out why the celica was not included in there bang for the buck comparison they said it was too expensive with not enough performance to compete. This was the celica that copied off of the integras double round headlights. That celica was hidious. Personality is a decade old car in higher demand than the current model. Count how many early 90's Civics & integras you see in comparison to celicas & Corolla's Honda/Acura runs this import scene. Dont you forget it!!! Supra...gone rx-7 gone Z had to go back to the lab to come back to get it right..... NSX still here!!!Take notes ...........Fin!
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