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Lexus SC 430



  • I recommend the owners of the SC430 to try different tire pressures on their vehicle's RFTs. You can go 32psi, 34psi, 36psi and 38psi. Compare the road feel, handling, noise level and traction. You will find the amazing differences.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    My wife's SC430 is almost three years old, with 21,000 miles on the original RE040s. I recently increased the pressure to 36psi, and it did improve the ride. But in the interest of increased style and even better ride, I just this week replaced the wheels and tires with HRE 448Rs and Michelin Pilot Sport A/Ss. This really made a big difference. The ride is smoother and quieter, and tramlining was eliminated. I went with the original sizes.
  • Again let me tell you the absolute truth..I bought my SC430 March 2001..lst one out. the Brigeton tires were defective from day one...after putting up with them for 10,000 miles with the pulling and poor ride, I finally, on sound advice put on a new set of Dunlop runflats...a world of more pulling...a smoother driving a different car. and finally after about 5 letters and most of all my dealers help...they paid me the $1107 I had spent to make the car what it should have been...I love Lexus and their cars..have had 4 of them...own 2 now but they tried their best not to pay me.. so now for our next car...I am pricing BMW..because I wamt a mew GS300 to replace my wifes 99 GS300 but just found out it doesnt come out until 2005 as a 2006 model..really tired of waiting....
  • 32caddy32caddy Posts: 22
    Has anyone seen/ thought of having the back seat removed and modified in pleasing color/ material for a lockable storage compartment??!! Just make the car a 2 seater like the new caddy and others. If it has been done I would like to know where and what it looks like. Thanks
  • Hey there folks!

    I bought my 2002 SC430 new about two years ago, and opted for the regular tires, NOT the run-flats. Overall things were great, although after about 9K miles I started having recurring tire pressure warnings in the car and after adding air would find them losing air again shortly thereafter. I also had the tires rotated at the dealer. After the rotation I noticed terrible road noise, especially under braking, sort of an uneven whumpf, whumpf, whumpf... Long story short, the dealer told me that the tires had cupped, probably due to being out of alignment, he did an alignment, provided two new tires, I bought the other two. After that, problem solved, everything sounded and felt great again. 9K miles later, same problem, lots of noise, darting around the road, etc... I'm really irritated. This is my 3rd Lexus, after LOVING my GS300 and enjoying (maybe not loving) the wife's RX300. This is enough to make me want to trade the SC early.

    ANYWAY, my question is, I've read lots of stories on here about problems with the run-flats, but I've got to tell you folks, the problem exists (or at least A problem exists) with the regular tires too!

    Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on what to do? I've thought about maybe getting different, slightly harder tires, ie not Z-rated, so at least they'd last a while.

    Thoughts are appreciated!
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    Wow, that's a hard call. Unless I'm convinced otherwise in the future by new and better run-flats, I will probably never own them or a car with them again. The problems and poor ride with my SC and it's run-flats proved lethal to my car experience leading to my ditching the car.

    I don't regret the decision, especially after recently riding in my friends's SC.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793
    Because the front on the vehicle is doing different things than the rear, tires need to be rotated on a regular basis - 5, 000 to 8,000 miles. This prevents the tires from developing irregular wear on the positions prone to doing so.

    I should also point out that most vehicle manufacturers' alignment spec have a fairly wide tolerance - IMHO too wide by half. Modern radial tires do not like to be more than 1 /32" off from the nominal toe setting per side. (I think that's 0.06 degrees). Toe in is a major cause of iregular wear.

    Hope this helps.
  • I own a Lexus SC-430 with Bridgestones run flat tires they are safe I had an experience where the stem broke off the car ran streight and with no problem steering as far as handling I don't find much of a problem also.when it comes time to replace the tires I might get Dunlaps,as I hear they suppose to be better handling.Any advice?
                Thanks Leo-K
  • vjmvjm Posts: 1
    I too own a SC430 '03' and I have noticed increased noise level and incredibly rough ride and stability, only 15,000 miles. I am sure that when it comes time to replace the tires I will try the Dunlop.
  • Again..let me tell you..I put on Dunlop runflats on my SC430 ..a world of difference...I was advised by relative in New York.who did it first..then I did thing..its a different car...Irv
  • jbradbjbradb Posts: 39
    I've been waiting to change from Bridgestone to Dunlop RFs, but I think I'm gonna do it. The car simply doesn't feel like a Lexus should.

    My question: Should I have the dealer do it, or is it okay to have my friend who works at a tire shop do it? My concern is that if the tire pressure sensors start acting up, the dealer will tell me "too bad" since Lexus didn't replace them. Any suggestions?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    Go with the dealer. It may be more expensive but the car is finicky and they will back up their work better. Take it from me as I had a problem putting on aftermarket chrome wheels thru Discount Tire. Ultimately no one "knew" better than the dealer.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Just read in the USA Today that the SC430 is selling below Lexus expectation. In fact, sales on the SC430 has been slower than previous year. I always felt that the shape of the SC430 looks a bit weird. My sister is in the market for a SC430. I'm trying to persuade her in getting a 350Z convertible for much LESS....
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    A 350Z convertible is a completely different animal from an SC430. Sporty vs luxury.
  • I read about a year ago that Lexus was considering an SC330 to go along with the 430 -- Does anyone know if this is going to happen?? Also, has anyone fit car seats into the back seat?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I just thought about it, YES there will be a 6-cylinder SC, but it won't be a SC"330" it will be a SC300, using the new (245hp in the GS, maybe more for the SC) 3.0L V6 from the new GS300. This motor is reported not to be related to the current Toyota/Lexus V6. Sounds like it will be a high-rev unit more like a Honda V6, not the usual Toyota V6. Makes sense. They'll facelift the car and introduce the new 6-cylinder model at the same time. This should happen this fall, my best guess.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Do you mean the new GS300 will have an actual V6? The current car has an inline-6. If it stays an inline-6, that would explain why its different from Toyota's current V6.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Nope, it's a true V6. Completely different from the current Toyota 3.3L V6. The inline 6 is history.

  • There is no way in this world to compare the two..the Nissan is ugly and small..the Lexus, while not a beauty, is beautiful next to the 350Z conv and hands down a world of difference...Lexus hit a home run with this car..syling 2nd place everything else 110% I should know, have owned the SC430 since it came out... Nissan is great for the money but its like comparing an apple to apple opinion from Chevy Chase
  • merc1 : Who do you think Lexus would be "marketing" to with a V6 SC model? How much less would you anticipate the price to be c/w the 430?
    If they could offer a 6cyl. model with the same retractable hardtop, same interior and near 250hp for, say around $40-$45K msrp - that could be a homerun!
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