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Lexus SC 430



  • Hi Sue,
    The tires I put on my car were Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 and you do not need to change the wheels. I did change my wheels because I didn't like the look of the factory wheels(they look like manhole covers) so I went with the Zinik Z5 Ikeda. The car looks like a million bucks with this combo but it didn't come cheap!And Sue you will hear a million complaints about the regular tires that if you don't have a spare, what are you going to do in case of a flat? Please, do what I did and get a $5.00 dollar can of fix a flat or better yet become a member of the AAA, its cheap insurance for roadside emergencies.
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    Thanks again, so very much, for all the info! I think I'm going to ask them to just go ahead & take off the run-flats. I've had a can of Fix-A-Flat in my Buick for years and have always used it instead of trying to change a tire (fortunately I'm talking about only once or twice). We've been AAA members for years. From a lot of gloom & doom on the forum, to your encouraging words.....NOW I'm getting excited! Thanks again, Sue
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Be careful with the can of Fix-A-Flat on the SC 430. Each wheel has a tire pressure sensor inside and the use of that type of product will ruin the sensor. At $150 a pop for a new sensor you'd be better of with AAA. I am planning to ditch the runflats in the Spring. I am leaning towards the Goodyear F1 or the Dunlops. I will take my chances without a spare, I have both AAA and Lexus Roadside.

  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    JTMav, good point regarding the sensor. We have AAA and I think Lexus Roadside too. I haven't taken delivery of my SC yet, but I think I'm going to go ahead & tell them I don't want the run-flats............Sue
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    I just wanted to tell you that I'm picking up my '02 430 on Tuesday afternoon. Egyptian Sand with ecru. Almost got an '04 Amethyst but it had sold earlier in the day (yesterday). I'm a very practical person & this car doesn't seem too practical to me, but the "wow factor" could not be ignored! Thanks for your guidance!! Sue
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Congrats, I have an'03 Egyptian Sand/Saddle and it is great. Practical is overrated, be prepared for a lot of fun. Nicest car I have ever owned and as reliable as can be.
    Good Luck
    P.S. what did you do about the tires? :confuse:
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Sue, could I ask what you paid? I've been thinking about buying the new Volvo C70 but started wondering if perhaps a used Lexus might be something to look into.
  • You cannot program a new destination while moving, but if you select a previous entry or home, the navigation will re-route you. You probably should not be entering info while driving considering the number of pages it takes. Hope this helps. I've had my SC 430 Black/Saddle since 5/01 and experience this issue as well.
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    JTMav, thanks for the encouraging words! As I was cleaning out my "practical" '95 Buick Regal today, I was thinking I've lot my mind! Whenever I'm not at the Lexus dealership, I think I've lost it & should call them and tell them nevermind the SC and I'll get an IS. And when I've gone there, I fall in love with the SC again! We decided to keep the Dunlop run-flats that are on the car, and when it's time to replace them, we'll do so with "regular" tires. We drove on the Dunlops for almost an hour & they felt fine to us....granted it was just an hour.

    Biancar, the car is an '02 with roughly 45K miles on it, and it's certified, for $37K. I think we got a fair deal. I don't think we 'stole' it. I think we hit a number that everyone was comfortable with. We felt that our salesman worked really hard - he put up with all my anal-ness!

    I'll pick it up either tomorrow or Tuesday. We have 5 days before it rains again - I gotta get some play-time in!!

  • Hi Sue, You have made the right decision! Just this weekend I took my SC out for a little exercise in the mountains of San Diego County with the top down...Probably the most fun I can have legally!If you enjoy your car half as much as I do, you will be very satisfied with your purchase. And as far as the practicality goes,are you going to ride the merry-go-round your whole life or choose the roller coaster!
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    Bruceross, roller coasters scare the you-know-what outta me!! I was crushed - thought it would be ready tomorrow but now it looks like I'm getting excited & I want it!! Well, it'll be just that much sweeter, I guess. Thanks again for making me feel good, Sue
  • dsg1dsg1 Posts: 2
    I'm new to the forum.I currently am leasing a beautiful dark green 2003 lexus.I have a 3 year lease which will expire in a year.My payoff at that point will be $38,000.

    I will have only about 12,000 miles in a year when my lease is up.I'm contemplating buying the car rather than turning it in and leasing a new lexus.My reason is that with such low mileage I would be better off to buy it and trade it in on a new Lexus...What do you think ?

    Also,are there any prototypes of the 2007 SC 430??Will there be radical changes??

    Anyway,I may well just payoff the car and keep the 2003 because of the very low mileage but I suppose alot hinges on what the 2007 will look like.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated...Dave
  • dsg1dsg1 Posts: 2
    Has this color been discontinued??I have a Lexus SC430 in this color and adore the bright sun its an incredble dark metallic the shade and at night it appears black..I'm thinking of getting another SC430 when my lease runs out next year and wondering if this color is still available?
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    I don't know what you have been smoking, or if you even smoke, but the only thing that the spoiler on the SC430 will do for you at 156 mph is fall off! It adds no stability as the car needs no additional down force, and it could possibly cause the trunk lid to come open from the front. Wouldn't that be a hoot. ;) At 156 mph that might actually get the front wheels off the ground. Talk about a speed break! (just kidding on the trunk) although if the ele. mechanism released and the trunk started to open that back wing would sure help it come open!


    I say take the wing off and fill and repaint the holes!
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    No matter where you get your tires, DON'T get them from Costco or you will be sorry!

    I got mine from Discount and couldn't be happier. They get me right all over the country and they rotate and balance as soon as I come in. No matter where I am.

    I tried that with Costo and the SOB's made my wife sit 6 hours when they said they would get right on it. They said they sold a lot of tires that day and that they do the installs first! THey just let my wife sit there without even telling her why. She kept asking, "how long" and they would say "very soon now" BS. When I found out I called and raised holly hell!! To compensate my wife for her 6 wasted hours, they gave her a coupon for a free hot dog!!!

    I love Costco and still go there for everything else, but NEVER, NEVER again for tires!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife went in for a rotation. I have heard it's even worse for a flat!
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    TO BRUCEROSS - Hi! Just wanted to let you know I've had my car almost a week now. I think I'm starting to get used to it! For the first few days I felt like I was driving a loaner & resented its smallness and unfamiliarity, and I even started wondering if I could get my Buick back! Today was probably the 3rd day in a row that I've started feeling this is MY car and I'm having FUN. I hear a funky sound in 1 speaker (i'll take it in next week for that) but other than that, I'd have to say all is perfect. It's supposed to be a lovely weekend in Dallas this weekend - I can't wait to get out there & wax my new baby! Sue
  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Hi Sue, I am so glad you got your car.I too thought the car was small inside, but as you continue to drive it you will come to appreciate the almost intuitive setup of all the cars functions. Please do me a favor and take the top down and sport your new ride on the streets of Dallas this weekend. There is no doubt in my mind you will be turning heads as you cruise down the causeways of the Texas countyside.You will find that your car is sooo much fun to drive and is equally able to take you to that country BBQ or the finest restaurant and concert!
    You now you have arrived when you pull up in your new SC430!!!
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    Hey, Bruceross, we just got home from going to dinner, and we took the L-O-N-G way! Put the top down and turned on the heated seats 'cause I forgot my jacket. The other night we went to Sonic for a burger, and I heard some folks in the car next to us and they were talking about our car - what a hoot!! I'm enjoying it more each day, and I can't wait to "bond" with it when I wax it this week. Thank you a million times over for nudging me in the "proper" direction! what else do you drive?....Sue
  • dsg1 : there are NO changes in the 2007 SC 430 , NONE .
  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Hi Sue,
    I am so glad you chose the proper direction. The more you drive your new baby the more you will fall in love with it!And Sue, try the wax made by Magquires in the purple bottle. That wax really gives the most shine of any product out there.If you are like me nothing is to good for your baby! As for the other cars I drive, well for my daily driver its a LS400 Lexus sedan and my wife drives a RX330 Lexus SUV (Can you tell I like the Lexus brand)Well enjoy you new car as I know you will!!!
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