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Lexus SC 430



  • jerry06jerry06 Posts: 1
    Any Pros / Cons on installing clear vinyl (sheet) protector
    to all front leading surfaces of SC 430 to save paint from stone dings and "love" bugs?? Anyone have good / bad experiences??
  • fred430fred430 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2002 SC 430 and wondering if changing the oil myself is an easy job. Getting to the filter and drain plug.. Thanks
  • gbodiengbodien Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 2002 Lexus SC430 in March and in the last 2 weeks have experienced battery failure. Car seems to run fine and then the next morning the battery is dead (lights are off , doors closed and everything seems off during this time). The car has a trickle charger which was installed by a Lexus dealer and it also included a 84 month battery. Anyone have any suggestions of what to do, besides plugging in the car every night.

  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Get a new battery,they don't last forever! I don't use my Sc430 for 2 weeks and it starts up fine with no trickle charging system!
  • scsc430scsc430 Posts: 3
    Hey everyone,

    I took the plunge today, and put down a deposit for an '06 SC 430 blue/saddle. I'm from South Carolina, but the car is coming from Florida by truck within the next 7-10 days. (I'm probably not going to sleep a bit until I get the call form the dealer.) I've been reading all of these postings carefully, as well as doing a lot of Internet research, and it seems that, in spite of some problems, most people are very satisfied with their cars. This will be my first Lexus, and I'm eager to see how their service after the sale stacks up.

    A few questions...

    1. Is it wise to purchase an extended warranty for this vehicle?
    2. Are the run flats not worth replacing once they've worn out?
    3. Are Zaino car care products the best ones on the market?

    Thanks for y'alls input everyone! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...

  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    1. No, I have a 2002 SC430 and nothing has broken in 68,000 miles!
    2. No, Get rid of the run flats once they have worn out and get yourself some Michelin Pilot P2 or similar. Your will feel the difference!
    3. Yes
    4. Enjoy your new car as I have. Put the top down and go for a long cruise. There is no equal! It's cheaper than a psychologist and a lot more fun.
  • scsc430scsc430 Posts: 3
    Hey bruceross,

    Thanks for your advice. I think I'm going to pass on the extended warranty, and a lot of what I've read says to get rid of those run flat tires. Zaino it is, and I definitely plan to put that top down as soon as I get the car and take a nice long ride in the country!

  • fred430fred430 Posts: 2
    Used Zaino products for a year and by far the best. Shine is slightly better than regular waxes but last much much longer. Z-2, leather in a bottle and tire dressing are the top ones.
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    to scsc430, CONGRATS! I bought an '02 in February (partially due to bruceross' great words!) and every day I love it more!

    Question: vandalism on our street put my 20-yr-old son's Mercury Sable in the shop for too many days, and he's driving my SC - YIKES!!! He committed a sin & smoked a cigarette in it. When we get the Sable back on Monday, what cleaner/conditioner do you recommend for the interior to get that disgusting smell out???

    Thanks everyone..........Sue in Dallas
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Zaino "Leather in a bottle" product will have your SC smelling like new leather in a few minutes. Also great for conditioning the leather. Give the kid a bus schedule and get back the keys :)
  • scsc430scsc430 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Sue in Dallas, for the message. I hope you were able to get the cigarette smell out of your car.
  • I just purchased a 2003 with 24500 miles on it. This is my first lexus (previous Honday owner) The car is being delivered today so I've not yet reviewed the owners manual yet. I'm a firm believer in changing the oil on a regualar basis and that won't change with this car. I presume the lexus uses synthetic oil so my question is 1) what brand of oil do you use and 2) how often do you change the oil? Thanks much.
  • jorgemjorgem Posts: 3
    Any updates on the front end clicking noise? It happens when I first sit in my car ( or push down on the front bumper) after the car has been sitting for sometime. My dealer could not locate the problem but to Lexus' credit, they gave me a 100,000 extended warranty at their cost.
  • fb04scfb04sc Posts: 4
    Thanks for all your info bruce and sue! purchased 04 sc three weeks ago so I can store my 2002 tbird. since I drive a 05 explorer limited my partner drives the sc most of the time. up to this past weekend I drove the lexus very briefly. I was always the passenger when we took the freeway, and when he mentioned that it rode rough, or applied the break the steering wheel would jerk either left or right. I just attributed it to the run flats knowing they would drive a little bumpy... let me now take you along with me on my first journey with the 04sc.. step 1. filled gas tank, step 2. got on freeway on ramp step3. merged on the freeway... and then it started ...oh my god! as I changed lanes the road was rough(as always on the 405 in a constant state of construction)the car was bouncing and when breaking the wheel jerked. I was like oh my god! something is wrong! I continued on...1st exit 2nd exit... ok something is really wrong I am thinking. then I remembered reading online(probably this site)that with rft's sometimes you really can't tell if you have a flat, and the warning light isn't reliable. what do I do? do I go back home switch cars..I decided 3rd exit ...EXIT! exited freeway pulled over and looked at tires (now everyone I know we're all guilty starring at our cars when problems arise, but seriously we dont know what the heck we are looking at!lol) I decided to continue my (after expertly checking tires...NOT!) journey not really enjoying the ride(t-bird really drives smooth its a really heavy car and takes rough roads and turns much better than what I was presently experiencing) I thought to my self no it must be something. there are so many of these cars on the road (even as I am driving) they can't be experiencing what I am. know way! that was sunday.... monday morning(I make day trips to sand diego) requesting service for tuesday morning requesting the car be thourly checked paying special attention to anything that has to do with handling, tires, shocks, struts,blah blah blah.(I dont even know if this car has these things ha ha) also told them about the story your reading, and how I am dropping the car off on monday since I feel it was to dangerous to drive, and that I was posing a safety hazard to everyone in my path! (I really have a tendency to over exaggerate ha ha) so here I sit ready to call my service writer at lexus, but not before I called my partner to pick up a nordstum gift card. oh before I forget I was a little bitc.. when explaining my work order to the service writer and how there was something dangerously wrong with this car that I purchased on may 30th. ha ha long story short(yeah right) I'm so happy to find this site and especially Bruce and Sue who without their back and forth Q&A I have the knowledge to tell lexus where they can shove the rft's, and to put regular tires on.(just kidding I'll buy them because like you both Im anal about my cars and I feel the ride is more important than having trunk space! And anyone buying this type of car should have access to an suv or other vehicle for hauling your stuff and dogs! You can't have your cake and eat it to! thanks
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 261
    1. get rid of the runflats - that eliminated the jarring ride - now it feels more like a sport tuned German sedan - hard but not painful
    2. the car is very sensitive to the crown in the road - it definately wants to follow the slope. I'm not aware of anything to do about that but be aware of the tendency and take it into consideration when braking (steer a little "uphill")
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Any of you with more than 20k-30k on run flats should have the susupension checked before the warranty runs out. I had my '03 in Monday for 45k service and I asked to have the suspension checked out. They replaced the front upper ball joint and the left strut both worn because of the run craps. Car is riding like I hoped for and I couldn't be happier.
    Just a suggestion
  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Wow, where do I start.The run flats are definetly your problem. I must tell you that the regular tires when installed make a big difference, but the ride is still harsh compared to my LS400 and RX330.I live in San Diego and travel to L.A. frequently. When you are on freeways like the 405 it can be a bone jarring experience even with regular Z rated tires.When Lexus decided to go with those large 18 inch wheels on a low lying car close to the road like the SC430, you really tend to feel all the nuances on the roadway. No matter how many times you go to the Lexus dealer the answer will still be the same. It is inherent to this style car and the handling is what it is! That being said get in your convertible, accept that it's not going to be a fluffy type ride and have fun.There is nothing better than cruising Laguna Beach topless on a warm summer night!
  • 2002, 26k miles - am having a dreadful experience with battery(s). SC is my "weekend" car and tends to sit 1-3 weeks at a time. It has been towed twice, it is now on its 4th battery (my second). It has failed to start 5 times and is presently in the shop again for the 4th time on this problem - the 2nd time this month alone. There are no after-market parts and I make sure everything is off. So far, dealership is clueless and just received a call from Lexus today telling me that their official policy is that unless the car is started on a regular basis, at least once per week, the battery will trickle down and die. I have had a dozen other types of cars and never had or heard of something this absurd. I am appalled at this statement by Lexus and the position they are taking. Perhaps mine is a fluke, but I will never own a Lexus again.
  • rhighfillrhighfill Posts: 1
    We have decided to buy/lease an '07 sc430. Based on what I have researched, I have several questions:
    1. I do not want the RFT's. However, the local dealer told me they all come with RFT's even though they are an option. Is that really true and if so why is it listed as an option? I will take the FT's at no extra cost or ask that they put real tires on it.
    2. It's amazing the SC430 does not have a sateillite radio option; have to do after market. It has a nice NAV screen but its my understanding you can't interface with that. YOu have to put it below where the lighter is. any other options or has anyone heard they will make that an option in '07?
    3. Lease vs buy. I have leased a car but am thinking I will with this one. Can you get the best lease deal through the dealer or should I look for a 3rd party leasor that will buy and lease back?
    Thanks for any input,
  • margaux01margaux01 Posts: 3
    I'm thinking of asking the Lexus dealer to install LoJack to my new SC430. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! This is a 'weekend car' and wonder if it's worth the price. Dealer hasn't called back for a price yet. Thanks.
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