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Lexus SC 430



  • Does anybody know how to change Fahrenheit to Centigrade on Outside temperature display? I have 2002 Lexus SC430.
  • The 2006 has been mildly updated, a slightly larger grille, adaptive xenon headlamps, re-styled LED tail lamps,new 18 inches wheel and most significant IMO a six-speed transmission.
  • jimb12jimb12 Posts: 1
    Have you found a solution to the extremely poor quality of the sound when speaking on the blue tooth phone? In coming is perfect, but outgoing sounds like you are in a barrel or speaking thru a tin can. I've been told everything from that's the best it is, to it's my cell phone by the dealer. Unfortunately, I don't buy either but they won't change the microphone. Any solutions will be appreciated.
  • joec7joec7 Posts: 4
    When you installed your xm radio where did you place the antenna?
  • I live in Chicago, and am very seriously considering purchasing an 2004 or 2005 SC 430. I love everything about the car but I have some reservations about how it performs in the winter. This will be a year round car for me, so performance under adverse driving conditions will be extremely important.

    I've read threads about ditching the summer no flats, which I'd definitely would do for the winter.

    But I was wondering how else the car handles in snow, rain, ice, etc.? A few years ago, my wife had an IS 300 with rear wheel drive and it really sucked in the snow.

    Any help here is appreciated.
  • You could find some useful discussion about this subject at under the thread '2002 SC 430 in snowy new york'. Hope it will help.
  • fb04scfb04sc Posts: 4
    thanks for your info! i installed the same system as you after i read your post the very next day on my 2006 sc430. it works great! no more tacky wires or bulky delphi xm unit that was in the way.
  • Thanks a million. It helped a lot.
  • fb04scfb04sc Posts: 4
    although i live in california and cant help with winter driving i want to suggest that you test drive an 05 or 06 sc430. you can read my long winded tale of my 04sc430 message #1108. after three weeks brought it back to my dealership and got a new 06sc430. i thought being certified and having 14000mi i could save some money! the 06 even with run flats drives so smoothe. night and day compared to 04. i dont know if it was the 04 model year or that particular car that made it drive like crap anyhow i didn't want to pay for something i wasn't happy with! good luck and let me know if there is a differance between model years
  • ghloebghloeb Posts: 5
    Since the SC430 is not available with manual transmission, does anybody actually use the manual shift feature on the 06 6 speed automatic? I am trying to compare it to the BMW 650 steptronic, which seems to have surprisingly fluid clutch-less shifts.
  • I frequently use the manual mode on my wife's '06. However, my use is due to the fact that we live in the TX Hill Country and the hills are why I use it, but only to use engine braking going down the hills. It will shift up and down very easily, but this isn't a performance car, it's a luxury touring kind of car. Don't expect bang,bang shifts. It's Lexus smooth no matter who shifts it (you or the computer), but I do find it a useful feature. :shades:
  • I live in NJ so snow is a factor. I suspect conditions are worse in Chicago. I'ved owned several LS, and have a good relationship with the sales and service staff. They told me without any hesitation not to get the SC if it had to be a year round primary vehicle here, and to NEVER drive it in snow or ice. Too much torque and RWD. We ended up getting the car, but kept a Blazer we had intended to sell.
    Now we have my LS, my wife's SC and the Blazer for the dog.
    I'd say it's fine year round in the south or SW, but not where snow is anything but an infrequent occurrence.
    We also took off the runflats as just being too harsh. Puto on Kuhmo Ecsta ASX's (inexpensive and highly rated). The dealer came as close as he could to prices and did the tires and install including the sensor adjustment for a total of around $700. He's even storing the runflats (still plenty of tread) for a couple of years until the lease is up at no charge (to ease any concerns I might have just in case I have to put them back, which he says I won't.)
  • fx554fx554 Posts: 1
    Need know-how from experienced SC430 owners and connoisseurs out there.

    I have decided to get an SC430, and given the probability that the current SC430 as known today is in its last legs and will likely be either significantly upgraded or maybe even replaced by a substantially different car (particularly now that the new LS460 is out), I have concluded that a previously owned SC430 is wiser than getting a brand new 2007. With this in mind, I have narrowed down my decision to either a 2005 or 2006 year model with low mileage (ideally under 12K). To this end, I need help in expanding my knowledge and decision base as follows:

    1) Are there differences between the 2005 and 2006 model years? If so, can someone kindly list the most significant ones or direct me to a reliable source that would identify the differences?

    2) I like to hear opinions/recommendation of buying a CPO car vs one that is not.

    Most thankful for any and all help on this


    Can someone briefly enumerate the most significant
  • rcraftrcraft Posts: 16
    On paper the '06 is down on Horsepower from the '05, but that was due to a change in the way SAE calculates HP, so ignore that.

    The '06 had a slightly revised nose, LED tail lights (instead of bulbs) and a six speed automatic (which displaced the '05's five speed).

    The biggie IMHO, is the transmission. It's the "new" generation that is finding it's way into the rest of the Lexus line.

    Buy the '06.

    You will love this car and hate the tires (run flats)

    Good Luck. :)
  • I have this same problem with my 2002 SC 430. Had it back to the dealer 3 times, but they could not identify the problem. A nuisance item. Anyone else with this problem?
  • jorgemjorgem Posts: 3
    Hey Any updates????? Thanks
  • I also own a 2002, I have been through 4 sets of tires. I have over 115000 miles on the car. I recently bought the latest run flats by Bridgestone at the on line. These have made a substantial difference in the ride quality and the handling. I get around 25,000 miles per set of tires. There are many spare doughnut tires and mounting kits available from the dealer as well as on e-bay. They just take up too much room for my liking. I often carry a bicycle and golf clubs in the trunk and do not want to lose the storage space.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 261
    Golf clubs!!! a full set with bag?
    Oh yeah, I took off the run flats and it was the best thing I could have done. I might need to call AAA for a tow if I get a flat but the improved ride is woth the risk. My dealer is storing the run flats (for free) in case I ever change my mind.
  • voyeurrrrvoyeurrrr Posts: 1
    why did you have to replace your power steering pump???? I am actually having a noise issue with my 2002 SC430 & thought it may be related to the power steering pump but I have no steering problems. My engine sounds like an airplane when I accelerate :cry: and I hate it, what do you think that could be if you have any ideas.
  • rcraftrcraft Posts: 16
    The reason your engine sounds like an airplane is because what makes an airplane sound like it does is the propeller. Your radiator fan blades are like a propeller and when they are on all the time they will really roar. The fan clutch should disengage when the engine (and forward speed) rpm's increase as the cooling air is being provided by the forward movement of the car. The radiator fan is only there to provide cooling airflow when you are sitting still or moving too slowly for the normal source of cooling air (provided by forward motion) is insufficient to properly cool your radiator. Check the radiator fan clutch - I suspect it's locked up and never releases as it should. When your engine is cold (AND NOT RUNNING!!) you should be able to spin the radiator fan fairly easily only noticing a slight bit of resistance. If you can't spin it, or it is very hard to turn, it is locked up and will need replacement. This is not an unusual thing for a 5 year old car. It's also not a REAL expensive fix.

    That's what it sounds like to me, but there could be other things causing your problem as well. This just seems to be the most likely, based on what I read in your post.

    Good Luck on this,

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