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Nissan Frontier

tinatina Posts: 1
edited March 23 in Nissan
I am interested in the new Nissan Frontier Crew
Cab, but am having difficulty getting the dealer
invoice price from anyone. It's a 2000 model. The
dealers aren't wanting to budge from MRSP. Anyone
having better luck or have any comments about the
Crew Cab? Thanks


  • plymouth1plymouth1 Posts: 14
    I emailed the Edmunds editor to find out when they will have the info. Will post if I get a response. I am also interested in it, but will not pay more than $100 over invoice. The dealer will get 3.5% back from Nissan and that's plenty. If they try to get sticker they will have a lot of them sitting on the lots. With Ford and Dodge versions due soon it won't pay for them to think they have the market cornered.
  • TakaTaka Posts: 4
    Check the Nissan Truck topic in this forum. They have few discussions about the Frontier Crew Cab you're interested in.

    Also check www.msn.carpoint for the invoice price of crew cabs.
  • TakaTaka Posts: 4
    Ooops. Wrong internet address. Here's the correct one.
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Just to let everyone know, it will be some time before discounts will be available on the crew cab, it is one of if not the hottest truck on the market and availability is low. Crew cab frontiers are being sold at auctions for over MSRP similar to what happened to the beetle. And with so many people coming into the dealerships wanting to buy them and putting down deposits for future deliveries, I don't see any motivation for a dealer to discount the crew cab. Maybe in the next 30-60 days after the ones who have to have it have bought theirs and availability starts to increase you may be able to get some discounts, but I doubt
    they will be giving them away.
  • plymouth1plymouth1 Posts: 14
    The Edmunds editor says they will have the pricing on the site in a few weeks.
  • The bed is extremely small on this truck and the room in the back leaves something to be desired.
    the room in the back is really not much more than a extra cab truck.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    I went to the dealer today and checked out the crew cab. It had an MSRP of $23,100. It was fully equipped but had a 5 speed transmission. A full-sized male cannot sit in the rear seat and access to the rear seating is difficult for an adult with the "smaller than normal" size rear doors. Rear seating seems too low for a smaller adult as well, as your knees are above your waist. A lot of room for the kids though, with front facing rear seats rather than the side facing jump seats!
  • ezbuzzsawezbuzzsaw Posts: 2
    I drove it loved it and I want it.But a 6% to 7% margin won't get me to the table to buy it. The dealer won't budge and I wont either. I only want $1000.00 off and they wont even talk, and thats with 3 on the lot, for a week now,yes the same 3 trucks for a week. I have waited for this truck in the US for 15 years and now it might as well be made of gold! Well may be next year???
  • I've compared the Crew Cab to the Tacoma King cab and although the Crew rear seat is barely adequate for an adult it is roomy compared to the Tacoma. I wouldn't want to ride down the block in the Tacoma but could live with a longer ride in the Crew. In a short test ride I was also impressed with the Frontier. I haven't gotten to talking price yet but the above comments don't make me feel optimistic. It sounds like its too early to try and make a deal but it won't get better as people see the truck and as the TV commercials get wide spread.
  • kjtgkjtg Posts: 49
    I don't know, the price may come down fast. they keep getting crew cabs here. I don't think they have sold one yet.
  • plymouth1plymouth1 Posts: 14
    Our dealer still has theirs also. Ford and Dodge crew cabs are here or coming soon. The prices will come down then I'll go shop.
  • rmk101rmk101 Posts: 1
    Just got back from Central America where every Japanese manufacturer has a crew cab 4wd. All have roomier back seats than the USA version of the Nissan. What gives? I too have been waiting for years to get here what it seems the rest of the world can have- A true crew cab in a compact truck. If this Frontier does sell well maybe the others will bring theirs in. (The Toyota and Mitsubishi have especially nice back seats)
  • travismltravisml Posts: 10
    I just returned from a Nissan dealership here in Austin. SE model crew cab, two wheel drive, with automatic (no cd player) stickered at 20,000. It was 19,500 but they tacked on 500 bucks for pinstriping!!
  • dmgenddmgend Posts: 1
    I just purchased a SE Crew Cab 4 X 4, automatic, bed liner, floor mats for $22,090. MSRP is $24,211. Invoice was $22,051.
  • lowzonelowzone Posts: 1
    i just visited 4 nissan dealerships,a 2wd SE 5spd with power package list for $20,077. i'm 6 feet tall and my weight is 225, i was alittle cramp in the crew cabs back seat and had a difficult time getting out (my feet hit the door pillar). although its alot better then my 1990 Isuzu spacecab, but i wont be sitting in the rear seat anytime soon,my kids will be. the truck runs great and has plenty of power. im waiting for the HYPE to go down alittle and try to get it for $19,000. wish me luck
  • leewleew Posts: 32
    What packages did you get with that SE?
  • colimoncolimon Posts: 1
    Patience is the name of the game. All cars demand a premium when introduced. But just like the Miata, N-beetle, Boxter, Lexus Coupe, Range Rover-Discovery and so on. Eventually the availability will exceed the demand. It will then become a buyer's market. Don't panic. I know it's hard not being the first on the block to have the newest model.
    Also, a draw-back to buying the first release is that you might not get some of the neater options. For example, one year later, the New-Beetle is now available with a factory turbo, rear spoiler and an improved interior, for less money due to the saturation of the initial demand of the marketplace.

    Remember, PATIENCE!!! If you can. Let those who insist on being first pay more, for less. You'll be happier for it.
  • jtollisonjtollison Posts: 3
    Does anyone know when/if Ford is coming with a crewcab Ranger?
  • jtollisonjtollison Posts: 3
    Does anyone know when/if Ford is coming with a crewcab Ranger?
  • mitchbomitchbo Posts: 1
    Hi lowzone, I'm also an '90 Isuzu Spacecab owner that is looking to make the switch to a CrewCab. I have gotten a much better quote ($22,431 down to $19,500)on a '99 Amigo 2wd hardtop automatic with the PEP (premium) package, which is very close in invoice price to a 2wd SE CrewCab with the Power and SE Sport packages and automatic. Both vehicles are similarly equipped with the exception of no cruise on the Amigo but no locking differential on the CrewCab. But even with the extremely low gas mileage and open rear differential, I still want the Frontier as it is more refined than the Amigo. Engine, although less peak power at 170 hp. than the Isuzu, actually sounds stronger and pulls more solidly that the 205 hp Amigo. And the Frontier interior wins hands down over what Isuzu is currently offering. The first Nissan dealer that I have dealt with came down from MSRP of $22,367 to a little over $21,000 when I took my first whack at the black SE CrewCab that I want. I'm not biting yet, and will probably take another shot next weekend. By the way, I'm not really considering a manual trans because of what seems to me to be an extremely long reach to the shift lever. I wonder why they chose to put the low range lever, or storage tray on the 2wd, to left of the gearshift, which puts the gearshift waaaayyy over to the right?
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