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Nissan Frontier



  • I am also in Houston and would like to know where you got your deal! I haven't heard of any of them going under invoice!
  • braswell1braswell1 Posts: 1
    When I was getting the car loan info from my bank (Navy Federal) I inquired about reputable dealers and was given a name and a number to a guy in Seattle. Consequiently I'm in the Navy and am stationed around there anyway,,,ah, I called the guy and told him what I was looking for,,,model, accessories,,,etc.. and he called me back within 20 minutes. And gave me a set price, said that there was no haggling and no obligation for me to buy. I went by his office and picked up the truck 2 days later. It was so easy, I wasn't in his office 10 minutes. He gave me the paperwork, I then filled out and signed the appropriate paperwork and I was off! He told me that their job is to find exactly what your looking for new or used, buy it at cost and tack on a fee for them. Which turned out to be only $200. A great deal compared to what the dealer was offering. Just to be sure that I was getting a good deal I had visited a dealer and tried to work a deal on a compairable truck at the same price I was offered. After dealing with them for over an hour the Finance Manager came out and told me that I was full of it and would never get a truck at that price,,,(that I was on a bubble). Two days later I pulled up on his lot and showed him my new wheels along with telling him where he could go!

    I live up around Seattle and only here recently have I been hearing about Brokers and how their preferred over dealers. My contact was Auto Source out of Bellveue, WA. I don't know much more about brokers but strongly recommend dealing with them over dealers.
  • steve236steve236 Posts: 2
    Just got a look today at the CC. What a great truck. How is the ride in the 4x4 CC?
  • ccmaybeccmaybe Posts: 23
    I have my 4x4 SE crew Cab for 3 months and 4400 miles. So far everything is great.
  • docralphodocralpho Posts: 50
    One site for posting consumer complaints is:
  • thirdgearthirdgear Posts: 5
    Hey,Braswell. I,too,live in the Seattle area and was turned off by the "attitude" of the dealers around here (the 2 on the Eastside appear to be owned by the same company). But after reading your posting concerning brokers, I decided to look up Auto Source in the phone book. They're not there. There is an Auto Solution. Is that the place? If not, could you e-mail me with their phone number? Thanks for the tip.
  • jsgrizjsgriz Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2000 Nissan XE Crew Cab V6 3.3L 4X4 5 Spd w/Power pkg, Auto locking Hubs,Etc. It
    has everything I care about in a 4X4, except a
    Limited Slip Differential ($200 msrp). They tell
    me (the dealerships in my area) that this feature
    is part of the Utility pkg (roof rack & limited
    slip diff) and is only available on the SE version
    for $3000+ more. What a CROCK! I enjoy 4 wheeling
    off-road on my multi-week vacations in S.Utah &
    N. Arizona (Canyon country & Mountains) & camping
    elsewhere in the US. I once owned an 86' Toyota 4Runner for 10 years (4 cylinder 5 spd- back when
    it was trucklike with a bolt on composite shell
    -not a luxury carlike vehicle like ALL SUV'S
    today). It took me anywhere I wanted to go. I dont
    remember if it had a Limited Slip Differential.
    My question is how this Nissan 4x4 will respond
    without Limited Slip Diff in off road travels.
    In sand or mud with the 2 rear tires acting
    independently, hopefully the 2 front (in 4wd) will
    respond correctly & not bog down.
    I'm I wasting my time getting a 4x4 without
    Limited Slip Diff. I not sure I want to pay $3000+
    for the SE version with auto trans (which is all
    that is available in my market) & a fancier stereo, roof rack, & decals that I dont care about.
    I would appreciate a response from anyone out
    there with info on this subject before I buy this
    truck. I like the Toyota Tacoma's durability &
    reliability , but not the price. Nissan seems to
    give more bang for the buck.
    Thanks for the help.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I have a XE 4wd CC,auto, with the limited slip diff.You get the limited slip on the XE Value Plus Package which contains the following:
    Value Plus Package: P265/70R15 Tires, 15" Alloy wheels, Tilt steering wheel, Variable intermittent wipers, Passenger-side visor vanity mirror, Tailgate finisher, "4x4 Off-Road" decal, Limited-slip rear differential.
    The MSRP on this package is 799.What they told you id for the SE.The only way you can get the limited slip on the SE is with the utility package which includes the Sunroof.
    As for how it will respond without the limited slip,you will probably not like it.What you will essentially have without the limited slip is 2wd.
    If you were travelling along in 4wd and managed to get 1 front and 1 rear tire either off the ground or in a situation that had them slipping excessively,then that is where you would sit.All of your power wouldgo to those tires.The limited slip also makes it possible for you to go more places in 2wd and gives you better traction.
    It took me 6 months to get my truck configured the way I wanted it,but I was not going to compromise and it was well worth it.
  • mahimahimahimahi Posts: 497
    I currently own a SE 4x4 auto with every option that Nissan offers on their C.C. except the bed extender. I got the auto for higher towing cap. Relating to the comparision of Toyota and the new C.C. I had an '81 Toyota 4x4 SR5 Longbed(back when they had the bullet-proof solid axle in the front) I loved that truck, it was exceptionly hard to get stuck. Now I must tell you I live in Fla., no rock crawling :( but tons of sugar sand and mud. I can tell you this, there's a huge difference in the way the truck's wheels react. Gooba's right, I notice I go though alot more 'stuff' in 2wd and when the 4wd is engaged the low-end torque coupled with the limited slip is awesome! I say get the option if you plan on offroading, I mostly benefit from it at the boat ramp :)
  • thirdgearthirdgear Posts: 5
    Bought what I was told was the last Solar Yellow in the N.W. An c.c. SE 4x4 5 speed loaded with everything. My broker found it in 5 hours , at $600 over invoice. He did all of the paperwork, filled the gas tank and had it delivered to his office in 48 hours. We spent 15 minutes there signing papers and took it home. No dealers. No Sales Managers (they told me that if I wanted that "in demand" Solar Yellow, I would have to pay full MSRP). Out the door price? $24900. My time involved in the sale? 1 hour. The broker charged me $350 for his time and I will never go to a dealer again. P.S. If you live in the Seattle area and want a c.c., they're going fast! You'll find only loaded ones. And there are no 4x2's
  • snohomitesnohomite Posts: 1
    HELP thirdgear and other ppl using Seattle broker...we are in Snohomish and NEED THE NAME of that broker. There is no "Auto Source" listed...please email me at so I can get some more info from you...we will buy a truck today if the price is right! Thx ;O
  • thirdgearthirdgear Posts: 5
    I used Auto Solutions in Bellevue. I normally hesitate to recommend people, but in this case, I'll make an exception.
  • wenrederwenreder Posts: 3
    I require a "second" vehicle for hauling objects
    that can't fit in my Acura, as well as being a very good Winter traction vehicle. As an ex-mechanic, I was fortunate enough to always have big American "classic" station wagons as my 2nd car for the past 20+ years, plenty of room, so-so in Winter. I've decided to buy a NEW 4-WHEEL DRIVE PICK-UP TRUCK. Started looking last week at MAZDA B3000 SE Cab Plus 4 --and-- Nissan Frontier XE-V6 King Cab. Nissan looks and handles a bit "better" all around, but Mazda is offering 2.9% finance (Connecticut)and I really like the Med. Willow Green Metallic color (perhaps NOT the smartest way to make a decision). >> NOW I "hear" talk of vast improvements for 2001 << I'm very "limited" with $$$$, but I DON'T want to skimp and purchase foolishly either. PLEASE GIVE ALL COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS to assist me in making the "right" purchase. Should I wait until 2001? Is the 2000 Mazda "better" or "not as good"
    as the Nissan ?? Thanks for your help !!
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    My money is in the Nissan. The extra doe will keep you headache free (i.e., Mazda = made by Ford hence why by a Japanese car)

    We personally would be looking at Tacomas right now if they weren't so damned expensive. Nissan provides the reliability of a Japanese auto at a reasonable price.
  • beminwabeminwa Posts: 1
    Ok, finally bought the truck I was after, silver xe, power package and value plus package. I ended up using carpoint after a rather irriatating trip to the local dealer, I got the truck for about 1700.00 under msrp, hope it was a good deal. Most of the trucks around the area were loaded SE's, not many xe around.
  • jsandyjsandy Posts: 7
    well, I have owned Nissan CC for a full year now, and so I will share my thoughts and experinces. First, I like the Nissan. I'd seen lots of small crew cabs in New Zealand, and Mexico, from all the major companies. Over the next few years, I think they'll be in the USA too. It's a good practical design, and like any compromise, it's not perfect.
    I have 23,000 mils on mine now. No problems, at all. Just oil changes and recommended check ups. There was a recall regarding a tail light, which the dealer took care of, my air bag light came on after a while, and the daler took care of that too. When I bought the CC my oldest daughter was learning to drive. I got an automatic, so she could drive it. She has since got her own car (a gift from her grand folks, and I seldom see her - a topic for a different time), but the car is a nice drive. I get close to 20 mpg, the CC has a heavier feel than my wife's Isuzu Rodeo, but it has a tighter turning radius. Most of the driving I do is around town and short freeway commutes (I do a lot of running kids around really). The truck seems to handle that just fine. I have hauled furniture, lots of surfboards, bikes, and stuff around. I know it has a short bed, but it's still handt, and I really like the extender.

    Over the year, the most common comment I get is "I am thinking about buying one for my wife" So my friends kid me that it is a "chick truck" I tell them it's a mini van or men. Which reminds me, I think Nissan should make a bench seat up front to bring the seating capacity to 6, I also think they should go ahead and put a 6' bed on the truck.

    I like all the new 4-door truck out there right now. The Dodge looks really nice, although they seem to ride low to the ground, the Ford st is selling a lot around here (San Diego). I think the new Tacoma will be the best by far, but likely more expensive. I really don't think it matters which one you buy, they all have there strong points. I am happy with my Nissan, and I hope it'll go a lot of miles over the next few years.

    Best of luck to anyone trying to choose!
  • md_techmd_tech Posts: 84
    The Nissan Frontier Pick-up finally came in today... I wasen't very impressed with the bumper or new retro-lighting arrangement. Although, maybe in time I'll get use to it like I did the Maxima when they first appeared on the lot. What I did like was the back of the vehicle. They kept the regular back lights with Frontier in silver and a Nissan patch where you open up the gate... Has anyone else seen the 2001????

    Kristina/co host Our Turn
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    I saw my first 2001 on the lot yesterday, here's the sticker price.........

    4WD/SE/CC auto........$23,849
    Delux Pkg.................599
    Floor Mats.................79
    Bed liner.................309
    Bed ext...................229
    dest chg..................520

    I think that this is about $600 more than last year, mostly because of the way they repackaged the options. The power pkg. and the roof rack are standard. If you want cruise control you have to get the delux pkg. which includes the CD changer and tilt wheel.
    I really like the front and back of the truck. Not sure yet about the fender flares.
  • a6889a6889 Posts: 1
    After extensive comparison shoping for a small pickup, I'd decided on Frontier Crew Cab. It has great features for the price, and is far and away the most comfortable. I was going to buy one as soon as I saved a couple thousand for the down payment. However, while waiting, I began checking out older pickups on the road and it seems like evry crappy looking pickup I've I noticed is a Nissan ... all full of dents, fading paint, rust, etc. On the other hand Toyotas, Fords and Dodges and Chevy's of the same age all seem to look pretty good. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just my imagination? Needless to say, I'm having second thoughts.
  • mahimahimahimahi Posts: 497
    In my area(Tampa/St. Pete, FL) the crappiest looking trucks overall are Rangers. Especially the peeling paint and rust. It probably depends on your area and it really depends on the owners. A good friend of mine has a '91 Hardbody with over 100K miles and has never waxed his truck and it looks awesome hardly any fading at all! I have also seen problems of paint peeling on older s-10/s-15's too. I think it's going to depend on how well somebody takes care their vehicle. I used to have my own detail shop and I can tell you that if it's going to be a factory quality problem you'll more than likely see it within the warranty years. I can bet that all the trucks I've seen have been owner neglect not a factory quality issue. If you live up north where it snows, it will probably be hard to combat the salt and keep any vehicle rust-proof.
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