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Nissan Frontier



  • I've been driving my Nissan SE/CC for more than a year now (sold my Toyota T100 for it). Anyway, there are some annoying things that this pick up does. First of all if you move the shifter to drive, it seems like it take a few seconds before it engages (you step on the gas pedal and you're not moving, and then a split second later, your neck is jolted backward because of the truck sudden forward movement). Second, the play in the steering wheel is too much (4-5 inches)! It feels like my Willys Jeep of long time ago.
    Well, the truck is not a thrill after all, so maybe, I'm looking forward to install the for sale sign soon.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    Sorry to hear about your problems with the truck.What has the service dept told you about these problems?These are things that are covered under warranty.
  • mahimahimahimahi Posts: 497
    You described my '94 S-10 that I had a few years ago. Sounds like your service dept. needs to step up and take care of you. It might just be some simple adjustments on the tranny and maybe replacing some bushings in the steering system. Make them help you...I don't have any of that and I have 13K miles on my Frontier.
  • I just bought a new xe crew cab in july. i have an automatic,roof rack,and the alloy wheels. i was able to get a pretty good deal. i walked out the door with tax,tag ,title,destination,dealer fee for $18,300. i think i got a pretty good deal.
    although the night i drove my truck home i had a severe shake take place at 50-55mph. i took it to the dealer and they had it for 2 days. they could not find the problem and they were going to give me another truck. i test drove two more trucks and the second one i drove did the same thing. there were two bolts stripped out that held the bed down.two bolts later the problem was fixed. i still have a slight vibration but i just noticed the bed was off center.i think fixing that will alleviate the slight vibration. any one else with the same problem?
  • Having a unique background in the automotive industry I have to wonder how a company like Nissan is still in business. Watching a company pull every cent out of the vehicle possible to reduce it's losses(35 Billion before Renaults buy in)is like holding back an ocean with a childs pail. And with Renault now in the drivers seat I can see it only adding to the downward spiral of this company. The lack of quality and performance of the vehicles can not be covered up with sporty ground effects or calling a re-sheetmetal makeover "All New". I can not believe when I saw the first prototype Frontier off the boat from Japan, under the camo we were sure it was a Ford Ranger. I guess I shouldn't have been suprised. With Engineers/technicians leaving the companies Farmington Hills engineering facility in droves something has to suffer. If you don't believe me take Motor Trends recent performance #s for the supercharged 3.3 Frontier, 17.2 seconds in the quarter does not come even close to 210 Horsepower in this package. Try about 40 horspower less, just what the non-supercharged vehicle is supposed to produce. This may just be another case of a company using smoke and mirrors knowing that the market will not hold them accountable.
  • I own a 2000 Ranger Trail Head(has same suspension and ground clearance as a 4x4 but 2wd). I was looking at the crew cabs when they first came out and I wanted one then, but budget and the bank only let me afford the Ranger. 6 months later I have a new job and I am able to afford one. Now all I have to do is sell the Ranger. I am getting a 2001 SE-V6 Crew Cab. As for quality in the Nissan product. My parents own 2 2000 Maxima SE's LOADED 17in rims and all. They had owned a 99 Honda Accord EX-V6 and the quality and performance of that car was nothing to the compared to the maxima. Cant wait to sell my ford! And drive the nissan. The 2001 Crew Cab is one of the best looking smaller trucks in my own opinion!
  • lflsdlflsd Posts: 5
    I absolutely love the restyling of the CC. However, I am somewhat peeved with Nissan. I am quite surprised that after introducing the CC in 2000, they restyle it in 2001. I have the 2000 CC and I now have a vehicle that after owning less than one year is out of style. Personally, I think that sucks and plan to have a heart to heart conversation with my Nissan dealer. I was not aware when I purchased that Nissan planned a major facelift. I hope that they will offer me a decent trade-in and I can get the 2001.
  • i went to nissan of orange in s cal and got a quote for 2001 king cab 17,200... tax and license included. it is manual, no power win or door. i do have ac and cd. i also told them to put the fat flared fenders from the crew cab on(the fenders on the king cap look very sorry). msrp is 15,700. does anyone know broker around orange county who can get me a better deal(considering this is a 3 week old truck)
  • i just got an se crew cab, power, utility package,
    bed liner, bed extender, and floor mats for 22,600 out the door taxes and fees everything.i bought it through a site called i had considered going through car who's prices seemed great, but didn't accept nissan financing. enissan's base price was higher but they don't charge you advertising fees. so the end cost was only a couple hundred more. once financing went through i got my car in 48 hours. no hassle at all, no one trying to sell you extended warrantees and they deliver it to your door. highly recommend if you're buying in the los angeles area.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    With AT, power, sport (sunroof and CD/cassette player), utility (tubular rack) packages, $21,200 + TTL (about $22,400 OTD). Bedliner and cargo extender extra, at dealer cost.

    Freddy's deal sounds better. But, I think I can live with this one ........ they have it in my #1 color choice.
  • ccmaybeccmaybe Posts: 23
    Go for it! You won't regret it! Enjoy!
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    Just bought the very same 4x4 SE I referred to in post #436. Paid $23,893. I really like the truck, it has plenty of power for me and the ride is great. The improvement over my 83 Nissan 4x4 is staggering. I was considering waiting for the supercharger until I found out that in addition to having a reduction in gas mileage you have to use premium fuel. My only complaint so far is that the factory sticker on the truck says it has the "security system with remote keyless entry".Well, mine has the keyless entry but no security system lite where the book shows it. All indications are that it does not have the system installed. My dealer is checking it out. but they really dont have alot of information on the 2001s yet. Anyone with a 2001 SE notice this problem?
  • tls44b4tls44b4 Posts: 2
    i purchased my new truck on 08/28/00 from a houston area nissan dealership. it had a few more options than i wanted, but i got the color i wanted. it is solar yellow se 2wd with at,roof rack, tilt, cruise, sunroof, cd changer, bed liner, bed extender, and black leather interior. i negotiated the price for $250.00 over invoice. my drive out was $23,800 i hope i got a good deal, some of my friends say i did.
  • tls44b4tls44b4 Posts: 2
    oh yeah i forgot to mention it did come with a factory security/panic alarm system
  • Has anyone found the pricing for the new super charged models? I didn't see the option listed in the new 2001 Frontier line-up for Nissan within Edmunds...

    With regards to the poor quarter mile results for the SC models mentioned in earlier posts, whose looking to race? I need to haul and I personally don't want my trailer/boat being rocketed through the 1/4 mile in 6 seconds or less.
  • There is a Nissan dealership very close to where I work. For at least 3 months, there has been a solar yellow, Frontier V6 SE CC sitting on the lot. It has an automatic trans. and a roof rack. From the limited amount of research that I have done, I would say that this particular truck is loaded. Given the amount of time that this vehicle has sat on the lot, and the fact that the 2001's have come out, that 2000 model is going to do nothing but depreciate. With that in mind, what would you guys recommend offering the dealership for that truck. I was thinking about offering them $20K. Does that sound ridiculous?
  • Try $2,ooo to $2,500 less than the actual factory sticker total. Forget about any other silly dealer prep/paint protection, bla bla bla, that they have added to their own dealership sticker.
  • If you want more power from the s/c fontier you always have the options of putting a smaller pulley on it! I'm sure stillen ( has something up their sleave too. ;)

    Its a $1,500? upgrade? For me to add a s/c to my Maxima it'll cost $3,800. The frontiers sounds like a deal to me.
  • I just bought a new frontier cc 2001 in Louisiana, at Giles motors in Lafayette, got it for 22,600 ttl, otd, best i could get, and i am really satisfied, except i am having difficulty finding accessories for it , such as toolbox and nerfbars, anyway, its an XE loaded, except for sunroof and leather, silverice, just like the web picture, thanks for listening
  • try They have step rails just for your truck. I got the water resistant seat covers from them for my 2001SE/CC. they are custom fit and look good. I am also going to order the front guard and bed rails. These are genuine nissan accessories and will match the roof rack and step rails.
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