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Nissan Frontier



  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    <<hot air>>
    I have a 2000 cc, with no problem, yes.. the hot air is a problem,, but what i do, is move the air controller all the way to the right, so it would blow to the windshield. that works for me.
    TOO ALL 00, and 01 owner. Have you guys notice in the air intake, there is a block hose about 1 inch thick. has anyone notice this? Can that plug be remove to let more air in. with no problem?
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    We have a 2001 CC too. My wife first noticed this on the passenger's side... heat coming from the floor. Well the vent happened to be set to the floor position. Only happens when the engine is hot (obviously). This may not be correct but I found that if I turn ON the "re circulate" button on the AC the air stops flowing through the vents. When the the re circulate button is OFF it allows fresh air to enter the vehicle but seems to pick up heat from the engine on the way in. I've read on a board somewhere else that a dealer acknowledged that there is a known problem with this.
  • steve262steve262 Posts: 2
    I also have a 00 crew cab 4x4 SE Auto with this annoying hot vent air problem. I have taken it to the dealer twice to have it checked on and the answer has always been -" we can't reproduce the problem" and/or they told me "You will only get cold air if you have the AC on!" I am an automotive engineer by profession and I know the difference between ambient vent air and heated vent air. I also know if I turn on the AC that air colder than ambient air should be the result. I have even volunteered to come down and demonstrate the problem but they were not interested. My passengers have repeatedly asked why I have the heat on at the times when this occurs. It also seems to be heat soak related as the temperature of the vent air becomes very hot after driving for a while then stopping for 10 to 20 minutes and then driving again. This is a drive cycle that happens when you go to a store or stop for a bite to eat on a long trip. Upon driving the vehicle after this pause, it takes up to 30 minutes to cool down to merely annoyingly warm temperatures. If the fan is left on from the beginning of the drive it seems to keep the mass of the HVAC system from heating up too much, but the vent air is still hot enough to be annoying. I am curious whether this is a design defect on all Frontier trucks or is it a problem that occurs randomly during assembly. During the winter it isn't much of a problem as the cold ambient air is able to cool the HVAC system to the point that it isn't noticeable and the heater is being used anyway. On hot summer days the AC is on and can overpower this effect, but it certainly isn't helping the efficiency of the HVAC system to have to fight air heated above ambient temperature to provide an adequate level of cooling. This does impact fuel efficiency by increasing the duty cycle of the AC compressor. I am interested in how many others have experienced this problem or had any success with a solution from the dealers or Nissan.
    p.s. I still like the truck very much - I would just like this annoyance fixed....
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    I had the same problem with my '89! Still, it was one of the best vehicles I've ever owned, and I just didn't let it bother me.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I live where it gets up to 125F and when I use the a/c,I let it run until it starts to cool and then I switch it to recirculate.It works great in cooling the vehicle down.
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    long time don't here from you!!
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I have been hanging around.I just did not see alot of topics to engage in.I jumped into this one because of the a/c problem.It makes me wonder why people have to qualify themselves as an engineer.They seem to think it matters and makes their statements carry more weight.It just puts them down a few rungs on the common sense ladder,as is shown by steve262.Why he chose not to read the manual that says to turn the a/c on and run it then put it to recirculate,I do not understand.Especially with his explanation of ambient temp,etc.
    Maybe this topic will light up once again.
  • it has happened twice now on my '00 se 4x4 crew cab loose change from my pockets fall out and find their way into the slidding track of my seats and it causes the seats to get stuck in the way back position and will not slide forward unless the change is physically removed with a pair of pliers or twizzers I took the truck to the dealer and made an appointment to get it fixed but after finding the coins and removing them the appointment was not necessary the second time it happened I was in an accident and the truck was a total loss if anyone else has had this problem please contact me
  • I found out today the Khaki color for the XE crew cab has been discontinued and won't be back next year, according to a local dealer. I really wanted an XE CC 4WD auto in Khaki. If you have one congratulations as there were very few produced.
  • croy2croy2 Posts: 45
    Due to a growing family and new company car, I need to sell my beloved truck. It's a 2000 SE 2wd AT, power package, snuglid custom tonneau cover, bedliner, extender. All options except the roof rack and sunroof. The truck is in mint condition. $18,300. If anyone in So. California is interested, e-mail me at
  • steve262steve262 Posts: 2
    With all respect to Gooba I think he is missing the issue here - carefully reread the related postings. The problem of ambient ("ambient" is the air from outside the vehicle at outside air temperature) vent air being heated with the selector set on cold, has nothing to do with the Air Conditioner function. Yes I read my manual and I understand that putting the HVAC switch on Recirculate will give you colder air. The AC can also work well with outside air and many times this is preferable, especially with when the interior air is humid, stale, etc... The problem as related by the other postings has to do with running the fan with just ventilation air from outside the vehicle. We don't always need to run the AC, many times just ambient air with the fan on is all that is required for comfortable temperatures. My remark about my being an engineer is in response to Nissan service personnel who have responded to problems with their vehicles with nonsense, and accuse their customers of ignorance instead of admitting there is a problem. I think, in this case, there clearly is something different about this vehicle as evidenced by the number of others who have noticed this issue. I would be satisfied with an answer from the dealer that went something like - "Yes, we have had many complaints about this issue. Unfortunately there is no solution to it as it is a design issue with all of these vehicles". Instead, they tell me I don't understand how HVAC systems work or that I must be imagining the problem because they can't or won't take the time reproduce it. I don't believe the fact that I am an engineer who designs and builds transit vehicles (including the integration of HVAC systems) should put me "down a few rungs on the common sense ladder". It does make me naturally curious as to why the heated vent air problem occurs with this vehicle. I am interested in observations, opinions or experiences from anyone - it all adds to our common knowledge. I am looking into the problem and will share any solutions with the group that I might find. If anyone out there has learned anything, please post it for the rest of us.

    p.s. I have no desire to engage in a "flaming" match with anyone. If my admission to being an engineer was seen as an attempt to intimidate anyone or intimate that my opinions "carry more weight" than those of others, I apologize....
  • croy2croy2 Posts: 45
    I too have noticed the "hot air" issue in my 2000 CC. This issue was discussed several months ago on the Yahoo Frontier clubhouse. The cause seems to be that the vent intake is routed too close to the catalytic converter, thus the heat exchange raising the temperature of ambient air. Basically a design fault, and one that Nissan probably will do nothing about. Just a minor inconvienence, but still a great truck.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I have been waiting for the "hot air" thing to occur. If its doing it, I haven't noticed it....

    No complaints from me so far....wish it had a coin holder and the cupholders were wider...that's about it, so far!
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    JKIDD2 doesn't you cc has the removable cup holder is made out of rubber. just pull it off, and you will have bigger cup holders.. I have a 2k cc be
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Yeah, I did pull them still wasn't wide enough...frankly, if this is all I have to complain about, I am happy!
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    I have had my 01CC for about 8 monthe and 8K miles. Have been reading about the hot air through the vent/design flaw problem? Try as i may,I have not been able to detect this problem in my truck, but it could be just me not being sensitive enough. So I tried the ultimate test: The outside temp was 72, i set the fan switch to 3, AC switch off, REC switch off, Temp knob to full cold, Flow control knob to come out half between vent and floor. Took a ride with my wife in the truck. After 10 minutes she says; shut off that @#*#@ cold air... Makes me wonder if there is a mechanical problem like a door not closing all the way when the temp control selector is moved to full cold. Just a thought. I'm old enough to know what it's like to drive a vehicle in the south with no AC. All four windows down and the fan on high, not much help. in fact it's better not to have the fan on at all, just makes noise.
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    JKIDD2, Your problem can be easylly fix, get smaller cup holders or custom your cup holders to your needs. Because no cuphloders would be good for you, even if you buy another truck. make sure your cup is design for car use not just home use
  • jsandyjsandy Posts: 7
    To Mark:

    For several months (maybe a year) now, my seat has been stuck (00 Crew Cab). I was just about out of warrenty so I called the dealer and he said "it's coins stuck in the track, and it's not covered" he went on to say that they would charge $80 to fix it, but he said just take the seat out, and remove the coins, and that should be it. Anyway, I am OK with the seat where it is, but my son starts driving soon, and I'll need to get the change out for that.

    Did you remove the seat, or could you get the coins out without removing the seat?
  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    starting to drive!
  • bmsorybmsory Posts: 17
    I own a 2001 Frontier Crewcab SE with 5 SP Manual.
    I put 1,700 miles on it now but I never exeprienced any hot air...Kind of surprise me when every body else has this problem...
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