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Nissan Frontier



  • btate2002btate2002 Posts: 64
    Hey, What is your biggest complaint about your CC. I may end up with one, and I wondering what you don't like!
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I've only had mine since late April. Put a little over 1k on it so far.

    I love it. I don't have really anything negative to say.....only 2 annoyances to pop up so far and they are trivial...the horn is mousy sounding and the unused seat belts periodically knock on the side walls causing an annoying knock.

    Get'll love it!
  • yellowdryellowdr Posts: 41
    I live in the Northeast and I have a Jeep Cherokee Sport for a 4x4. That helped me decide to get the Desert Runner...after much research. I traded an '87' nissan 2 wheel drive.

    I could not see paying the money to carry the 4x4 extra equipment on 2 vehicles. I have had the Runner for 6 weeks and love it. I found a 5 speed with cruise (other nice options too) and get 20 plus MPG back and forth to work and over 22 on the road so far.

    Higher clearance made the trips on the trails to get to turkey hunting spots this spring much more comfortable.

    I do not know what will happen in the snow (wish I could have found a model with limited slip) but up here a DR is harder to come by since the dealers consider this area 4x4 sales country.

    If you need a 4x4 and own a single vehicle, nissan is a good value. When shopping, I found the True Market Value of Toyota to be about $100 more than the nissan comparably loaded. BUT the dealer price was about $6000 more than the Nissan. When I asked why this was the case, their response was "This is a Toyota".

    Both vehicles are good in my opinion. An S-10 comparably priced, I couldn't touch but still consider a good vehicle.

    Nissan had the best bargain in my experience.

    Good Luck
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    This is a follow up to post #525. Took my 2001 XE CC in for its first 3750 mile oil change and the dealer fixed the rattle I heard behind the dash. An A/C related part was hitting the firewall. They also lubed the turn stop that made a clunk noise occasionally when moving forward from a stopped position on initial startup. Now there is one more little noise to check out next oil change. Sounds like a heat sheild is vibrating (bzzzzzz) at certain rpms. goes away when the truck heats up though. I am loving this truck! Now getting about 18.2 MPG.
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    I just purchased a 2000 Crew Cab with 8500 miles and the dealer offered me a warranty for $1200. It was a 100,000/6 year $50 deductable. He wouldn't budge when I tried to offer him less. I know that I can get a warranty at any time before it reaches 36K, but any suggestions on who to go to for the best deal, best warranty? Thanks!!!
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    I have been checking around and I found warrantybytel which quoted me around $1100 for a zero deductable covers just about everything 100,000/6 year warranty. Will any decent auto repair place except this kind of warranty(especially the Nissan dealership)? Any other suggestions?
  • miavitomiavito Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 CC 4wd xe. runs great! I have 6000 miles on it. Since new, while running, the engine has a terrible rotten egg smell. Dealer said to put in premium gas. I have been running 93 octane ever since but still smell rotten eggs. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • crf59crf59 Posts: 1
    The smell you are encountering is probably catalytic converter by-product (sulfur) and is perfectly normal. It will decrease as the truck ages. IF this is occurring while you are at a stop or idling in your driveway, there is no problem and no remedy. If this is happening while you are at highway speeds, you may have an exhaust leak and need to have this checked right away.
  • gbbgbb Posts: 2
    In response to message #546. I was able to get a 5/100,000 for $750 ($50 ded) at Empire Nissan(LA dealer). I bought a used 97 GMC safari that I bought an extended warranty program through the internet. It also cost me $750, paid over 1 year with no interest. It was accepted at my dealer with no problems during a recent trip that saved me $600 for the cost of a power steering pump. Here is the link
  • eb1012eb1012 Posts: 1
    I have now 16,000 miles on the truck and in one year i have my drive shaft replaced twice, air vent circulation problem, always in for mounting braket problems, and now the head blew and is being replaced now. This truck has nothing but a problem. So is it a lemon, I would think so.
  • Hi,

    I know this bulletin is for Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, but I was unable to find a bulletin for my question. I am just posting the question here because my question is related to Frontier.

    I am trying to buy the following car with the options listed below:

    2001 Nissan Frontier 2dr King Cab XE 2WD (2.4L 4cyl 5M


    Floor Mats
    Value Truck Package

    TMV is $13764. That is $1000 under the invoice. the local dealer is asking for over $14000. Does anybody know how much should be paid for this car?

    Thank you very much.
  • bmsorybmsory Posts: 17
    In southern california I don't think any body can
    get this truck for less than $14,000.00. A friend of mine bought it for $14,500.00 and I think this price is good. BM
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Did you try

    I found that site to be most helpful when determining the price I wanted to pay.
  • Just wanted to make all of you aware of the web site. It has great info and there is a forum for the frontier, hardbody, Exterra, Quest, Performance and even a forsale/wanted section

    Check it out

  • kdmorankdmoran Posts: 1
    I just picked up a new 2001 Frontier Crew Cab Monday of this week. It's a SE with over-the-rails bedliner, bed extender and mats. The Edmunds TMV on it was $20,173. I ended up giving $19,500 for the truck. Do you guys think I got the best deal I could?

    I have put 150 miles on it so far and have found nothing to complain about except for the fact that my wife loves it also. You know what that means. She's going to want to swap vehicles all the time.

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Too late to worry about it anyway!

    Enjoy your new truck.
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    Now is not the time to ask if you got the best deal? You have already made the deal and if it can not be undone, there is no sense thinking about it. Someone out there will always get a better deal or at least tell you that they got a better deal. So what? It won't change your deal. Don't second-guess yourself. Life is too short.
  • I have been a lurker,posting a question or two. I felt it might be helpful to share the final out come with all of you. So here it goes:

    I went to Pacific Beach Nissan in San Diego on Wednesday. I went to them becuase COSTCO uses them as a fleet dealer. Originally,their pricing was way too high. They were $900 over and $500.00 over another dealer. After I presented this to the sales rep, he came down to $21,202 still $500 over carsdirect. After some 20 minutes of negotioating, he lowered the price again to match carsdirect. He also mentioned that he could go a little lower if I chose white. It seems he had 6 white crew cabs in stock. I took him up on the offer and signed the deal.

    Needless to say that taxes and liscening added another $2000 so with the trade in and the cash rebate I made a $3300 down payment and financed the truck for 5 years with an interest rate of 6.9% The final payment was ........ouch...$394.00 per month.

    My wife approved reluctantly. We have a 6 month old and she was nervous about the Dakota having no back seat. The truck had a radiator leak, the clutch was about ready to give up and there were the famous Dodge interior items falling off from time to time.

    I don't know what is standard on the SE, I just pulled all of this off of the sticker to give you an idea.

    Cloud White SE

    Deluxe Package
    Cruise Control
    Tilt Wheel
    AM/FM 6CD Changer
    Steering Wheel Controls
    Floor Mats
    Under the rail Bedliner
    Bed Extender
    Roof Rack
    Step Rails
    Fog lights
    Power everything, etc.

    MSRP $23044.00
    Final Price $20700 (included 500 rebate)
    Traded and ailing 95 Dakota for $2800
  • 1. Do your front quarter panels get real hot after a 25 mile drive? It was not scalding, but it was sure uncomfortable to hold your hand there for any long period of time. I noticed this when I was waxing the truck. The center of the hood was cooler than the front of the vehicle. The temperature gauge was in the middle of the normal zone. My Dakota was never this warm, so it is causing me some concern.

    2. Does the speaker system seem to be on the weak side to you? I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed.


  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I've noticed the hot panels too. Frankly, didn't think too much about it...what would be your concern?

    Stereo. Do you have the premium stereo? I have the premium in mine and love it. Only annoyance I have found is when I try to use the "mix" feature for all 6 discs, it tends to go between 2 or 3 CD's vs. all 6 and sometimes, it doesn't mix after each song. It may play 2 or 3 off the same CD and then decide to change CD's. Very annoying.
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