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Nissan Frontier



  • davie1davie1 Posts: 9
    Just a quick note on insurance,
    I called my auto insurer to put my new CC on my
    policy. when I got my statement I found I had not
    been credited with anti lock brakes or passive
    restraints, so I called...Y2K bit..their computer
    showed my truck as a 1900 nissan frontier..
    the stupid computer knew that there were no such
    safety devices in 1900 but didn't so I didn't get
    the discount for them.
    To the credit of my insurer they fixed the problem the next day(saved me 50 bucks a year)
    but all 2000 vehicle owners should check their policys carefully.
  • cct5378cct5378 Posts: 8
    still love this truck
  • erbjoherbjoh Posts: 1
    I live in Minnesota and would like to get one of the new Frontier Crew Cabs. I would appreciate hearing from any Midwest owners about their purchase and what kind of deal(?) they were able to get.
  • davie1davie1 Posts: 9
    I still love my truck,

    If you are a wall flower you won't be with this
    truck. people are curious about this truck,
    I don't think you would get this much notice
    driving a viper.
  • cct5378 cliff,
    just curious. What is the TTL that you paid just over $1500 for?
    It sounds like you just bought the exact vehicle that I am interested in buying. SE, Crew Cab, Auto, Power, with bed liner. But you reference to TTL throw me.
  • russm1russm1 Posts: 5
    This last weekend, I took my three nephews all over town. The crew cab has plenty of room for kids. I was a little worried when I bought the truck 6 weeks ago, but after this weekend, I was very pleased on how easy it was with them, ages(7,7,8). The best thing was still being able to shop and carry all your purchases in the bed of the truck. Kids couldn't get to them and play around. It was great! The child door locks in the back worked out perfect for safety, once the kids were strapped in, they couldn't get out. I am so glad this type of truck came out, so I didn't have to settle for an SUV!!! I have been completely satisfied since I bought the SE with the power pkg. and automatic. I have had nothing but rave rewiews from everyone who has seen it and the couple of people I have let drive it. There is pleanty of power with the automatic, and the ride is very very comfortable, it is like a luxury car. This is a great truck!
  • ressotressot Posts: 6
    I did it! I bought an SE CC. Had to do it, my old truck was just falling apart. I got the fully loaded with the sunroof. Even though I didn't want a sunroof, that was the only way to get the radio with CD and tape deck. (CD for dad, tape for daughter's kid tapes)A tad bit noiser with the sunroof, I'm sure I'll put it to use. I have read so many good things about it, and some bad, but for an all around full purpose vehicle, it will be put to use. Hate to admitt, I did pay full price, but they deducted the floor mats, added front window tint free. But I looked at other trucks, and they were to much truck for me. Keep posted folks.
    P.S. is there an after-market rear wheel slip differential kit for the SE CC?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Congrats! Does your sunroof have a wind deflector? If not, get one. I hear they really cut down on the noise.
  • bordenborden Posts: 2
    I just ordered one too. Bright yellow and fully loaded. Is the roof rack option available yet? I have seen it on the television ad's? Looks cool. How's the rack going to interfere with the sun roof? Any thoughts?
  • kjtgkjtg Posts: 49
    my dealer told me the sunroof would not be offered on the cc, because of the rack. i'm glad to hear that is. i have it on my truck now and like it..
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    The sunroof is included in an option pkg. and not a stand-alone option. As far as I can tell the sunroof should not interfere w/the rack or vice versa. The cross beams on the rack appear to be adjustable and one would simply adjust one of them to clear the opening for the sunroof, not unlike removing the basket on the Xterra's rack to open its sunroof.
  • bsutleybsutley Posts: 1
    I'm about to purchase a SE-V6 2WD CC. I can't seem to get them to budge off about a 6% profit margin. Also, there's a fee that's got me steamed -- $169 for an "administrative charge," aka document fee. I'm told this is a usual charge for filing the title, etc. (There's a separate $10 title fee.) On the other hand, I'm not getting hit with an advertising fee ... which it sounds like would be similar to this in terms of amount. Does all this make sense to those of you w/more car-buying experience? I've been out of the game for awhile ... Total price being quoted to me is $19,995, which I'm told is already $3,000 off MSRP for this model w/its options. B. Sutley
  • begelforbegelfor Posts: 10
    As another CC owner I started a Bulletin Board for us -

    Take a look, post a message.
  • newbouldnewbould Posts: 7
    hey all, i just test drove a XE 2wd with power package....what a smooth truck! now, im in Ca and with gas being 1.60+ a gallon....hows the gas mileage with the 5 speed? Anyone in Nor Cal have a good dealer to get an awesome deal at...with destination, power, and 3 disc CD, and their "added markup" = 22,259. no way im paying close to that right now though. Please tell me about MPG experiences!!!
  • kgaesserkgaesser Posts: 1
    I'm in the process of making a deal on a CC SE loaded 4x4, the dealer quoted me MSRP 24,290 and has come down to 23,000. Is that a good deal or what? Here on the East Coast the CC just came out. They are also telling me that the roof rack is available but will have to be added later. I'm really excited about owning a CC. I've had a 94' XE King Cab for 5 years and want more space in the cab. If anyone knows if this quote is a good deal please respond. Thanks
  • skytopherskytopher Posts: 10
    I drove a 4x4 XE Crew Cab today, and it is the smoothest machine I've driven. I would really like to buy one, if I can only find one! There are four Nissan dealers in Columbus, Ohio, and each one seems to only have *one* truck. I know that if I try to buy now I'll just overpay, so I'm going to be patient. Are there any parts of the country where the CC is in stock?

  • I needed a vehicle as my 88 Isuzu trooper finally died at 226,000 miles, my own fault but that's another story.
    I went to a dealer ship her in RI on a Tuesday just to look at one and I wanted to get a base XE but wound
    up with the SE 4X2 that night. MSRP with shipping,bedliner etc was 19, 500 and I got it for 18,500.
    I wanted a roof rack but not available yet, It was on the lot and the only thing it didn't have was the power package, other than that it had 16"tires,privacy glass
    with sliding rear window, floor maps, 5 speed, cd,
    All in all i've been getting better mileage than the Trooper got, around 22MPG overall, just remember
    it's new and I don't do JACKRABBIT starts.
    SO far I love it
  • acorpuz1acorpuz1 Posts: 4
    I ordered my Green CC 4x4 SE/5 spd. a month ago, to replace my Toyota T-100 (x/tra cab) and I'm still waiting for the dealership to call me back. They said, green is hard to come by, I say baloney! Is 24.5K (out the door price) a reasonable for this truck?
  • cct5378cct5378 Posts: 8
    I have a 00 nissan crew se with power. I would like to know what the yellow waxey residue is coming from the bottom of my tailgate, and how can I stop this? Also, I am getting 13.5 mpg with my se. I use 92 octane fuel. I have 750 miles on mine. By the way, I enjoy this truck more and more everyday, I just wonder if I am doing something wrong to affect my mpg. What is a jackrabbit start? Thanks Cliff.
  • mosimosi Posts: 28
    You might be waiting a while unless they know that they have one alotted to them by the factory. I ordered mine in silver 2 months ago and they were not due to have any silver until November but told me they could probably trade for one. The problem is that everyone seems to want silver so there went my chances.. subsequently, I changed to an Xterra which will be in sometime late next month or early Sept....
    As far as 24.5K YOUCH!! I can see paying that if you didn't want to wait and needed it today! I was going to get my CC 4x4 SE/AT with power and sport package, ltd. slip, bed liner and mats for $23,800.. I just checked carpoint and it looks like the model and options you want is $24,117 (power, sport, ltd. slip, mats and liner) MSRP.. so I would say that it is not a good deal.. they will probably try to say that includes dealer prep fees but Nissan pays for that so don't let em screw ya.. bottom line, if you can wait then by all means wait! One thing I do know is that there seems to be an abunduncy of charcoal mist CCs..
    Just thought of something! if you live in a state with vehicle tax then maybe 24.5k out the door isn't so bad.. I live in Oregon so there isn't any here.

    happy hunting
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