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Nissan Frontier



  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    the Crew Cab is rated at 5000 lbs for the auto and
    3500lbs for the standard. No problem there.
  • skgskg Posts: 16
    Check out post 13 of topic 864 (Nissan Trucks) for my experience towing a HEAVY trailer with my son's 4 cylinder. I think you might be pleased.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Cncman, I know your in sales and thought you may want to know Ford has moved production/debut of its Explorer Sport Trac up to January 2000. Its going to sport a 206HP/245ft/lbs single-overhead-cam V6! Larger interior, 4x4 or 4x2 models, and tons of standard features. Better get to sellin those Frontier crew cabs, once these hit the market Nissan will be a hurtin unit.
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Glad to see ford is finally getting on track and following Nissan's lead again, I am not worried,
    by then Nissan will have the 210hp version out, and folks will still prefer quality. Also From what I heard the sport trac is going to be expensive, but that is what we expect from ford.
    There is also word that Nissan may replace the crew cab with the SUT soon, another advantage of having the lift gate in the back that noone else will have, but I am sure ford will get around to doing that too.
  • Does anybody know when the nissan crew cab will be available with the 210hp?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Nissan has to add a supercharger to get the 210HP, don't forget to add that tidbit of info cncman. Gee, wonder what would happen if Ford added a supercharger to its already 206hp, 245ft/lbs of torque engine? Can you say 240HP, possibly. Face it, Nissan 3.3 is a joke.
    We will let the consumer decide on who's quality is best. And so far the Ranger continues to outsell the Frontier almost 5 to 1. Even after the Frontier has been around for about 2 years. Keep a reachin Cncman.
    Also, about price. People are paying a hefty price for the Nissan Crew cabs, I'm sure you have visited other sites and have read this also.
  • Let me just say this. I visit this conference to read and talk to others about the NISSAN CC, and if you wish to sell or talk about fords or any other make and model, you should go elsewhere. I'm not trying to downplay shopping around for others, but this conference was set up to talk about the Nissan. Which I plan on purchasing! Thank you very much.
  • I saw the CrewCabs more than 5 years ago in South America. I loved them!. I have been waiting for them to be sold here in the US since then. Now that they are here, most dealers want MSRP. I can wait a few more months. I think price competition will really start when Toyota comes out with their CrewCab.
    In the mean time, Does any one know of a decent Nissan dealer in South Florida who is willing to deal on an SE 4x4 CC?
  • I live in Virginia Beach, Va. and have had zero luck in finding a 2wd V6 crew cab. I have looked at dealerships in five cities in southeastern Va. Anyone out there know of any 2WD's nearby?
  • The Nissan Crew Cab is a great deal for an SUT. Consider the prices of today's family sedans or even the prices for a full-size reg. cab 4x2 pick-ups both groups serve their own useful purpose. The Crew Cab however compromises between the two for what I considered a good value.
    The price and size critique in Edmund's review mentioned a comparison between Nissan Crew Cab and a Chevy Silverado. That's not an apples to apples comparison. Bigger is'nt always better and there's a heftier price too. When the other manufactures roll out their offerings also with shortened beds, the critics with probably praise them, but the Crew Cab will still remain in a class of it's own uniqueness.
    I have been down the Chevy road and I welcomed the change to Nissan, esspecially the 5 year or 60,000 mile powertrain warranty included in the price of the vehicle that's a plus over the Silverado.
    My Crew Cab 2000 is just what it is, exciting, adventerous and a new Frontier!

    Enjoy the Ride!
  • I just bought my CC. I opted for an XE because I counld't get 2 dealers to change things around just the way I wanted them. Here's what I bought:
    Value Plus Package
    Power Package
    Sport Package (ie CD player) minus the flip up sunroof and added an electric slide sunroof
    Bed Extender and mats.
    out the door price: List + $750.00 (Note I said List not MSRP.) How you ask? In California, I used my membership with COSTO to get the best deal possible.

    So far I'm very pleased. I thought about waiting for Ford, but decided what the heck. Happy shopping.

  • I forgot to add the running boards, I got those too.
  • Has any one driven the 4x2 limited edition
    nissan frontier.The sales person said it looks and rides like the 4x4 xe.I am interested in the
    full load standard,yellow in color.
    I was also quoted 22850 canadian dollars.
    Has anyone seen or driven this pick-up?
    I would like to hear your comments.
  • Just got my SE 4x4 CC, and it was worth the wait. Initial dealer couldn't find one, or another dealer willing to part with one. So, I had to start over, and good thing I did. I started off wanting a certain config, but slowly settled for less as it became apparent that the truck is hard to find. I gave up limited-slip, bed liner, colors, SE for a XE, etc. But when I called a certain dealer just over the state line, the saleswoman I got found one within an hour, with all that stuff, plus the bed extender, which is much nicer in person (you have to see it). And to top it all off, I got it for 500 over invoice(good considering the availability), and did the deal all over the phone. I find it much easier to deal over the phone, once you're there, it's a different story. Good luck to all!!! Excellent truck Nissan!!
  • Just recently picked up a black 4x2 SE CC...waited over two months for it! I have two words for it...LOVE IT! Anybody who is waiting for won't be disappointed! Just have a question for present owners though...has anyone else noticed that their bed shakes quite a bit over even slightly rough roads? I've never noticed that much shaking on a truck bed before, my dad and a few of my friends have trucks and theirs don't shake as much as mine does. Is this normal?
  • I've been driving mine around for about one week now. I've gone over all kinds of roads. While I definitly feel the truck like drive, I haven't noticed my bed shaking like you describe. I would suggest taking it back to the dealer for a look over. Something may be loose.
  • IS THE NOISE A RATTLE? DO YOU HAVE A BED LINER? BED EXTENDER? I have both, and have heard some noise back around the bed area. I finally realized that it was the extender vibrating/bouncing a bit when going over bumps. The Nissan Frontier Crew Cab is a solid winner.

  • The bed doesn't make a noise when it shakes. When I look out the drivers side rearview mirror, while going over a rough surface, I can see that the whole box is shaking (watch the top of the bed rail as well as the fender flair). Maybe shaking is not the right word...jiggles? It's not a big movement, but you can clearly see that it's moving seperate from the cab. I guess maybe there's some flex in the frame or something. Whatever the case, I think all trucks do it!...I just thought mine seemed to be a little excessive.
  • Leer should be coming out with the CC cap for Nissans for the first week in October. About two to three weeks delivery at about $795 up here in New England. Anybody seen others??
  • ric15ric15 Posts: 4
    If the movement in the back really bothers you , have it checked out at the dealer. The frame shouldn't have any flex. There are liquid filled rubber cushions where the body and frame come together. That joint cushion may cause some jiggle/bobble. I feel as though the box area is lighter, therefore more suseptable to road shock. I see if my truck does the same thing, but in the meantime inspect the bed and under carrage yourself, it may just be normal?
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