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Toyota Echo Care and Maintenance



  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    I don't know if there is any difference between Echo's in the US and Canada. Depending on the year, your Echo has either regular (copper) spark plugs, Iridium spark plugs (supposedly good for 100k miles) or Platinum ones (good for 60k at least).
    My 2001 came with Platinum spark plugs that I replaced early @ 40k miles. I did it early because I wanted to ensure my Echo had Platinum plugs.
  • zeus2002zeus2002 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Toyota Echo. It has around 85,000 miles and I think it's about time to change the spark plugs, flush the radiator, change the belts, maybe a new fuel filter and a few more things. I'm just wondering how much of this I can do myself. I'm pretty good doing the things like oil changes and brake pads, but is any of the stuff mentioned before possible to do myself?
  • I have a 2003 Toyota Echo. And being an anime fan, I was trying to stick some mini anime figurines onto the dashboard, but nothing seems to stick! I've tried sticky tape, blu tac, double-sided tape, suction caps... they all just slide off. Does anyone know what I need to use to stick something onto the dashboard??
  • echokechok Posts: 1
    First of all I would like to join an Echo owners club. Second, I've just an oil change and wheel alignment at 62k miles. I always use synthetic oil, and change the oil regularly. I didn't really check to see what type they used. Will switching affect the car? I'm worried because the check engine light just went on today. Funny thing is, the car is purring like a kitten, and has never run better. Help?
  • can you help with spark plugs. i was able to change the air filter, and taken everything on top of the engine loose and i cannot find the spark plugs. need help to change them. any advise. thanks, masterfrog
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    It's been many months since I was in there, but I don't remember them being hard to find. I remember that there is a plastic cover on the top of the engine that has to come off before you can reach them. Once that's off look for the wires.
  • only change it every 5000, dingbat. you're wasting your money and quaker state oil stinks
  • cliff5cliff5 Posts: 5
    hey masterfrog -- for the spark plugs!! take off the plastic block cover (on the top - 2 top nuts 2 front nuts) under there on the top of the block you will see 4 groups of (5 i think!) wire bundles connected to plastic caps which are fixed to the TOP of the engine block with one nut each. 10mm i believe. undo these 4 nuts and pull the plastic caps up toward you. each cap is the top of a coil (each cylinder on an echo has it's own coil) for the plug/cylinder. you will need a long spark plug extension because the cylinder is quite deep. that's it.
    hope this helps. cliff
  • cliff5cliff5 Posts: 5
    When I bought my echo (02) I found it strange that oil changed were every 7k km or whatever so I did some research and found that a number of people with echo's and corolla's were complaining of sludgy build up. I decided to change every 4k km and leave it at that. At about 45k km I lapsed and couldn't change for 6 instead of the usual 4 and indeed there was a lot of sludge in the oil (I do it myself-so I see!) - so I recommend to all you people who are taking the advice of the toyota manual and changing every 7/8 k km and then having problems... DO IT EVERY 4!!!
  • I change the oil on every car I have ever owned at 2500 to 3000 miles as the viscosity
    breaks down more or less depending upon how you drive ie highway or stop and go.

    Better safe than sorry.
  • I was told there was a recall for the front seat rugs and metal floorboards.

    I was told there was a Toyota service bulletin but not sure if it is a recall for the engine
    control module. I paild through the nose to have mine replaced. Please advise with what
    you know.

    My iridium spark plugs from for $6.22 each for NGK seems like a good deal
    as the local parts stores want double that!
  • Dear Cliff,
    What size are the bolts holding down the plastic block cover? Also, are they metric or
    the US standard. Actually, is the whole Echo metric or US measurements?

    Are you sure the nuts to the spark plug housing are EXACTLY 10mm as I don't want to
    strip them? What size ratchet wrench do I need for the actual spark plugs in metric or
    US measurement? How long of an extension do I need to get at the plugs, what is it
    called, where is the best place to buy this, and how much should it cost?

    I am a klutz but feel good about myself as I just checked my air filter and it is fine. I
    bought three of them from an online parts broker for about $6.25 each.

    I thank you in advance for your answers so I can put in the iridium spark plugs I also
    purchased from for also about $6.25, of course plus shipping which they
    goose you on as it is dropshipped. My order came from four different vendors but I
    still saved over buying the parts localls ie iridium plugs for $12.

    I find a major difference in MPG when I drive a local highway at 50 to 55 versus the
    Massachusetts Turnpike at 60 to 75MPH.

    The cheapest gas near me as I write this is $2.99. I use but
    this website listing the cheapest gas station prices is national if you scroll down on
    the left hand corner.
  • Hi
    Greywoulf, from the US.(NJ). I have an '03 Echo Sedan. Is there anywhere I can get a repair or service manual for this car?
  • Dear Greywoulf,
    After much looking, I have found out that all the major publishers of auto repair guides in
    book format don't have one for Echos. Also, most big box and auto parts stores do not
    carry the oil or air filters as both Fram and Purolator don't make them for the Echo. I
    am very happy with the prices, quick service, and quality from Air filters
    were only about six dollars and change and a similar price for the Iridium NGK spark plugs.
    I also bought oil drain plug washers for next to nothing as most oil change places just
    let them slide into the bucket of waste oil. When I had my 88 Tercel, I used to keep these washers aka gaskets in my glove compartment. Oil filters from Rock were a litttle over
    two dollars but they have many types and prices.
  • Not only where is the radiator plug, but what exact size of socket wrench do I need or can
    I just use pliers? I know it is probably in the owner's manual or maybe not, but in Boston
    with hot summers and very cold winters, how often should I flush and change the radiator,
    please. Should I wear medical gloves when dealing with the antifreeze?

    It would be useful information to know about independent repair shops which have a good
    knowlege and experience with Echos as I was just fleeced by an indie shop that did not
    know what they were doing and charged me for their three hours when it was a ten minute
    job. They also replaced a part that was very costly and did not need to be replaced, but
    rather, just cleaned. Make that five minutes.

    If we could share indie Echo repair shop data, we could have a nice network going for
    everyone to benefit from. We all know how expensive the Toyota dealer repair shops
    are.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage :)
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    In my 2001 Echo I change the oil every 20k or so. I only use Amsoil Synthetic plus a dual oil filter (by-pass microfilter).
    I do almost 30k per year so I only change oil every 9 months or so.
    Oil analysis shows every time that the oil is suitable for longer use.
  • Would somebody be so kind as to answer my previous questions about the titled topics as it has been quite a while and I would like to do this important maintenace work.

    Thank you!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    Does the Echo engine have a timing belt or chain? If it's a belt, what is the recommended change interval?
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    It's a chain and should last for the life of the car.
  • Hello! I love my 5 speed 2000 Echo. Have 93K on this well travelled mountain car. Recently I have been experiencing my engine missing or hesitating after driving for 30+ minutes and highway speeds. Once stopped and restarted, it jumps horribly while shifting through the gears. When at 55mph it almost loses power but doesn't stall. I understand we shouldn't have to change the fuel filter but that is definitely what it is acting like. Kind of choking. No check engine like comes on. Please know that I already a) changed the spark plugs, and air filter, along with checking the gas cap, b) changed the mass airflow filter, (all with genuine Toyota parts)
    c) Bent over at the dealership only to have them say they found nothing in the computer, had no one to drive the car and that we needed to change the items I had just changed the week before again. ( Not likely) Help! Thanks.
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