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Toyota Echo Maintenance and Repair



  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Yes thinking about it about the only thing it could be is a disconnected speaker wire somewhere. That or the radio itself is toast. Which I dont think so because it turns on/displays numbers/you can hear the CD turning.
  • just done first front brake job on our 2004 Echo. after 58,000 miles still had some pad left but getting thin. took rotors to local brake shop to get them turned. when i picked up the rotors the guy asked if they were the factory rotors? i said yes and told him how many miles were on the rotors. he said factory rotors are much better steal than after market & they turn better. he said people would be much beater to change the pads before they eat the factory rotor. witch would get him more brake jobs to
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    We found out the problem with the 3 in 1 CD radio in my sons 2000 ECHO. The wires going to the speakers in the trunk were not attached. The bottom of the speakers is open to the trunk and something bumped into the bottom of one of the speakers. It broke the connection on the speaker. On this stupid radio because it is computer controlled, if just ONE of the speakers (and there are 6) becomes disconnected, the radio turns on, you can hear the CD turning and all, but the radio wont play! It was a simple matter of repairing the connection to the speaker and presto! the radio works again! So if some has had the dash apart, or addded and alarm system (DONT DO IT!) or monkeyed around in any way having the door panels off AND THEY DISTURBED THE SPEAKER WIRES so they become disconnected your radio will not work.
  • greetings to all. i need some suggestion for fixing my 2000 echo. firstly, the driver's side manual window crank came off. how can i put it back on? before this happened, it was kind-of tight using the crank to roll up or down the window. do i need to spray some wd-40 into the rod? secondly, the driver's side door handle (outside) is sticking out of the side instead of being level with the exterior door. it does not spring back to the flat position. it is working and i can open the door. it just looks strange with the handle sticking out. i appreciate all the help. peace! johnnie
  • Did you ever get an answer to your question? I'm looking at replacing the sway bar bushings as well, and am searching for information/diagrams on how to go about it.
  • This happened to me on my Grand Am and it was a tiny ctack in a spark plug wire. It made a slight short to ground when I was going up hill and acted like it was stalling intermittantly.

  • I've got an '03 automatic Echo. The owner's manual says nothing about checking trans fluid. The engine compartment has got a dipstick to the right of the block that looks suspiciously like trans fluid. anyone know the procedure for checking it? on other cars, it's usually, drive car until warm, come to a stop, shift thru the gears slowly then into park, wait 3 minutes, check fluid while car is running. thanks.
  • kiwi17kiwi17 Posts: 1
    The engine dash light of my 99 Toyota Echo came on a while ago. Toyota couldn't give me an answer without having to take the whole engine out $$$??? Another mechanic plugged it into a diagnostic machine and a message "Idle Error" appeared. No-one seems to know what this message means or the cause. The car has intermittent flat spots - sometimes runs pretty well and other times, I really have to drive it hard in 3rd gear to get it up highway hills.

    Can anyone offer any clues to the cause of this problem? Is it the computer playing-up, is it sensors? Do I have to renew every part one by one??
  • I have a 2000 Echo with an auto tranny that has developed a vibration under the drivers floor board with a somewhat winding noise that develops only between 25 mph and lasts until I reach about 45 mph. My thought is it has to do with the middle gear, not sure. I don't want to start ripping and replacing things, i.e. Tranny, bearings, etc. Unleast until I have a better idea. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    I think we need better information here, or MORE information, to help you.

    It seems odd that a dealer would want to remove an engine based on a check engine light??? :surprise: Didn't they say more about this?

    And the mechanic---there must have been a NUMBER attached to this message? What was that trouble code number?

    If the scanner couldn't communicate with the ECM, it would have said so.

    It might be that your problem is the repair shops you're going to, or a certain lack of communication between you and the mechanics.

    But if you can gather more info, maybe we can come up with ideas on approaching the problem at hand.


  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Check engine light on with this code read by an OBD2 scanner. Book says:
    air induction system
    injector blockage
    mass air flow meter
    engine coolant temp sensor
    fuel pressure
    exhaust leak
    open or short in heated oxy sensor bank 1 sensor 1
    heated oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor1

    Has anyone dealt with this error code and what did you find? Any hints on how to proceed or how to check each item for goodness?

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Possible to dammage anything running the engine with this error code set? Engine runs like a watch.
  • I am having the same problem, now you can hear it at any time and just getting louder....did you get an answer? But mine is a 2000 Echo manual trans.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,685
    Changed the (dirty) air filter. Cleaned the two ultra fine wires in the MAF sensor using brake cleaner. CEL off!
  • typentypen Posts: 7
    Update, i bit late, problem was the breather tube that goes from evap canister to top of filler neck was rusted on the inside and blocked,also when i removed it it broke and found many small pin holes under the road grim, replaced tube, turned off check light, zero codes. just for info, if check light comes on and code P0440 comes up, check fuel neck when o-ring in fuel cap seals, any dirt or rust biuld up will cause a leak and check engine light will come on, we have two echo's both have do it.
  • Hi there i was just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem my mum is having with her 2004 toyota echo 1.3lt 2dr hatch, it seems to have a shaking of the engine and a huffing noise from the back end of the car when idling and while driving it sounds like a chuff cutter i keep telling her its a timing chain but she still wants to know if anyone else has any ideas.
    Any feedback would be great thanks heaps :confuse: :sick:
  • jwstl80jwstl80 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Toyota Echo with ignorant belt noise on first start up and intial take off from a stop. I have narrowed it down to the AC Clutch and Pulley. I have boughten a belt from local part store for a Non-AC Echo and placed the belt in just bypassed the AC Compressor completely. Now no more belt noise... Now I have to just remove the compressor and take out the clutch stator and other pieces on shaft and replace. But the kicker is the clutch kit cost 359.00 at local part house. I can buy a complete compressor for this car with new clutches pulley and coil for 339.00 at Plus the cost of compressor oil and 134A. All the spute about plugs on this blog they are original factory plug are Iridium plugs. I find that the NGK 4996 Iridium Plug giv eme the best performance in my 2000 Toyota Echo. The only problem I am having with my Echo is Poor Tire quality. Can't seem to find a tire that gives me the best treadwear and life. I have 387765 miles on it today when I changed the oil. I am trying to beat the record in our county for toyotas without rebuilding the engine. It was held by a Corolla with 488,000 miles before complete engine melt down. But alot was due to owner poor maintenance on a higher mileage engine.
  • jwstl80jwstl80 Posts: 2
    They did have a motor mount binding issue in that year with those cars.
  • hi there i myself went over my mums car over the long weekend and i think i may have found her problem i think its injectors if not with over 130,000 ks on her it could be timing belt to so i ordered new injectors only cost 120 with postage so thats not to bad but if it timing belt gunna cost more so mum is happy for mean time cause her daughter could find the problems for her as shes disabled. anyways ill keep you all up to date on how i go and if anything else goes wrong ill come ask advice again thanks heaps to everyone :)
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