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Toyota Echo Prices Paid and Buying Experience

majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
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  • ml91ml91 Posts: 26
    I bought my 2001 Echo for the "invoice" price of $12,058: 2 door, 5 speed, option package #1, 3 in 1 stereo, and air conditioning.
  • I paid $12,800 but and sticker was about $13,700.
    I have a 4-door, 5-speed, with A/C, AM/FM/Cassette/CD Player with 6 or 8 speakers (can't recall at the moment...but it sure sounds nice). I also have that cladding stuff around the car and a window defroster on the back. I also got it financed by Toyota for $0 down and 0% interest for 36 months.
  • In May of 2001 I bought a Toyota Certified 2000 2 door Echo. It had 7,700 miles, 5 speed and air. I paid $8,800, plus tax. I think I got a great deal. I added a Toyota CD player I bough on eBay for $100.
  • Kiplinger's Personal Finance has an article about cars in their December issue. In the article, they give the percentage of MSRP that should be your target price. For a base, stripped Echo, the percentage is 97%. Not sure if that applies to loaded Echoes, but it might give you an idea as to if you paid what Kiplinger's thought was a good deal.
  • I bought my echos with every thing on it in 2000 for 12880 each the list on the window was 16100 each I bought both at the same time and they were looking to move them out asap for the 2001 ECHO so I got 4000 off each
  • I just purchased my 2002 Echo for $11,275. MSRP was $12,900. It is a 4-door,5 speed, a/c, power steering, cruise control and the extra mile option package. How did I do?
  • podmepodme Posts: 3
    You did very good with that price ($11275).
    But what is your total price with fees & taxes ?
    With the following options included (4dr, 5spd):
    - Air Conditioning
    - All Weather Guard Package
    - Auto Idling Control
    - Quarter Stone Protector
    - Radiator Cover
    - Sports Body Cladding
    - Power Steering
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    MSRP $12,806 Purchase Price $11,700

    plus tax, licensing, doc fee, tire disposal fee (? but only $5).

    Longo Toyota

    2 door sedan, auto, defroster, floor mats, automatic transmission, power steering

    From their internet sales department, I drove down from Northern California. The car was also offered on sale in an ad (exact same options, but different colors) at a local dealer, but the price was $288 more so I made the drive.
  • morefavesmorefaves Posts: 4
    Bought in Queens NY.2002 2 Door Auto/AC/PS/All Weather Package/3 in 1 Audio Package/Carpet Floor Mats/Split Rear Seats/Wheel LocksAdded Dealer Anti Theft System, which I probably overpaid for, and with License/Inspection/Dealer Fee +8.25% Sales Tax(NYC), out of Door Purchase Price came to $13,572.
  • lily888lily888 Posts: 12
    Hi, It is my first time to buy a car. So a little scared.
    I live in Detroit. I am I'm interested in 2002 Honda Civic Dx Auto 4 Dr. and Toyoda Echo Auto 4 Dr. Which one will be fit for the snow weather in Detroit? I usually use my car to commute to work and occasionally drive 4 hours to Chicago on holiday. Could anybody recommend me which one I should buy?
    BTW, some people told me that it is a better deal to buying a one or two years used car than buying a new car? Could anyone also tell me your opinion on it?
  • ammarammar Posts: 4
    Hi. I am also buying a first car. I found a used 2000 certified echo with 27,000 miles on it at the dealer. It has warranty till 2006. The previous owners smoked (i can tell). It has A/C and manual 5 sp shift. The dealer is asking for a ridiculous 10.2K. Edmunds says that It is worth 8.8K. I think i am going to start bargaining at about 8K. Is that OK? Any advice? What price is too much for this car?


    (New 2002: 10.7 INvoice and 11.4K MSRP)
  • deluxcardeluxcar Posts: 47
    Shopping for an Echo for my 21-year old daughter. The MSRP is $14,711, invoice $13,664, dealer offered $13,444 (including $400 college student discount but must finance through them.

    The Echo is optioned as follows:
    4-door Automatic
    Air conditioning
    3-in-1 audio system
    ABS brakes
    Digital clock
    Daytime running lights
    Floor mats

    My daughter loves the car but I believe the price is a bit high. Is this a good deal? Are there any special interest deals on the Echo? The offer is open until July 1.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    Have you checked this price with Edmunds True Market Value? Click on "New" at the top of the page.

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    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • lynnann1lynnann1 Posts: 85
    $13,500 for our 2000 Echo- bought in May 2000

    4 dr
    4sp automatic
    digital clock
    3-1 6 speaker audio
    floor mats
    sport cladding

    no abs and no running lights
  • bob365bob365 Posts: 3
    2002 Echo - Polar White

    2 door
    5 speed
    Air conditioning
    All weather package (Rear defroster, heavy-duty battery, rear heater ducts)
    Floor mats (which are actually pretty nice; I especially like the holes/hooks system that keeps them from moving around).

    $11,176 including destination charge.
  • heathmheathm Posts: 1
    i bought my echo new in 2000 its now 2 years old and i only paid 9700 with ac/ext warr./and other dealer extras
  • I just picked up my new 2002 echo monday. I payed $10,626.95 and that included tax title and tags. I wrote them a check right on the spot for that amount. I have the two door, 5 speed, with AC, Weather package, floor mats, AM/FM radio. I used the $1000 rebate and dropped a $500 trade to get it that low. Orignial sticker was $12,200 plus another $750 for tax and title. All told I saved rufly $2300.
  • Hi, I plan to purchase 2003Echo this month. In Cash! My aim is 4dr Automatic. With everything I want, the invoice price will be $13413(without Tax and Destination Charge). Could anyone give me a suggestion of how much I can save? I actually want to get a price than this. Thanks!!!
  • Hi, cruxakira.

    I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River.

    Here, a new Toyota ECHO costs $14,025 + $750 dealer prep + 8% provincial sales tax + 7% federal GST (gods and services tax).

    So, here, a new ECHO costs $14,025 + $750 + $1122 + $981.75 = $16878.75 Canadian dollars = $10886.79 US dollars.

    At that low price, there's not much room for negotiation.

    They sell these cars at cost, in order to get lifetime Toyota customers. I am one. My mind's open, I keep driving other people's cars and renting all the other brands, but I have never found a car that I like more than my two Toyota Corollas, for the last 20 years.

    I always buy the base model. I choose the larger wheels, though, for better handling. I add my own stereo system. But, I don't want a moonroof that cuts down my headroom (I'm 6'2") or air conditioning (I buy a silver car that reflects the sun's rays). I drive a standard transmission,

    The ECHO is now what the Coralla was, 15-20 years ago. It's ugly now, but if it gets prettier (or, at least, less ugly), the I might buy one, next time around (which may not be for 4 or 5 years).

  • I plan to buy this car in Northern Californa but I don't see the price. Anyone bought lately, pls share the info.
    Also, pls tell me how much you pay out of the door. Thanks
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