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Toyota Echo Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • enyeny Posts: 1
    Just bought a 04 echo at Darcars Toyota in Silver Spring MD. 4dr manual ac power lock power steering CD split rear seat 15'' tire

    ask for $13500 b4 tax and other fee(invoice $12811 and edmunds TMV $13145) paied $13000 including everything: tax processing fee and tag fee.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    I paid $13.1k bottom line for my 01 on 11/00 so I think you did very well. Its nice to hear about someone buying an 04 because there arent many ECHOs around her for sale!
  • I paid $11,500 for new base model 2003 Echo - (about 60 miles on it) w/manual trans - that was drive away price. Tax, licensing, transfer etc - all included.

    I'm really happy with the car, I have a mix of high-way & city driving for my commute but I get between 36 and 37 MPG
  • OK a dealer is offering me a 2000 Toyota Echo, total price is 9483, includes tax, tages and a 4 yr warranty. It's a 4 door auto, w a/c power steering, cd& tape player, 60/40 split fold rear seats, power locks. Its a good price according to edmunds, but overproced according to
  • dgecho1dgecho1 Posts: 49
    How many miles on it?
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,683
    I just paid $3000 for a 2000 ECHO with air, auto, cd player and the body molding all around it. It has 117k miles on it. There were no error codes stored in the computer, and other than a brake fluid, spark plug and coolant change the car needed no work. I did find a bent rear wheel, (which appeared to be moved to the right rear) from the front. Everything works and it got 33 mpg recently in all town driving. Im seeing ECHOs with 150k miles for sale asking $4-6k.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    Yeah, the gas price crunch has had a very positive effect on resale prices for cars like the Echo! :-)

    $3000 sounds like a bargain on a 117K Echo. In my area, prices don't drop much below $3000 for used Toyotas, regardless of miles, until the car in question begins to display signs of being really worn out.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

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