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Mazda RX-8



  • ramsesramses Posts: 8
    Hey I'm new to the madza family anyone know of a RX8 Club in Hawaii on the island of Oahu? I love my SHINKA especially the color (Black Cherry Mica). So anyone hit me up with any info.

  • Whered you get this info? I've been hunting around the internet and cant find zip on the 06's. I was going ot get an 05 8, but if they're gonna make and auto 6 spd and have phantom blue avaible I might hold off.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    lhess.....They only produced about half the number of Shinka's for 2005 than expected. When the fire happend back in December they stopped producing the Shinka for a few months. They had a good take rate of the Shinka so it made sense to bring it back fot 2006.

    Masterchief....I get the stuff from Mazda, I'm a dealer. The 2006 RX-8's should show up in the US in Dec/Jan...This months allocation is the first for 2006 orders. 2005's are still shipping.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Hey, since you get the scoop directly, can we get any pointers on doing deals. For example, my local dealer's got, what appears to me to be a left over White RX-8 AT no pkg. I'm guessing someone ordered it because of the the color and then backed out. I can't see how White is a hot color for an RX-8 (maybe its the pearl stuff).

    They're give the S-Plan pricing and the $1000 Mac. Is there a snowballs chance in hell that they will ever come down more than that? Or is there honor among dealers? I read somewhere that the S-Plan price is fairly hard and fast. Thanks.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    well for one thing it isnt a left over....they haven't even started building the 2006's yet. It won't be a leftover until Dec or Jan when the 2006 units arrive.....Don't misjudge the white pearl on the RX-8. It has been our second best selling color this year. Red has been the most popular for us...

    I make it a habit not to comment on "is this a good deal" questions...To some folks a good deal is great service and to others a great deal is the lowest price to somebody else a good deal is a quick sale, etc....Only you can determine what is a good deal for you......If you don't like their price shop around and make and offers. All they can do is throw you out of the dealership..
  • ramsesramses Posts: 8
    Hey AUDIA8Q so I heard they are not going to make the "SHINKA" model RX8 anymore is this true? Also I heard the only made 2,150 SHINKA's is this also correct?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The Shinka returns for 2006. The Shinka gets new leather.....I don't have a total count, sorry. They didn't produce as many in 2005 as planned due to a problem at the factory.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Thanks. It's really the rules of when to haggle, for how much and for how long that I'm after. Of course, maybe the whole concept of haggling is the problem.

    I know trade-in negotiations needs to be separated entirely from the dealership. I know the financing needs to be separated as well. But I don't know how to get the correct price. By correct, I mean the correct market value for the local market. Maybe I should just walk away when the dealer gives me a price more than $2000 over what I think is correct. Here in Boston, you just don't see any white RX-8s. Black is definitely king in the city, then grey, green and red. But yellow and white are rare with white being the rarest. I've never seen one in two years at least in Boston.

    Does making a split the difference offer ever work?
  • Hey, since you got the inside scoop, any word on mazdaspeed rx 8 hittin the US? And when is mazda gonna release official news on the 06 line up? My local dealorship said he was out of the brochures for the 06's, but I doubt the brochures are even avaible yet.
  • ramsesramses Posts: 8
    So thought that the Shinka's are a special edition but if they come out with it next year then what makes it so special??
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  • nikkonikko Posts: 3
    I was at 128 Mazda in Wakefield last night. They have about 25 RX8's and about 4 of them were white.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Go to and put in your ZIP code and see what price comes up. For the Atlanta area (for example) right now the 8 comes up $100 under invoice then less the $1k MAC rebate = $1,100 under invoice. Since you don't like or have experience haggling this would seem like a "no brainer" way for you to get a decent deal on a car.

    If your local ZIP does not produce a good price, try putting in ZIPs a bit farther from home until you find a dealer willing to deal.

    If you are thinking on an auto car - I would wait and get the better 06 auto. Also, get AT LEAST the sports pack on any 8 and for sure on an auto car. HID lights, DSC, fog lights plus better brakes, traction control, suspension upgrades on the auto cars.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    So thought that the Shinka's are a special edition but if they come out with it next year then what makes it so special??

    Nothing, really ;)

    They used a standard color (available on a base Miata?) for the color - and it (to me) is not very attractive. It is pretty much a loaded up GT with a different color interior and paint job - for too much money. I had an 96 M Miata and the blue was (IIRC) exclusive to that car - it was also one of the few ways to get ABS and a manual transmission on a Miata at that time, but other than that nothing REALLY special about it. They usually change the exterior color every year so you can tell the specials from each other so it would be a surprise if the 06 Shinka is the same color as the 05.

    Very few of the Mazda "special editions" have been very limited or special, just a package to try to move a few more cars.

  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Haggling question:

    When they give me a price I don't like, do I just walk away for a few days or months and chance loosing the car, or do you haggle over some non existent car with no color or features, then later match up what ever agreed price with the closest matching car?
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    They've already offered bellow the CarsDirect target price on the first e-mail offer. It just doesn't seem possible that the first offer without any face time would be a good market price.

    What should I do next. The White RX-8 AT no pkg. looks good to me, but White seems a bit odd for the city of Boston since White shows every spec of dirt and crap.

    I think I'll try waiting. I mentioned roughly $21K, and they offered $24K.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    ramses....The shinka has some features not found in the standard RX-8...Plus the ride is somewhat different. They made changes to the suspension that takes a bit of the harshness out of the ride. So it''s a little more than a badge and fancy floor mats...but it's not something super exclusive. Just something different.

    masterchief....The RX-8Speed, if they do it, won't show up for 2+ years. The 6 speed comes this fall and the Speed3 is next summer/fall. OTOH, There is going to be a RX-8 Coupe and Convertible that should to show up for the 2007 model year.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Normally you would pick the car you want first - the only time you would negotiate on a car they don't have is if you are ordering one or they are having to get it from another dealer. Taking one from the lot it generally the cheapest way to go. If they have a bunch already then they would not be inclined to order you a car AND give you a deep discount. They can swap for a car you like if they find one at another dealership, but it does cost to have the cars moved.

    So you should pick out the car, find the invoice on that car (easy to do online), find out all the rebates and incentives (online) and make an offer that is reasonable.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    See, you just proved you really DO NOT know how to deal for car. :) Good thing you came to the forums for help....

    If you check online the invoice for a base AT w/pearl (extra charge) is $24,426 including destination charge. There is a $1k MAC financing rebate available.

    If they offered you $24k and that did not include the rebate, then they are doing > $400 under invoice which is a good deal. If that price includes the rebate, then you do need to work on them some more.

    Offering them $21k is just silly - they will have to pay Mazda $24,426 for the car (less any rebates) so they are not likely to sell you the car and lose > $3k on the deal.

    You can wait - and they may sell the car to someone else. You can wait until Mazda puts more rebates and incentives to clear out the remaining cars. It got as high as $3,250 (varies by region) last year before the final $4k "get rid of them" money was given to dealers. If you wait long enough and they don't sell the car, you could eventually get it for $21k. It was around March of THIS year before the final discount was given, so you may have a LONG wait.

    I put in a Boston ZIP and got $23,792 for an AT 8 w/pearl paint including the $1k rebate.

    You REALLY want to pay the $1,700 extra for the sports pack, though. You get all this for the money:

    Xenon Headlights, Dynamic Stability Control,Traction Control, Tochigi Fuji Limited Slip Differential, Tires: P225/45R18 Low Profile tires with 225mm width, 18.0" rim, Wheels: 18 in. x 8JJ Aluminum Alloy, Fog Lamps, Larger Brakes, Sport Tuned Suspension

    Without this, you really don't have much of a car and the 16" rims with 55 series tires make it obvious that you have the stripper car :cry:

  • Hey gang... back again. Gonna go test drive and get serious in the coming weeks, thought I'd ask the best for some answers first!

    I am eligible for the S-plan pricing due to the company I work for. I understand this is competitive with invoice and non-negotiable? Plus any rebates/incentives?

    Is the S-plan price for a 2005 RX8 with certain packages set by Mazda, or by individual dealerships? Are all dealerships required to participate? In other words, should I call around for S-plan prices, or are they all gonna be the same and I shouild focus on their inventory for what I want rather than the different prices?

    Also, do I tell them immediately that I am eligible for this when I go to test drive, or wait until we begin discussing numbers? Will my S-plan eligibility affect how I am treated at the dealership? (Either better or worse).

    Thanks so much! I'll keep ya updated. :)
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