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Mazda RX-8



  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Most dealers participate in the S-plan.....It makes things very easy for the consumer and the dealer. Just go in and pick out the car you want.. Let them know you qualify for the S-plan (make sure you have your PIN number)....The S-plan price is printed right on the dealers invoice...if your going to finance you can save an additional $1000 with the Mazda credit rebate. It's a great deal and it makes things very easy for everyone.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep, I knew I was at the right place. I think I'll wait and watch their car lot for a while. I still think White RX-8's in Boston metro are rare and may go the distance for hanging around on the longest. I may be wrong.

    As for the Sports Pkg. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT, It's the best pkg. (I hate moon roofs in the other pkgs. anyway)


    1) I'm gonna drive this baby like an old man and my wife's gonna drive it like an old women with me in the back sleeping.

    2) I'm probably never going to drive it in the snow because I'm driving my wife's front wheel drive, traction control car for her.

    3) Having the 2006 six speed AT is going to bother me lot since the damn things, never gonna stop shifting gears.

    4) I drive from Hyde Park, through the reservation, over through West Roxbury, down the back side of Jamaica way and up route 9 and on to Huntington Ave two to four times a day so I NEED, the softer NON-sports tuned suspension cause the damn streets are beaten to crap, especially the lower half of Huntington Ave with the trolley tracks in the street.

    5) I really think I can get the 2005 for $21K eventually and that would be sweet enough reward right there.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    ...I really think I can get the 2005 for $21K eventually

    Used 2004's are bringing more than that at dealer auctions....You might be waiting a long time.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,919
    4 months ago, when my much beloved '04 RX8 was rear-ended and totalled had a value put on it of $25K by the insurance company.

    Getting a new '05 for $21K is pretty unrealistic.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    We're talking the stripped base model RX-8 AT no pkgs. MSRP is $25.9K and standard S-Plan brings it to $23.8K. I'm just 3K away and last year there were $3K and $4K rebates at the end of the year.

    Seems to me it's a matter of time vs demand for a stripped White RX-8 in the Boston market that hates white I think. If the car White RX-8 that I want makes it through 9/6 rebate period on the dealer lot I think I've got a chance. :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If last year is an indicator, then yes eventually you could get this car for $21k. If they continue to have unsold 8s on the lot they will put more money on them to move them. Once the new 06 models arrive then there will be more money on them to help them sell, but it was posted that they may be "late" this year (compared to other 06 models) so it may be the end of the year. The big money on the 04s didn't hit until about Feb or March of 2005 - so it might be 7-8 months until you could do $21k - if they don't sell the car to someone else.

  • Here's another odd question for ya...

    I'm aware of the Labor Day incentives ($1000 MAC cash), but is Columbus Day a big car sales holiday? Worth waiting for? Or is the Labor Day one the big one for car dealerships at end of summer? Do it now?

    I picture Columbus Day being a good furniture sale... not sure about cars. :P

  • How much do you think the stock 16" wheels cost for the '04 automatic RX-8 cost? I leased the car and with all the caked on brake dust, I may just want to replace them or get nice rims.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,919
    Unless you are a Mazda or Ford employee, I'd say X plan is about the best price to expect for any RX8.

    I suppose you could wait.

    BTW....Mazda isn't going to offer x plan AND those rebates. You get one or the other unless you are a Ford or Mazda employee. Those rebates last year were put in place because no "special pricing" (X plan) was in place like it is this year.

    The dealer's have sold a ton of cars with the X plan price. As best I can tell, RX8s hit a certain end of year price for '04s (that $24K number sounds mighty close to it). Mazda gives whatever incentives they have to the dealer (in lieu of X plan) and let the dealer's fend for themselves to move remaining inventory.

    We get some snow around the midwest, too. It still looks like the white color is popular. So is the Automatic base version, too.

    I don't think any dealer will sell any RX8 under their cost. It's just bad business.

    But, you can try. My guess is, 3 months from now you may be bemoaning the fact you didn't take advantage of the deals that are happening today.

    As you say, 9/6 the X plan price goes away. The incentives that are running today are about as good as their going to get.

    Another case in point, I know several people that wanted to buy a GTO. They felt that if they waited to get rebates on top of employee pricing they could strike a better deal. Well, don't you know, GM excluded the GTO from the "employee pricing for all" after the first rebates either. Those folks now have to pay about $2K more to buy the same thing they could have had a month ago.

    Many people wanted a Mustang GT. They've been bringing MSRP and above all year. Some said "wait until the end of the year....rebates will kick in". Well, Ford totally sold out of the '05 Mustang GTs. They didn't get the car they wanted and sat back watching Ford go through two price increases (3 counting the '06 price increase) and they still don't have a car.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I have the s-plan prices on the 8, and it is about $250 under invoice for the car and all the options are at invoice. I did better than this on my deal, but $250 under without any hassles or haggling is not a bad price - I don't think. The s-plan price is the same no matter the dealership - as long as they accept it - and given the slow 8 sales most places I would think most every dealer would accept it.

    As was mentioned, the plan prices are on the invoice so no need to be secretive about it.

    If you don't mind haggling and find a motivated dealer, you might save a little money bargaining down your own deal. Would it be worth the effort? For most folks, probably just easier and simpler to take the s-plan price and enjoy your new car.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The more I thought about your statements, the more I just have to ask:

    Why the heck are you wanting to get an RX-8?

    The car has terrible resale value, drinks gas like an SUV (I got 14.3 mpg on my last tank), drinks oil like a Sultan (about 1 qt every 2-3k). To offset this, it has a SUPER manual transmission and shifter, great handling, and nice acceleration. If you get an auto 8 you are missing most of the fun - if you get a base auto 8 you miss it all.

    If comfort and smooth shifting are your priorities get an Accord LX I4 for around $17.5k, add a little more for the alloy EX or spring for the V-6 Accord. Rock solid reliability and resale value, much more comfortable, and much better gas mileage. Room for 4 adults easy and 5 in a pinch and a huge trunk, FWD for easy go in the snow.

    The things that make ME want to put up with all the bad things of the 8 are all missing from your choice of models and options. So ask yourself why you want and 8 - and you may find there are lots of other cars for the money that would be better choices.

    You can get anything you want, but I just wonder why you want a stripper auto 8.

  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Folks, a better place to compare notes on prides, deals, incentives, etc., is in the Mazda Rx8: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.



  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I may drive like an old man, and I my attitude is that of an old man trying to count pennies, but I do have a heart pounding in my chest that badly misses the zoom zoom of a rotary engine.

    I had an RX-7 1987, but sold it after I moved to Boston because I bought the line of folks like yourself about all the problem with the RX-7. I WAS A FOOL then I AM NOT A FOOL now.

    Even WHEN gas goes to $5/gal (and we will get there because of Bush) the RX-8 will be wonderful to own and drive. See, it's not about the utility of the vehicle, it's about the unique engine and the classic sports car feel.

    There was a classic car exhibit at the Boston Museum of Art a while back. The feeling I got when I walked among those classics is the exact same feeling I get when ever I see an RX-8 on the street. Believe me, that feeling is GOLD baby.

    As for the six speed shifter vs the 4 speed auto, I had to give up on shifters in Boston. Too much freak'n work in the traffic jams that happen often at the worst times when I'm tired from work. I'm not the stereotypical Boston driver throwing a fit behind the wheel fighting for every square inch of position on the road.

    I just want a little bit of RX-8 zoom zoom and I need a good deal for my wife to bless my decision. I know I'm a pitiful guy, but after a decade of missing my rotary engine humming along I'll take anything I can get.
  • nyadjnyadj Posts: 13
    trispec, maybe you would like to explain how gas is going to rise to $5.00 a gallon based upon something remarkable that PRESIDENT BUSH is going to do. He must truly be the most intelligent and powerful man in the world if he can do that all by himself. As for you, must be powerful too, can you explain how you know this while the rest of us idiots seem to be in the dark. I guess you've become enlightened since you moved to the wonderful world of liberal Boston. Oh, wait I forgot, you mst just be jealous that a political figure disagrees with you. Maybe you should have bought a 350Z.
  • Nyadj, I could not agree with you more. If I wanted to read political opinion, there are plenty of sites I can, and do, check out. I check this site every night because I want to know more about my favorite car, the RX8 (mine is a 2005 6-speed). I have had it for 2 months and have not enjoyed a car this much since my 1987 Corvette. It's quick, handles unbelievably well, and makes going to work, or coming home from it, a pleasure. Anyone who wants to talk politics, please find another message board.
  • I just read about an RX-3 in Japanese Magazine "Top Car," which had "potential" ilustration. I've been reading the magazine for more than 15 years, and their cover stories have always been pretty reliable source. I don't remember much, but here are a few things I read. 1) It's not based on MX-5, whether its own class. 2) 2 NA Rotor pushing a little over 200ps. 3) 6MT/AT 4) 2 seater coupe and a few other things that's less important.

    They did mention a little about 8, which was to sustain it's place as 7 won't be coming soon. Their claim was that either 3 rotor or a couple turbos are absolute necessity, but it's still hard to compete against others. Based on their source, current Renesis has very little potential as a modern high-power sportscar.

    I still enjoy driving Vert-FC for its nature, but I also really want MS8, which I can't afford to individualy upgrade... It's probably a real small market, but there is at least one person here!

    Sorry it's not about 8, but I wanted to give some headsup to the Rotaryheads that Rotary will continue!!!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Sorry, about the $5/gal comment. Here in Boston, the wars are believed by most of these godless liberals to be driving gas prices way up. I'm actually a southern conservative transplanted to this evil city by a mistaken impression that working in Boston would be a good experience. I was young and foolish and have been paying for my transgression of leaving North Carolina ever since.

    My heart aches every day as I miss the wide open highways around Greensboro NC. Driving up and down I40 and I85, or flying down route 15-501 in eastern NC near Fort Brag was my life style back then. Where as up here in the Northeast, Route 128 in MA is a freak'n moving parking lot most days.

    If I can just get my soul back in an RX-8, life will greatly improve. I'm going to take a trip to NC and drive the whole length of the Blue Ridge Parkway praying to God and Jesus to let me come home. :cry:
  • So I found a "good" deal on a 2004, just as I want it. Red, solid black leather interior (so also has a required sunroof), spoiler, with only 4,000 miles on it. Think I'll test drive for kicks and comparison, but...

    Since I qualify for the S-plan, is it smarter to buy a 2005 new for the few thousand dollars difference it would be? What were the big changes made to the 2005 model (I've read the sole difference was satellelite radio component, but also that the 2004s had more engine flooding issues?). Rule of thumb, never to buy a car the first year it comes out? :confuse:

    In terms of resale, the 2004 is almost two years old now. I tend to put a LOT of miles on a car (my Jeep is currently a 2002 with 76K - ouch!). Should this matter?

    So, experts... whatcha think? Should I enjoy the find of a 2004 in the color I want, or go with a brand new one for a few thousand more with my fabulous S-plan and settle for another color (can't find a red one I want within 100 miles of here). All the colors are fabulous, though... so it's not really settling, right? :shades:
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Although that red leather & red are also hot.

    But I daydream about winning blue. :)

    What is the price differential? What is the good deal on that 2004? There's someone in Boston area selling a well-cared-for black sport pkg 2004 RX-8 with only 13K miles, asking $22-23K. KBB value is $22750. Looks like a great deal, essentially a new car, but: 1) the price difference is not good enough from the 25.5K invoice price (incl. MAC $1000 rebate), 2) i really want winning blue, 3) there's only less than 3 years left on the warranty, 4) financing is easier to get for new cars. So at $22K, I'm looking at $3.5K difference, and it just doesn't justify compromising the color choice, risking worse financing and not having that "from day one" ownership experience. If we were talking $19K, then it'd be a different story.

    So you have to look at that. Just how much is the price difference between the new RX-8 you want and the used RX-8?

    Also, 2005 models have more kinks worked out (not that you can't get all the service & recalls done for the 2004, but it's less work). There's even a chance that you will get a 2005 RX-8 in the "group 2" category, that had the recall work done at the factory (as in, came out correctly out the door). That's even better.

    If anyone is looking at an AUTOMATIC. Please wait until 2006. 2006 model brings a higher-powered, 6-speed automatic. You'll have a lot more fun in a 2006, as 4 gears in an automatic are not as nice as six. Plus more power, a more appropriate way to enjoy the 8.

    I would also recommend against the base pkg, whether AT or sport, because, unless you're an experienced RWD driver, you want the dynamic stability control. It's particularly important in the wet weather and snow. The RX-8 is a capable winter performer (limited slip differential helps a lot) in good snow tires (stock tires == death, skating rink), but the DSC will keep your rear end in check (as much as possible) and help you stay the course in emergency situations.

    Plus, Xenons rock.

    Also, please keep the political discussion out of the way. Pouring dirt over the people in a geographic area because of political disagreements does not make for a productive discussion.

    BTW, is a good forum full of RX-8 enthusiasts :).
  • Thanks, Astral!

    Difference in price is about 4-5K or so. I am waiting for some calls back on S-plan pricing for a few models. I'd probably get silver if I didn't get the red one. :shades: My current car is silver, so I wanted something different. But I think going from a Jeep to a RX8 is a big enough change! Your ideas on 2004 help a lot, esp with warrenty and financing.

    Going for the MT... I learned how to drive stick this summer JUST to buy it. Haaha. (See thread from last month or so on this forum). If I wanted AT, I'd definitely wait for 2006 from what I've read as well.

    At least Touring package for me... GOTTA have that sunroof.

    Thanks to all for the comments and reading! Can ya tell it's the first time I bought my own car? :blush:
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