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Mazda RX-8



  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Excellent information. The White RX-8 AT that I'm looking at has 250 miles on it. All of the sticker information has been cleaned off and I did find a french fry in the back seat, so the dealer dudes may have been taking that one out for errands and demos.

    From the PDF file described above, the recall work sticker should be something I can find hopefully. Once that's verified, should I ask for any additional money off for the apparent dealer demo status of the car.

    On the color selection, I've been asking two different dealers about getting Black and Silver RX-AT no pkg., but they will not commit to even look for one until I've signed a deal and put money down. I have seen the Black color, but I've yet to see a Silver except for passing by on the road. Years ago I ordered something from a Ford dealer once before and effectively lost my money when the car came in months later in a color that looked much different on the car than in the paint samples. So my rule is now, unless I can see the actual car on the dealer lot, I don't do any deals. Shouldn't a dealer take the risks for stuff like this? Ugh!

    The Pearl White is nice I think, but dirt shows easy. Black and Silver feel the best for my taste, but my wife likes Black and White. Holding out for a 2005 RX-AT Silver or Black seems hopeless. I just want to focus on what seems feasible in the next few weeks. If the White one goes away before next month then I'll focus on Black and Silver more significantly.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    36 year old female. bought my leftover 04 yellow MT in March 2005. Congrats on learning to drive manual (folks don't know what they're missing when they can't drive a stick) and on the decision for the car!! Have fun and be safe!!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Actually, I do know what I'm missing. I drove a stick on a VW Sirocco, an RX-7, an Mustang 5.0, a Saturn SL2 and a Saturn SW2. I just can't do it anymore in the freak'n Northeastern commuter battle. Two hour long stop-n-go for 10 miles multiple times a week over 15 years has ground me down.

    When I got my first new automatic transmission in over a decade it changed my life literally. Even the paddles in the RX-8 AT seem like to much work to me.

    Glad you are enjoying the work. See ya from the slow lane.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I can remember getting into stop and go traffic around an accident down south once. This went on for nearly 2 hours and I would have traded my stick for an auto at a loss at that point. But, get them out on the open road, a curvy road, they're a load of fun and you know it!! I would not have a stick in a stop and go commuter car. I don't have to deal with that ( I can walk to work), so I like my manual. The 8 was just made for a manual tranny!!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I did not go to 128 Mazda nor IRA. I guess I could go over there to see the Silver yes. But I can't get the RX-8 AT no pkg. nor the sport pkg. in Silver or Black anywhere in the Northeastern. My two dealers kept saying I had to do the deal stuff first, then the car would be brought in from some unknown location. I just want the car on the lot before the deal goes down. Isn't that an OK principle to stand on.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Yeah, just stop by 128 to see the Silver, if you have time. I mean, it shouldn't hurt. Also, it gives you another dealer that you can talk to. They may be willing to bring the car in that the other two dealers aren't willing to bring in. is showing 2005 RX-8 AT at Quirk Mazda (JM1FE17N350157032 vin) with appearance package & spoiler. You've probably seen that, though, perhaps one too many options.

    As far as the car being brought in from the unknown location, perhaps you can offer to put down a fully refundable deposit, so that they can bring the car in. I mean, if you have a car that you know you want, with the color that you like, then the only reason that you would reject it is if there is something wrong, such as too many miles on it. Maybe if you tell the dealer that if he calls up the other dealership, finds out the miles on the other car (and if the miles are good), then you can put down the deposit, and will buy the car if there's nothing wrong with it.

    *shrugs* It's a difficult situation, I don't envy you. Best of luck!
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    lhess, I think you were responding to trispec there :)

    I really want a stick. Traffic be darned :) [I drive to NYC about once a month too, so that will be extra tough: crazy drivers, must keep up heightened alertness, and sit in random traffic]

    The RX-8 is a fine machine regardless of the tranny, though. 50/50 weight distribution, beautiful looks, quick and crisp steering response, direct-feeling brakes... trispec is going to be turning heads, or at least the surrounding heads in the slow lane :)
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep, saw the Silver RX-8 AT on line at 128 Mazda some time back, but the appearance pkg. just seems like a grand of pure fluff that would get broken off by curbs and road pot holes. Oh well.

    As for deposits, I can't help thinking it's a slippery slope to give them money up front. How does one leave a refundable deposit in a fully legally enforceable manner when possession is nine tenths of the law? The dealer will refund the deposit ONLY if you buy from them (catch 22ism). Taking my lawyor to the dealership might work, but then my rule against useless fluff looks hypocritical at best.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    BTW, some of my old messages got deleted as I was linking to other forums (didn't realize that was bad). Here's that link to the recall PDF (not a forum link), as that got lost in the shuffle.

    I understand your concern about the deposits, and those are good questions you're asking.

    Ok, then there's not much left to suggest, other than you should try Ira Mada and 128 Mazda, maybe the salespeople there will behave a little differently.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    got my wires crossed with all these names in our titles.

    And, trispec, sorry to have misnamed you as well!!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep. I think I've found the perfect dealership, small, very light touch, straight up on the pricing, kind of like my Saturn dealership experiences over the years. But I'm just going to need to wait a little bit for Boston Metro area inventory to turn on it's own. I'll watch MazdaUSA online, including the 800# list above and once I see the model I want, I'll jump on the horn with my dealer and work the deal that way. I don't mind some other dealer having the car, I just need to know that it's in the area and available to my dealer. Kind of crazy I know, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do. :)

    During the break-in period, RPM <4000 up to 1000 miles and RPM <6000 up to 2000 miles?
  • Been reading a lot of questions about purchasing, and since I'm going through that this week (woohoo) I have a few answers perhaps... any actual owners, feel free to dispute! Just thought I'd pitch in with my new info as of this week.

    - I finally decided on a Red with Touring, and there is only ONE from NC to Maine, but luckily its about 50 miles from me. I shoped around and found an honest dealer that is great to work with (esp since I have the S-plan!) My dealer is trading and going to get it for me so I can do business with him and not have to go get it myself. Go for this method if you found a good dealer that lacks your perfect 8 in stock. My dealer also requires a 10% deposit for the trouble and his own loss of inventory to trade and go get mine. He said they don't cash the checks unless I bail out. This is just fair business to me. Won't run the credit card if you choose to do it that way either. Then when I see it and take posession, they can use that check as a down payment or tear it up and move on. Don't hesitate just because of a deposit, this just lets them know you're serious for their troubles.
    - I'm told the break-in is about 700 miles. I was instructed to be sure and red-line once a week after that. :shades: Not sure about RPM limits before then, I think its in the QRG in the glove box.
    - Premium gas is NOT needed, though many reviews reccomend it for the "sports cars". RX8 can do well with mid-grade (though I thought mid-grade was just a marketing scam!) or regular... then treat it to a clean out with premium about once a month.
    - The Mazda friend e-mail wasn't as helpful as I hoped... but my dealer was able to find mine exactly. I found the MazdaUsa site to be tricky in its searching and not as thorough as I hoped with finding cars up to 150 miles out.

    Keep trying for the one you want, but realize with this late in the model year ya may have to settle for one thing or pay slightly more to get the basics of what you want (if it has more options than you wanted, for example).

    Can't WAIT to get mine this week, best of luck! I'll try and post pics next week or so... :shades:
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    whoo whoo! Awesome! Definitely post the pics! :)

    For break-in period, I found these instructions from somewhere on the net:

    Method #1 (from Mazda manual)

    - First 600 miles: Drive at varying speeds road and engine speeds; avoid full throttle, rapid acceleration or kick-down of transmission. Do not use special &#147;break-in&#148; oils.

    Method #2 (from Racing Beat)
    - For the first 1000 miles (1609km) do not accelerate under full throttle, and do not exceed 4000 RPM.
    - For miles 1000-2000 (3218km), expand the RPM upwards - but do not accelerate at full throttle.
    - Over 2000 miles (3218km), full throttle and high RPM is acceptable.

    Method #3 (Mazda manual + Japanese Rotary Mechanic&#146;s Procedure)
    - 0-600 miles (965.4km) Follow the Manual, but keep it under 4000 RPM
    - 600-800 miles (1287.2km) Open it up a bit, vary accelerations and speed RPM < 5000
    - 800-1000 miles Drive the car, enjoy it but still keep RPM < 6000
    - 1000-1250 miles (2011km) Drive it as it's power curve intended it to be RPM < 7000
    - 1250-1500 miles (2413.5km) Test the car frequently from RPM 6000-9000 in every gear
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    A little more detail from Racing Beat on break-in procedures & oil changes.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Folks earlier talked about October's production of the RX-8 2006s not arriving at dealers until December. But more specifically, do dealers have a tracking system that tells them which VINs have shipped and when certain VINs will arrive. Can customer track VINs that have shipped. I'd pay money for that actually.

    Do dealers know and do they share with potential customers which models, colors, and configurations have been ordered for stock? How does one ask for this information?

    It's always seemed to me that dealers try to keep all of this information under wraps as a negotiations tactic. Not that that's a bad thing (Seinfeld episode going off in my head).
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    No idea. I think the dealer can check on cars in transit. Ask the dealer, it can't hurt. Call Mazda or e-mail and see if they can help you.

    While the dealers do want to sell cars off the lot, ordering a car isn't such a bad deal either, as it allows them to immediately sell the car and take all of the holdback.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I might custom order an RX-8, rather than buy off the lot, if the process was more transparent.

    As far as I can tell, ordering a car is very much like a homesteader on the Great Plains doing a Sears category order back in the 1800's.

    My dream process would be to log in to MazdaUSA, order from a live inventory somewhere in the shipping pipeline or build a custom RX-8 AT at the factory, give a credit card number for some specified percentage that's charged only when the car hits the dealers lot, receive tracking numbers to watch my custom ordered RX-8 go through it's shipping channels and receive highly specific build milestones direct from the factory via e-mail (engine was installed, seats were installed), complete all the legal documents (financing and licensing) online, then at the end choose which dealer takes delivery.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Are there any mainstream manufacturer's who allow this type of order process? My guess is 'no'.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    BMW Mini allows you to order online and track the building of your car step by step. A rewarding "ownership" experience long before you see the car.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Thanks. I was not aware of that.

    When you order a Mini that way, is the dealer completely sidestepped (dealer providing deliverance service only)? Does one negotiate the selling price with the dealer and then custom order the car or what?
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