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Mazda RX-8



  • astralastral Posts: 41
    The really loaded RX-8s didn't sell very well... pretty much almost all the 2004 left-overs are in the 32K MSRP range.

    Also forget about 7000 off MSRP... I'd calculate invoice and see how much under invoice you're getting it.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    In the Northeast region the Grand Touring was the best selling model...but if the car had navigation, it didnt sell well. Navigation is one of those options everyone talks about as a "must have" but few really pony up the jing for it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The trouble is that Mazda gave the dealers their "final" discount on the 04s months ago so to go any lower and they lose money on the sale. I found I could get the car just like I wanted as an 05 and take advantage of $2,000 in Mazda rebates and a $500 Gerber rebate and come out pretty close to what an 04 what have cost me (for $4,000-4,500 under invoice). I paid around $500 under invoice - $2,500 in rebates and did the cheap lease deal too. I am happy, and to be honest the 04 cars seem to be a lot more problematic - the later the build date the fewer problems seem to be having. The lease deal is sweet - that way I don't have to fret about the terrible RX-8 resale value. At lease end I can buy it for the residual, maybe negotiate a lower price (very likely), or just walk away. I love my 8, but how will I feel about it down the road?

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,894
    pathstar....I did drive a 3rd gen RX7. It was hellaciously fast. But, as you say, it road like a brick. I think it probably handled about as well (maybe better) than the RX8. I don't think anyone is going to "dis" an RX7 or RX8 for the way it handles. My point is, the competition is moving....mostly to higher HP. I would think that for Mazda to keep pace with those they compete against, they need to do the same. doubt in my mind that the Mustang GT is considered a redneck greyhound. I personally can attest to the fact that my earliest memories of "performance" cars were those yesteryear Mustangs my older sister's boyfriends would pick her up in.

    Refinement isn't in the Mustang vocabulary. It's pure, unadultrated muscle. and, it makes no excuses for it. I'm getting ready to put mine up for the winter. I'll miss driving it....just like I miss driving my departed RX8. They are two very good cars, that go about performance in very, very different ways. I like both, but for very different reasons.

    Whereas the RX8 is a model of refinement...even against some other speed demons like the WRX and the EVO (which IMHO, define unrefined). That's a tough line to tread. If you're too refined, the perfromance edge is blunted. On the other hand, if you aren't refined enough, you end up with "boy racers" that have little in the way of daily driver qualities.

    The performance field is being diced up ever so finely. The 350Z is moving more upscale while adding HP. The EVOs and WRXs aren't getting any slower (but still unrefined). GTO is going away, but it never did make much of a dent over the last couple of years. Toyota was never really in the game with the Celica. And, until recently, had nothing to offer with the exception of the Scion tC. Honda had all but left their performance to the tuner set (new Civic may change that).....NSX is going away (may come back)....prelude is long gone....

    Mazda has a great opportunity to go to the head of the class for a world class sports car. I hope they take advantage of it soon.
  • thelthel Posts: 767
    2 of the 3 leftover GT's have the nav system.

    The one for $31,500 doesn't, but it does have the nifty black and red leather interior. Apparantly, this one was backed into while on the lot, but I doubt that the dealer is willing to bakc off on thier price much, even in the face of the body repair.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Them's fight'n words yall knows, birthed as I was down south '58. Went to high school in China Grove, N.C. where half the school worked in the local mills after school to pay for their "Red Neck" hot rods. Only twenty percent of my class even tried College. I drove a school bus at the age 17 packed with 75 elementary school kids, large groups of which I personally dropped off at large trailer parks all over Rowan County NC. I know everything "Red Neck" that there is to know.

    Stock Car racing, the largest participation sport in the South, dwarfing all other professional sports combined, drives huge portions of the automobile industry. Year after year American sports car sells track to whatever car recieved the most pace car laps at the thousands of NASCAR races each year. Ford, Chrysler, and GM dealerships down south to this day need only count the laps of the various pace cars to know what sports cars to stock on their lots.

    Agree with you I do that foreign sports cars are different oranges, but it's not so much "Red Necks" making an actually decision about any particular car, as it's the car dealerships respond to stock car racing's massive cultural marketing engine which continues to be unstoppable through out the South.

    Imagine everyone you go to church with, you go to school with and you go to work with, also goes to the local NASCAR race track. Do you think you COULD by a foreign car? Come on, your whole life would break.

    BTW, I know a retired Maine Lawyor, Ex-Marine, RNA member, former tobacca addict, who owns a nice chunk of backwoods Maine, who wouldn't be caught dead in any American Sports cars. He's owned early Mazda Rotaries, Mazda Miatas, and Mazda trucks.
  • Your right -there is really no comparison-The Mustang and Rx8, compared against each other, is apples and oranges. I know I bought my Rx8 for its looks and handling-first/ and for its performance-second. I did not want a car that looked like everybody else's car. I am not knocking the Mustang--It is VERY fast and has great low end torque--but the 8-for me-has a classier/more exotic look. Its funny--I live along the lake in Chicago--but--every now and then--when I venture to the burbs--thats when I get the 25 year old punk in the modified 1994 Eclipse, or a guy in a brand-spankin new Mustang GT that want to race. I'm in my early -mid thirties--so I do not feel the "need" to race as much as I did 10 years ago--but I often do oblige the young gear heads. Just last week-I went against a guy going through his "second" mid life crisis. He was 50+ years old -revving around in a Mustang with a young brunette half his age (his daughter?-no way!)---and he blew by me --even as I was chirping my tires while shifting into second gear. First gear--I hit 40 mph, he is ahead by about 7 ft, second gear-I am at 68 christ--I know I hit 60mph in less than 6.5 seconds-but that Mustang was a good 10-15 ft in front of me. Once our road turned to curves and twisties--i was able to make up some ground--but when the road straightened out-he pulled away like I was standing still. He teased me by letting me pass him at about 110--but he roared right back and flew past me as I was hitting 130+. I have driven stick my whole life--almost 18 years, and I know how to maximize speed/torque with my clutch-but this race was no contest. Did I whine and suck my thumb??--No. I still love my 8, and I would never trade it in for a Mustang. But -wow-his car was fast. If Mazda can work out its kinks in the 8's engine--and add a bit more torque in the low rpms and add about about 50 more horsepower--I'll buy the Rx8 again when my lease is done. I could care less if 4 people bought Mazda rx8's in the last year-I enjoy it. I enjoy it unless I have to race race a new Mustang again!. Geez--I hated getting spanked in a race--but i still love my 8. Rev on... Enjoy your oranges!
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Thanks, but on Boston's roads, I'll put up my RX-8 against any 'Stang. Especially in the fall, winter and spring when wet slick roads are the usual case. The 'Stangs fixed rear axle, even with LSD & TC, will become useless long before my much better balanced RX-8's intelligent suspension. I'll give'm the straight a ways all day long (there ain't many here), but 'Stangs are going to need to be to breaking the speed limit for way to long for me not to catch up to in this city which is chocked full of ancient cow path roads. And in the hundreds of Boston traffic rotaries 'Stang drivers turn into grandmas where I whip around them like a LeMans racer.

    Also, 'Stang owners best employee a stable of chiropractors, cause the pot holes and frost heaves are going to violently whack the hell out of that rear axle. 'Stangers may even need hip replacement years early as their hips get banged into the hard sides of those crappy seats.

    Oh yes, and our wonderful Mayor Minino, most popular Mayor in Boston's history they say, allows neighborhood groups to place moNSTer 6' wide speed bumps in all of those straight shot alleys they call "Thru Streets". The weight of 'Stangs engine block 6 & 8 cylinder is going to drive those front shocks through the frame for any speed over 20mph. My RX-8 zips over them like an elf at 50mph. Sorry Mr. Mayor.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    My entire family is a bunch of red necks (I might be considered borderline at times). They're not sports car men, though, big, smoking diesel trucks - big ones!! I never said I didn't love 'em!! And, I love the mustang - It can be an 80's model and it still catches my eye. I just think there is a very small number of folks that line up the Mustang and the RX8 and debate over which one they want to buy. They are both wonderful cars - they're just wonderful for different reasons!!

    I would think that the closest foreign competitor to the Stang would be the 350Z. Especially since they've ponied it up a little with the extra hp's. The mustang is an AMERICAN icon. Heck, I have to park my "foreigner" at the end of the driveway when I go visit the family (haha).

    To reiterate - I do not slam the Mustang, ever, I love it, and Red Neck, to me, is not a negative, it's a culture!!
  • dave54dave54 Posts: 3
    Im planning to buy an 2005 RX-8 w/ the Grand Touring Package. Do you think im better off keeping the Bose System in the RX-8 or buying aftermarket audio components? And can some one give me the info on this Phatnoise system?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The audio system in any RX-8 is very "integrated" into the car and not much has been done in after-market stereo equipment for it. Some folks have replaced the speakers and/or a sub woofer but that is about it. I swapped out the OEM CD for the OEM MP3 player and it works quite well. The sound is "OK", but could use some help but given the limited choices I may just add a sub at some point.

  • dave54dave54 Posts: 3
    Can any one give me more information on the Phatnoise system?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Don't know much about the Phatnoise system but it seems pretty dang expensive. And with the proliferation of iPods, it seems like it should be easier (and cheaper) to add a set of inputs for an iPod. Personally, I don't see any future to something as proprietary as the Phatnoise system given the explosion in portable mp3 player market. But that's just me.....

    Anybody know if Mazda has plans to add an iPod input jack to future models, given the fact that the Solstice (major Miata competitor) and the Civic (major Mazda3 competitor) offer standard iPod jacks NOW? (Not to mention that the MustangGT offers a 6-disk CD changer which is mp3 compatible as standard equipment).

    Personally, I think Mazda should make the mp3 compatible CD player available as standard equipment in the '06 model.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    If you are getting the GT package, you can't avoid getting the Bose ( :( unfortunately). You may like the Bose, you never know.. replace the tweets and maybe add a sub, and you may be pretty happy. However, the Bose system is not all that great, and just doesn't shine in any particular aspect. If you aren't satisfied, you'll find yourself going the aftermarket route. I recommend keeping the stock headunit and beefing up everything else.

    I am installing an audio system into my car, but I have the "base" (non-Bose) audio and so it's a little easier (cheaper?) to work with.

    But it's a decision you can make yourself down the road, once you have the car. If you're not happy with the sound, then you can go aftermarket.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    You can buy a P.I.E. auxiliary input adapter for about $80 (e.g. try mazdaparts com). That really should set up you for most iPod use.. get some adapter to mount your iPod within reach... and then you can plug in things other than the iPod, like a cell phone or a GPS.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,706
    You can order it piecemail - just get the sport package and add the options seperately. Presto - no sunroof(driver seat is WAY too forward to look out it except sideways) and no Bose, plus no extra thousands.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,894
    lhess....I see a lot of that "truck thing" here in SW OH, too. I get a big charge out of those guys who put the big chrome pipes from there exhaust, sticking up on either side of the cab. I laugh for no other reason than the fact if they wanted to drive a "big rig" around town, why not just buy a Kenworth and be done with it.

    There's a lot of the "fast & furious" crowd around here, too. But, I think that's true all over the country.

    Please don't misunderstand me. I think the RX8 is a hell of a car. I loved mine. But, if they are going to stay in the fight, instead of standing pat, Mazda needs to up the HP and exocise the car of some of it's foibles.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I don't go to the track. I'm not interested in "mods" that will pump up the hp. I bought it for the good looks, decent-to-good performance, and the unusual factor. However, I completely understand that people like me don't put up the big numbers for any car manufacturer. Most people shopping sports car are looking at who's gonna pull ahead at the gun - not the 8 against any "real" sports car. That keeps a lot of folks from doing the deal.

    As for the truck thing, my brother has chipped his powerstroke and I honestly expect the EPA to pull him over and shut him down. He cranks his little HP module and it's like that truck is feeding off of jet fuel (power, speed and SMOKE). He loves it!! No pipes up the cab, though, thank God!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I got it a couple of weeks ago, but just took the time to watch it today.

    It would have answered the tire pressure sensor issue that several folks (including me) had with the first cool mornings. It talks about and shows you how to check the oil, avoid flooding, and starting while flooding.

    I would assume every RX-8 owner was mailed a copy - aimed at heading off the common problems and complaints (and keeping folks from ruining their cars).

    I could try to convert it to an MPEG4 or something and post it, but I would think all should have been sent their own copy.

  • Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

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