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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • autobarnautobarn Posts: 3
    This is very 'all of a sudden', but I happened to walk into a Saab dealer, and walked out with a 9-3. I just couldn't resist all the incentives and promotions on the car. I really had my heart set on the Audi A3, but a visit to the dealer confirmed that the car is too NEW for the lease numbers to be favorable. Hence I just figured I'd buy one.

    But then after hearing about the GM employee pricing and $4k lease incentives, I decided to check out a 9-3 Linear. Drove nice, the wife liked it, more space than the A3 inside. I thought it might be underpowered, but I'd say it's acceptable. Here's the deal I got:

    9-3 Linear (auto trans - no other options), white/parchment
    24 months / 12k miles per year
    0 down / sec deposit waived
    $345 per month (includes NJ 6% tax)
    Due at signing: 1st month, acq fee, mv fees, doc fee. (approx $1300).

    Met some resistance regarding pricing, but eventually got the saleman to come down from $357 to $345 a month. Maybe if I visited every dealer in NJ, I could have negotiated $340/month, but couldn't be bothered. Thought it was a good car at a good price. The Audi A3 would have been $100/month more in my estimate.
  • I'm moving from Chicago to Manhattan and won't be needing my car there. I was hoping some of you might give me some selling advice. The car's in good condition and I believe it could pass the certified pre-owned vehicle test (at least that's what I was told from my bodyshop). Would it be best to sell it through the CPV program or sell it myself? I believe it costs about a thousand dollars to have it inspected. Not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  • Nevermmind. I decided to just sell it on my own.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you need help with pricing it, check with Terry (rroyce10) in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is listed above the post box.

    Good luck - let us know how it goes.
  • Hi. I am considering purchasing a saab 9-3 and wanted to get some advice as I don't really know anyone who owns one. I was wondering how mechanically reliable is a 2004 or 2005 9-3? And if it breaks down are repairs/parts expensive. Also would you consider it to be an overall good car.

    Thx, your help is very appreciated.
  • tomfredtomfred Posts: 1
    I have had awful reliability with my 2003 93 Arc 6 speed. Was wondering if others have the same experience. I like the design, performance, etc., but have been disappointed. My prior experiences with Honda, Volkswagen (except for the 77 Rabbit!), Infiniti, and others shine in comparison to the Saab. Lots of problems with electronics and electrical system. The car has developed lots of rattles, too.

    Love the car - has the QC improved since 2003?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I haave an '04 Aero Convertible. So far the only issues have been the seat release cables in the seats. Both had to be replaced. Otherwise, flawless performance. Great car and very few rattles, especially for a ragtop.
  • Hello Hightide,

    You mentioned in your post that GM is expecting a lot out of Saab and that it can be used to one's advantage to correct problems. My wife's 2003 93 has an extreme hesitation problem which nearly terminates in a stall . The local Saab dealer and customer service have told me that the car is operating outside its design parameters (97 - centrigrade I assume) and cannot be repaired (Phoenix - summer = really hot). I'd like to know if you have any ideas on who else to contact, as customer service told me they were the end of the line and didn't really offer any help - they did ask what I wanted, but I haven't finalized that yet with my wife. I am going to contact the NHTSA via phone - already filed a report on the web, and will contact the general manager of the dealership. I haven't gotten to mentioning lawyers, because I think this should be solved amicably, if possible, but I am getting near the end of my patience. Any additional suggestions you might have would be appreciated.
  • Please tell me how you reached the prsident of Saab. I need help on a problem that customer service has so far been unble to resolve. Thank you.
  • rocharcrocharc Posts: 18
    I had a miserable experience with my first 03 6spd Arc. the second one has been much better. check out post #2219 for the details. I will admit that the car has developed a rattle somewhere in the driver door. I too would be interested in any improvements in QC
  • pokadotspokadots Posts: 10
    I am about to buy a 9-3 I have agreed to purchase tonight. PROBLEM
    my wifes friend said she had one and there are serious blind spots, should I be concerned
  • jman7jman7 Posts: 1
    Hello - Just bought used 04' Linear, and everyone else and you are right - Sound system is horrible. I am in exact same boat as you, at least would like to drop in some 6X9's in the back cut out as it seems easy. Did you ever get any help on this?

  • doug900doug900 Posts: 7
    Maybe you should re-think your 9-3. I own a 1999 9-3 and it is definitely the best saab that I have ever owned! It absolutely flies and handles like a dream! I too have owned saabs all of my driving days. My first one was a 1967 3 cylinder 2-stroke with an oil injection tank. I have had the following- 72' 99, 80' 99, 85' 99, 91' 900 (my first new car). I retired that with 292,000 miles (my driving), and my present car 99' 9-3. Ok, so it's got GM written on it, but at 185 hp it's sure not a little old oldsmobile. that's an injustice for the caliber of this car. And, I think it is very nicely designed. so much for oppinions! What year is it? does it have the light turbo? Doug Brown
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    We just put 1800 miles on a 9-3 Convertible in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and had no problems. You do have to use your mirrors.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    It's not that easy. You have to tap the signal under the drivers seat and feed thru an amp to add 6X9's in the back. This will be for low bass only. To get more details, you can find plenty of details on 9-3 enthusiast sites (I can't mention them here...)
  • doug900doug900 Posts: 7
    Keep in mind that the older cars that used R-12 refrigerant, would throw ice cubes out of the martrix, but the switchover to R-134a created a different problem. The cooling is not near as good, unless the condenser and evaporator or bigger and other factors to compensate for this beautiful change.

    I also understand that R-134a is just as damaging to the atmosphere as R-12. Any chemist out there to varify this? I'm a little rusty on my organic chemistry. :confuse: Doug Brown
  • debcatdebcat Posts: 1
    My 2004 Saab 9-3 arc stopped dead on a main road and the steering wheel locked up. The key was turned to the off position without putting it in park. The car was towed to the dealer and they can't find anything in the computer memory and they can't reproduce the problem. Has anyone had a similar situation or have you heard of something similar? I don't feel safe picking the car up from the dealer until the problem is corrected. Thanks.
  • skysaabskysaab Posts: 32
    sorry to hear your story. I had similiar issue before. One very hot day in Chicago area. Just 5 min. fater I moved car out from parking lot, saw "Steering wheel manufunction, contact dealer..." on desplay screen. So I stop the car as used to be. Turn off engine and tried to restart, it's always worked but not that time. The key stuck on key hole and couldn't be removed. and my car can't be move or restart either on the road. but after 5 min. relaxed and i tried again. suprised the key can be moved and turned again. Later I called service and sent to fixed. they relpaced with two new set of key and reset the computer. it's all fine after that.
  • skysaabskysaab Posts: 32
    Mine is 2003 9-3. keep on sharing the experience i had for the steering wheel manufunction problem. when I called for service, they said it's not a serious prolem, so i have to wait for a week for appointment. every time i drived the car, the problem info. will show up. But one thing I saw was interesting. seems like computer in the car scan through the whole system every couples min. so after three days, the problem message was gone. before i sent for service. the problem already somewhat fixed by computer in the car. however, dealer still reset the system and gave me two new keys.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Went to buy a new 05 9-3, nice one for 24K but no ONSTAR?
    Dealer stated that Saab didn't put ONSTAR on the Linear and for 2006 only on the Aero? I thought Saab put ONSTAR on all its cars? At least they used to?
    Then said that ONSTAR was going digital and that all the previous cars it may not work. I think that is B.S. for I would be pretty upset if I bought an Escalade or XLR Caddy for 70K and a year later I have a system that doesn't work?
    Wanted to buy my third Saab for my daughter to use, like the Saab safety, but the ONSTAR was also a big need. No OnStar, I can get the safety and cell phone with a new Jetta for less.

    Anyone know the story?
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