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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Check your speed warning. It beeps continuously above the set speed.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Saab could save $85.00 per car by simply removing one of the most totally overlooked and unused pieces of standard equipment that comes with all models......."THE OWNERS MANUAL!!!!!!!"
  • Folks,

    The SCNA & SCUSA have put together a truly excelent 2007 Saab Festival Travel Program for U.S. Residents to get to the Saab Festival.

    Please take a look at this link for more details - /
  • Your speed warning is set to 55mph. This is a feature that you can set to warn you if you start speeding. You can change this through your display by your speedometer using the controls on your steering wheel, also in your manual.
    Select info button and toggle with up arrow until you see speed warning 55* - change by clearing.

    Good luck.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 36
    I finally traded my '04 9-3 Arc Sedan. I have to say, I am relieved. The car did have quarky things go wrong, and all were replaced under warranty in my 2.5 years of owning it. Great gas mileage, by far the best out there, but the depreciation of this vehicle, disgusts me. :P I paid 27, it stickered at 32k, and in 2.5 years with 51k miles, i was offered on trades from 10k to 12k. :sick: I just traded it tonight, and got 13k for the trade, which I was EXTREMELY pleased with. I couldn't have off loaded it faster, since I got a great price for my new vehicle and the numbers worked for me. At any rate, best of luck to all with your Saab's.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Your post tells me a lot between the lines. Seems to me that you paid way too much for the car on day one. Sure, ostensibly Saabs depreciate like a rock thrown into a millpond IFF measured against MSRP. But, since Saabs sell (or more commonly, lease) for way under MSRP the re-sale isn't too bad. Getting 10K off on a loaded 9-3 is neither unheard of nor hard to do. Seems to me also that you enjoyed your Saab, it got good gas mileage and the warranty protected you. Is there a problem here?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    $10,000 Off on a new loaded 9-3!Really?...Where and when might I ask?A 9-3 2.0T,AT.,SR.Cold Pkg.,Premium 16Pkg.and Audio upgrade lists out at $33,335,and has app.$1,300 mark up over dealer invoice.On a purchase using conventional finance rates you currently have a $3,000 rebate.So lets assume you drive a hard bargain and buy something out of stock and get the car for $500 under're looking at savings of $4,800.00.IF you are General Motors employee program eligible and also a current Saab owner that could max out at $6,500.Thats along way from $10k!
    Regarding depreciation,first off when a manufacturer only sells 40,000 cars a year,all models incl., you are not even accounting for 1/2 of 1% of the sales per yr. in the U.S.This low demand in the new car market leads to a concomitant low demand in the pre-owned market and is a large reason for Saabs low re-sale values.It also is one of the reasons the smart shopper leases the car ...unless they plan on driving the car until the wheels fall off.I rarely appraise a Saab 9-5 with less than 70,000 miles on it and regularly look at 9000's in the 150k.range.Your biggest mistake was purchasing a car you apparently only planned on keeping for 3 years. Leasing is a very simple way to take the fact that ALL cars lose the most value in their first 3 years of ownership and turn it around in your favor.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    see my post are also conveniently overlooking that normal mileage on a 2 1/2 yr.old car is app.28-30,000 miles.Your cars mileage is equal to that of a 4+ yr.old car and your trade-in was relective of that.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Your post and its logic baffles me. Let me start with my claim that 10K off list is not unheard of. A new Saab 9-3 Aero with some optional equipment has a Moroney of close to 40K. Find one with low demo miles (if the dealer principal is a car guy this is his personal car) and you are into this thing for 8K to 10K off list. A 23 year old kid in my neighborhood bought one just like this from a Boston Saab dealer for 10K off list last week.

    Secondly, low new unit sales when has nothing to do with resale. Nothing at all. New Porsche 911 sales are very low yet the car has perhaps the highest resale value in North America. Saabs low resale value is caused by many things (e.g., sales are localized in the Northeast, poor reputation, marginal dealer body, etc. etc.) but not low sales. Saab supposedly has a low resale value but I think this is because it is measured incorrectly. Saab historically has huge factory discounts/lease deals. Much more than the competition. If you compute Saab resale as a percentage of actual transaction price, not MSRP it may not be all that bad.

    Finally, I've made many mistakes in life, but certainly one of them was not "... was purchasing a car you apparently only planned on keeping for 3 years." I've never purchased/leased/borrowed a Saab. Period.
  • gholstgholst Posts: 2
    I couldn't agree more with the feeling of relief after unloading an '04 9-3 Aero Sedan. The pain of steep depreciation was worth it to get out of a constant nightmare cycle of going to the dealer with endless problems. And a warranty is small comfort when it becomes a game of who will give up trying to fix all of the problems first, you or the dealer. I think the reason for low resale is obvious enough.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    As some one who actually sells Saabs for a living...I repeat,you cannot buy a NEW, previously UNTITLED Saab 9-3 of any model with a discount of $10,000 off M.S.R.P. I repeat....CANNOT!Saab provides an additional subsidy of $1,000 for a service courtesy car after service of at least 120 days, they provide no subsidy for dealer demos.This would still fall far short of your claimed $10,000. Now here's one point: some dealers title and register Demos for dealer Principals and executives.These cars now are not technically "new" cars....they are titled and sold as used cars,regardless of the fact they are current model year and not "pre-owned " in the usual sense. the selling price would then be impacted on how they deal with cost write-offs internally for tax and other purposes.Once again,even if this is the case,it only applies to a small handful of available cars and is the huge exception ...not the rule as you claim.
    I unfortunately combined my reply to the original poster and you into one message....didn't mean to confuse you on purpose.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    You clearly know more than I. Let me, though, post a link sometime this winter to ads offerring '07 Saabs at 10K off list.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    We finally agree on one point ...I clearly do know more than you about what you can buy a Saab for in light of the fact that that is what I do for 48+ hours a week.The future post you refer to I assume is based on the fact that,yes ...for about 6 weeks at the end of the year and into January you COULD purchase a Saab 9-5(REPEAT:SAAB 9-5!!!!!) and save as much as $10,000.That amount included $2,000 available ONLY to current Saab owners.I sold a 9-5 to a client at that savings.The same client wanted to purchase a Saab 9-3,not unlike the model you referred to when you started this thread, and put off the purchase when she found out that I could only save her app.$7,000 on that model.Please understand....I sincerely do not care it in fact you think Saabs are the biggest pieces of junk in the automotive universe!If that were your opinion you would be entitled to it and God bless you.....but we are talking facts in this case ,not opinions and until you get your facts straight please try and understand the difference between the two.
  • fmkgbfmkgb Posts: 5
    I'm considering leasing a 2007 9-3 2.0T sedan and would appreciate input from any Saab owners. Previously I've had a C class Mercedes. I'm looking for a good solid reliable car but lower payments than Mercedes. I don't know anyone who currently has a Saab but have spoken with a few people who had Saabs years ago and loved them. What I'm reading on the web & various forums though is that there currently are a lot of issues with Saab in terms of quality control and Saabs needing a lot of repairs. Even though they will be covered by the warranty it is an inconvenience and I know nothing about the quality of service provided by the only Saab dealer nearby. Mercedes also had a lot of quality control problem but my dealer was sensational so it was not a real problem. Do all new cards have such quality problems these days (except Honda) or is this unusual. Also, the Saab I'm considering leasing is a demo with 2500 miles. Do you think the demo (versus a new Saab) is the wrong way to go? It is only a 27 mo least so it will be covered by the warranty and eligble for the free maintenance. Payments are about $50/mo lower than for a new comperable Saab. Any timely input would be greatly appreciated. I need to grab this demo if I decide to go this route.
  • jesses1jesses1 Posts: 9
    Unfortunately, almost all car reliability is a matter of luck. After all, even the Toyota dealer near me has a service and parts department. My 2006 9-3 2.0t has 20000 miles on it, and since I do a lot of stop-and-go I just change the oil every 5K miles and not the 10K in the manual. So far everything is good. Most fun car I ever owned.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    The overlooked aspect of reliability ratings of cars is the fact that future reliability of current model year cars is largely based on the history of that model in the previous 3 to 4 model years.This presupposes the idea that the manufacturer has done nothing in the subsequent model years to address the problems which caused the reliability issue.This is particularly relevant in the case of the Saab 9-3.This model was introduced in 2003 with the same name as the previous 4 model years but was in fact a complete and total redesign of every single element of the car.The first 18 months or so were classic examples of perhaps bringing the model to market prematurely and it became a "lets work out the kinks as we go" scenario.This is largely what these negative reliability ratings are based on.If possible find someone who is driving an '05 or "06 model and get their take on their experience with their cars reliability.My opinion regarding the demo is that it is a very practical way to save money on your lease payment.What difference does it make if your car has 27,000 miles at lease end or 29,500?Plus the car has had a 2,500 mile pre- delivery shake-down cruise for any initial issues,if any,to be dealt with.
  • nishonbarunishonbaru Posts: 39
    2006 SAAB 9-3 2.0t Black with grey interior. 11,000+- miles, Auto. $18,900. The warrenty would still be good. What about the free scheduled maintenance?

  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    Saab is a high performance sport car. Super fast and fun thanks to its jet inspired, the most efficient of its kind turbo-charged engine, providing exceptional overtaking performance.

    In fact, the limited (MY99-02) 9-3 Viggen's engine is nearly 12 percent more efficient at producing horsepower per liter of engine displacement than the 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera. More importantly, the Viggen is a full 52 percent more efficient at producing lb.-ft. of torque per liter of engine displacement.

    No other competitors come close in performance (not even a BMW can keep up with a Saab on the open highway) Although many Saab owners are conservative in nature, those who are more adventurous fall in love with their Saab's performance when it comes to overtaking or passing ability. The pure and smooth acceleration of the turbo rush is a marvel to be discovered for any car enthusiast.

    Saab cars are also extremely safe and undoubtedly one of the safest cars on the road that money can buy. Winning the Top Safety Pick - Gold Award from American IIHS for the past 3 years.

    As for reliability, just last December a salesman from Wisconsin retired his million mile 1989 Saab 900 SPG to a museum. Saab Cars USA quickly followed with a campaign to give a free new Saab to any U.S. customer who covers the distance of one million miles (or more) in a Saab that he or she originally purchased new.
    Drive a Million Mile, Get a FREE Saab

    If you have never owned a Saab you have never experienced the fun and joy of driving a high performance vehicle. Don't take my word for it, schedule a test flight at your local dealer then come back and post your experience on this forum.

    A very happy and satisfied owner of '02 Saab 93 SE Convertible and '02 Saab 95

    PS. Saaber is a Saab enthusiast or owner
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    "high performance sports car???" "If you have never owned a Saab you have never experienced the fun and joy of driving a high performance vehicle.??

    I'm sorry, but "high performance sports car" reserved for porsches, (newer) vettes, ferarris, m3's, etc. Those owners aren't missing out by not having driven 9-3's.

    For some time i had both a bmw and a saab, both had almost exactly the same hp/torque ratings. The bmw out-accelerated the saab in 80% of situations, and outhandled it in as near to 100% of them as i can figure. One time when i had been driving the bmw for a few months, i drove the saab down a windy road i drove a lot. I slowed down by about 20% from my usual speed and nearly ended up in the weeds on the first turn. I had not remembered how badly the car understeered.

    I know you're enamored with highway passing, but "no competitor comes close" doesn't even apply in that area. Any car saab puts out is going to get roasted by a 335i, g37, c350 in passing tests.

    Agree on safety, but one million-mile car does not reliability make. That demonstrates longevity.
  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    Somehow US consumers are less educated about Saab, in Europe Saab is very well-known as reliable, safe and high performance vehicles.

    I don't think any four-door sport sedan out there can outperformed or outhandled a Saab. "No competitor comes close" ... might be an overstatement, but those that are in the same league as Saab are few and rare.

    Take a look at the Saab Performance Team

    And Saab Aero Performance Series

    Don't take mine or anyone word of how good or bad a Saab is.
    I encourage you to do the research, take a test flight, see the Saab Performance Team if you have a chance and see for yourself what a born from Jets vehicle really is.

    Also go to You Tube and search for Saab
    You'll find a great archive of videos with Saab outperforming Ferraris, and even video of Saab outruns motorcycle

    Have fun and enjoy your test flight!
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