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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Before you get too hard on the Saab dealer, Saab requires that the rotors be replaced with new pads. This is common in many cars and in fact, when you have a performance car with softer brakes it is stupid to not replace the rotors when the pads are replaced. Performance pads are designed to seat with new rotors....they will fit like a glove as they get use. When you then replace the pads w/o the rotors, the car will not stop as well.

    And BTW, you should not re-surface these rotors. They are soft and will be subject to warping quickly if you surface them. As a result, you will be back in for new pads and rotors most likely in a shorter period of time.

    One more thing....rotors and brakes are a job that any guy should be able to do in your own driveway. Takes me about 30 minutes per axle and I buy all my brakes online (all Saab OE materials too). I am not a mechanic....just a regular guy. I think I pay around $180 for a set of rotors and pads online and ....$0 for labor. I can do front and rear for less then $400. The additional amount of work required to swap rotors once you are pulling pads is about 2 minutes. It is completely silly to not replace rotors and even sillier to re-surface them if you are pulling pads anyway.
  • shihanbshihanb Posts: 17
    yes, i would not be too hard on the dealer. this is the dealer where the service guy locked the keys in the car requiring me to bring the second set down.

    also the shift knob was popping out, so the service guy epoxied the knob back on - without first putting in the spring for the reverse lever.

    and, of course, when replacing a faulty turn signal switch, accidentally causing a blockage in the a/c drain resulting in the passenger side wells turning into a swimming pool.

    and i have replaced rotors and pads myself, but the ease of doing it depends a lot on the car and the age of the car (rusted screws). i have another car that requires special tooling to remove the rotors.
  • Same story, only I have a 2006 93. At 15K miles, the rear brakes were shot. The rear wheels become covered with black brake dust in-between car washings while the front wheels are clean by comparison. My last car was an Audi A4 and the rear wheels never became black with brake dust, only the front wheels.

    I asked the dealer what's up with this. His reply, this is normal for a 93. It seems like a flaw to me.
  • cmwongcmwong Posts: 1
    2006 Saab 93 2.0 Turbo. 17k miles
    I was also shock to learn during a routine tire rotation that my rear brake pads are at limit. Front is ok. Also, I notice the rear wheels has lots of brake dust from day one.
    Talk to B&B Saab in Santa Clara. They offer to replace the rear pads at cost and I accepted. Rotors still ok for now. Still, it is incredible that pads have such a short life.

  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    If the dealer is THAT incompetent, then that is even a bigger reason to not have them touch your brakes.

    Some brakes require unique tools, but they are easy to find and rusted bolts and stuck rotors are easily remedied. First, if you use silicon this does not happen. Second, a can a anti-cease will do wonders.

    Hey look....someone griped about paying what dealers charge to do brakes. Either do them yourself, or pay someone and don't complain. Rotors and pads are basic stuff.

    The hardest part with the Saab 93 is knowing if you have 11.2" or 11.9" rotors in the front. It can be a little confusing especially with the different models and wheel packages. I had to measure mine the first time.

    As far as brake dust....I think all Saabs dust like crazy, but you really should see a lot more up front then in the rear. They use pretty soft materials and the fronts should be doing most of the work.
  • Sorry to start a new line...but I am in desperate need of advice.

    My 2004 Saab 9-3 ARC had the transmission go out at 54,000, which as you know is 4000 miles beyond the warranty. Cost on the repair is $3500. The first scheduled transmission SERVICE on this car is at 60,000 miles. I contacted Saab customer service and Saab corporate to request that they contribute to the repair. They refused. This is a clean, well taken care of Saab, with a good service record and driven with care. Any suggestions on how I could convince Saab to help pay for it? This is not a Yugo, the transmission should not go out on a $40,000 "luxury brand" vehicle with this amount of miles. Any similar experiences? Any thoughts?
  • shihanbshihanb Posts: 17
    i think what it comes down to is a) how much you like the car and b) what the book value is, based on condition and mileage.

    GM was having that pay employee price discount, which may or may not still be active, that + the arc trade in would get you a nice 2008 at a reasonable price.

    it is basically your call - love it or trade it. :confuse:
  • shihanbshihanb Posts: 17
    one other possibility. my miata needed a new clutch and i got it from a transmission place (aamco) for half the price of what the dealer wanted. not to mention a bad seal they replaced for only twenty dollars while doing the job. get a quote from a transmission place.
  • Never mind. Nothing to see here.
  • >>Manufacturers have been trying to find the right composition for brake pads since the optimum material was banned,that being asbestos.

    Check your facts. Asbestos isn't banned.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    In 1986 our EPA banned asbestos. It was supposed to be totally banned by 1996. However, it was later over-turned by the courts.

    Asbestos is still used today, but has been greatly reuced. No major car manufacturer uses asbestos pads anymore.

    Ironically, the material works very well and cars stop better because of it.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Anyone know where the dam cabin filter is on a 2003 Saab 9-3? Stealership wants $125 to replace the cabin and engine filter. I sourced the parts myself for $30 (for both of them), but the manual makes no mention of it anywhere.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    Hi, I am considering a new 93 Aero and had two concerns; Is this car noisy on the highway? My Acura is so loud on the hwy, I can't hear my cell phone conv. I was told all Acura's are like that, even my "fancy" RL. So I am thinking of a Saab 93 4 door sedan as a replacement. Since I have always had 4wd, this time I am considering a Saab with front wheel drive. Can you please comment on how the car deals with snow drifts? Can it get itself out? How does it handle in snow conditions?

    Finally, do you think I should step up to the 95 and 6 cyl, 4wd? I would like to get a car that has better mileage than my RL (18/25) and thought the 4 cyl 93 would beat that.
  • OK< so I just bought the 9-3 linear sedan 2005 from CarMax and I think I got a good I said in the other post I love how it looks and drives and It was only just barely $16,000 and has 23,000 miles...and I have 5 days to return it if I don't like it. The only issue so far is the air conditioning doesn't seem very cold at all. But before I go griping to CarMax I'd like to know if this is normal...
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
    the cabin air filter is located on the passenger side firewall under the hood.
    remove the plastic cover at the very bottom of the windshile at right, lift up the plastic piece and you'll see it.
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
    its not normal, Saab and Volvo are known for ice cold a/c..
  • I hope this reply isn't too late. I have a 2005 9-3, essentially the same design as the current 9-3. The ride is fairly quiet; I have no problem having a cell phone conversation while driving. The car also handles well in snow here in northern NJ, though I have never had it in a snow drift. I have never felt nervous while drving it through a snow storm.
    The 9-5 is based on an older design than the 9-3, so in my humble opinion, the 9-3 technology is more up to date. However, the 9-5 design is probably the last before the complete GM take over, so it is more of a pure Saab design. You need to weigh which means more to you.

    Good luck!
  • Go right to the MB E350 4matic.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    And while on your way to the 'Benz dealer stop by an ATM machine and withdraw an extra $25k.!!!!! You could currently buy an '08 9-3 Aero-X (cross wheel drive) under the GM Employree for everyone promo (through 9/30) for $35,300. Loaded!
  • Hi everyone. First time poster here. I bought a 2008 black 9-3 4dr sedan last weekend which was being shipped from New England to New York. It arrived today damaged - the dealer claims they don't know if it was damaged while on the other dealer's lot or while en route. They are now trying to contact other dealers to get another car. My question is, if they can't find one, is it within my rights to demand that they obtain one either with options I didn't pay for or a car in a different exterior/interior color? Can I demand that they eat whatever additional costs to get a car with options I didn't want or pay for? I haven't given them the full down payment yet but signed an agreement and put some cash down. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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