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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • shihanbshihanb Posts: 17
    Whatever you do, don't go with a "dealer" warranty. The only warranty of value is a GM warranty that would be honored in any dealership in the country.

    If you have a "dealer" warranty and your car breaks down in another state, forget about it. Also, i once had a dealer warranty and the dealer went out of business.

    If it is a GM warranty be careful. For example, brake work is not covered by the warranty, nor is something like a clutch rebuild on a manual, they are all considered "normal wear and tear".

    Getting a gm warranty is a crap shoot, it may be worthwhile if the engine or powertrain goes.
  • I'm very interested in buying a used '07 or '08 SportCombi but have some concerns about reliability and maintenance costs once the warranty expires. I checked Edmunds True Cost to Own and noticed that the projected maintenance costs decrease significantly from the '06 through the '08 models. Combined maintenance and repairs over five years for the models are as follows: 2006 $10,428; 2007 $8,170; and 2008 $5,619. Any idea what accounts for this? Consumer Reports doesn't rate the '06 models very highly, but say the '07's are "average" for reliability. I'd like to keep the car for 7-10 years ideally. Is there really a difference between the '07 and '08's in maintenance or are they just too new to really know yet? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • I have had two recent Saabs. My 2005 9-3 2.0t small turbo had few problems except needed rear brakes at 20,000 miles. Other than that, a few bulbs burned out..but that was it. The car got great mileage and was very comfy. Handling was not great. The car leaned like crazy in turns..very disappointing. It felt like they left out half of the suspension. Had the car into Saab dealer for this problem. They insisted that they found no problem but kept the car for 10 days. VERY STRANGE. I had no intention of leasing another until drove the 2008 2.0T. What a difference. The car handled much better, was much faster with large turbo and 6 speed manual. Best of all with loyalty, the car cost me $229 per month. How could I turn that down? So far,car has been problems. I'm sure the car will need rear brakes again and will argue with my dealer about that. Car is quick, comfy, handles decently, gets 25 mpg, has good brakes. It is a BMW?..No..but let's see you lease a Bimmer for $229/month. NEVER buy this it. Let them fix it..not you.
  • Thanks for the input. I heard that GM discontinued leasing for '08-'09 Saabs, but I guess that was wrong. Sounds like a good deal - I can see why so many people lease Saabs rather than buying them. I prefer to buy a low-mileage used car and drive it into the ground, but the repair costs are the one thing I worry about with Saab. Buying used seems like a good deal because they depreciate so fast the first couple of years. I don't know why anyone would throw 30-40K at a new Saab unless they've got $ to burn.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,198
    The 08's had 4 years free maintenance. the 09's 3 years. They use synthetic oil and can go 10k between oil changes. New 2.0 9-3's are discounted heavily. Wouldn't be afraid to buy one -- if you maintain it well you shouldn't have any major problems for many miles. Engines and transmissions apparently are solid. Used ones have the potential for big repair bills and that seems to be a big concern of yours so you might want to pass on that option. Unless you find a real gem with a great repair history. Happy hunting.
  • I live in the Northeast area and am looking to purchase an 09 Saab 9-3, automatic, sunroof, and heated seats. I've read on the board that they are heavily discounted but not sure how much of a discount I should be looking for. Does 27K sound reasonable or can I do better than that? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,198
    3-4k better. If you can't find one check out the passat comfort. Selling 23-24k.
  • Jayrider,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Currently, they are selling demos here for about 24-25K. But you think I could get brand new for the same price?

    I was tempted to buy demo with 6,000 miles for 25K but I lose a year of warranty. That's why I'm thinking I would be better off buying new. Just wondering where I should start with price.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you for your help.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,198
    There are saab dealers in st. louis advertising new 9-3's for under 25k. They only have a few so they are unloading them. Saab is not a big seller in this area but still has areas of the country where they are more popular and command better closeout prices. If you expand your shopping area and don't mind spending a few hundred bucks to fly in to a dealer and driving home you can probably save enough on a new one to come out ahead. Go to the auto search sites and punch in the model you want nationwide. Make calls to dealers internet site near to far and look for under 24k. has listings in downers grove illinois for 24-25k new. Use it to get your local dealer to match or travel. Others are listed. Go from lowest price to high. good luck. I really liked the test drive i took last year but would really lean toward the passat with saab uncertainty -- parts/service.
  • I have a Saab 9-3 with a manual, and now over three times the knob has popped off the stick making it impossible to put the car in reverse without spending a lot of time putting the knob back on.

    My mechanic and i looked at it, and it appears that it is just a press fit, so the knob starts backing out and finally any upward pressure and it just pops off.

    Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what did you do to correct it?
  • I actually experienced the exact same problem on my 2006 9-3 Aero! it's a six speed and one day about two months ago i put it in reverse to back out of a parking spot and it popped right off. It basically took 15-20 minutes to put it securely in place along with the small spring that is compressed below it. i didn't have a mechanice look at it, and I at first thought i had to rotate the knob in a screwing motion, but that didn't work and seemed to strip the inside of the shift knob's hole. Finally i just used all my strength to push it down in place. it is slightly off center to the right by a hair, but it drives me crazy.

    On a side note, anyone have any issues with their moonroof deciding to not close after shutting about 2/3rds the way, then reversing out again? That's happened to me 3-4 times.
  • I had this same problem with my 05 9-3 Arc. The knob would just pop off when shifting in to reverse, other times while driving forward. I was able to reposition it and then slap it down in to place again (including while driving).
    Eventually, the car came due for a scheduled maintenance check. The dealer fixed it free of charge with some glue. I don't remember if it was under warranty or if it was a known issue they were fixing (recall?).
    I never had any problems with the moon roof, but I usually just pop it up to vent, I almost never slide it back. Sorry I can't help you there.
  • my climate control fan comes on after turning off the engine and this has previously caused the battery to die. the fan will also cut off and on . Not sure if this is a bad heater ac controller ? please advise.
  • Now at 35K miles- love the car on many long road trips....driver side window began acting close feature keeps rolling window down about 3 inches from top.....anyone out there having/had same problem?
  • Has anyone else had a problem with the six cd shuttle jamming on their SAAB 9-3. Has anyone had any success removing it themselves? If so how did you do it. I know that bringing it to the dealer, it will cost a fortune to fix. Bummer, my car has 54K miles on it. so near and yet so far.
  • Yes, mine has jammed.

    I did need the dealer; however, I was still under warranty. I would not suggest saving a couple of dollars, and risking more.

    Good luck
  • I have just started with this exact problem. Will take it in this week. There is a little formula: auto down, then auto up, immediately stop, then continue up. :) It works sometimes.
    Let me know if you get your fixed and how.
  • My dealership offered me an extended warranty on my 2005 9-3 Arc (stick shift) through an outside company. For $1700 (or 24k miles) over 2 years, or $2100 (or 36k miles) over three years, the plan covers all mechanical and electrical components that are not considered wear and tear at any licensed facility. For example, it will cover the mechanics of the brake system, but not the pads or rotors. It also covers wiring harnesses, power equipment, audio systems (including CD changers), etc.
    My car currently has close to 56k and so far has not given me any issues other than the battery quitting after 1.5 years. However, when I brought it in for an oil change and to replace a blown headlight bulb this weekend, the mechanic told me the wiring harness that includes the headlight is corroding and will need to be replaced soon. So, trouble may be lurking on the horizon.
    My obvious question is, is the plan worth laying out this kind of money and hoping I can recoup it?
  • There is a caveat. I bought such a warranty, and then brought my car in and was told there was an engine leak that would cost $2100 to fix. Since the leak "had to have been there for a while", the insurance would not cover it.

    On the other hand, the 6 cd carousel in my saab went out at 54K, the dealer wants $1200 to replace. My mechanic found a used replacement out of a low mileage car that had been in a collision, he is doing the replacement for about $500 including the part.

    The biggest problem with extended warranties through outside companies is when they view something as being either "normal wear and tear" or a "pre existing condition".
  • Does anyone have any experience with installing an aftermarket replacement radio/cd/iPod in a Saab 9-3 linear?

    My dealer wanted $1200 to fix my busted cd player, i bought a replacement on eBay and had my mechanic put it in, no problem, cost me about $375 altogether. However, for a few dollars more, one can buy a very nice aftermarket radio.

    My mechanic tells me that the 6 CD in-dash units are unreliable because of their construction and do not last, next time it happens i want to go aftermarket.

    If anyone has done this, what is the experience, especially with the dash and connection to the speakers? Any suggested brands? I would probably have the radio store do the installation.
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