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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • Also, the Saab has 2.2 four-cylinder, not a 2.0... but that's a small error :)
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Congrats on the new wheels. Sounds like you are happy with your car.

    Keep up updated, it's much appreciated.
  • Isn't it 1988 cc (121 cu in)?
    Which is the same as recent model 2.0 liter engines. Based on the 1985 cc engine that debuted in 1972, maybe?

    I've only seen one report (velocity journal) of it being 2171 cc (and I'm pretty sure they are wrong).
  • For all you owners,

    How does the car feel and handle on gravel roads?

    My 2001 is decent, the steering feedback gets interesting when going 50 mph in gravel. I feel that rear end wants to swing around on you at any moment. Odd because I haven't felt it in other fwd cars (with less steering feedback) until a bit faster. By no means a rallye car.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    Just test drove (again) the G35 and the Saab...these are two cars that on paper easily lead you to the G35. But, the reason I test drove these two twice, and nearly 30 days apart, is that it allowed me to get a feeling for what car you will want to live with. The first look and drive are always exciting and you end up wanting to buy the car you just drove. Don't do it if you can, and take a step back. I was nearly ready to order the G35 with a 6 speed when the back to back drives made it clear that the Saab will be my choice (albeit the ARC/Vector when introduced in March-According the the Dealer). Infiniti -while fast as hell and fun to drive-does not have any "soul". The interior is nothing special and you do not feel any attachment to the car (emotional that is) when driving. Physically it is great - and looks good from the outside..but when inside you feel as though you are in a high end (at the time) 1995 Japanese sedan.

    The Saab, on the other hand, I noticed after spending more time in actually want to spend more time in it. You wear this car like a fine tailored suit. Similar feel to my old Audi A4 and current Audi A6 Turbo. No the interior is not as high quality as the Audi's, but its pretty close and SEVERAL notches above the G35. Plus the cockpit style dash is great without being as overpowering as it is in the 9-5. It is also full of the latest 2003 technology - its all around you. Maybe you won't use much of it, but if I am buying a new car I want the very latest tech - BMW and Audi are great at providing this..Infinity falls way short (there was not even a simple trip computer). I also drove the new Audi A4 and while a wonderful car, is simply a smaller version of the A6 I currently drive (the A6 came out first and then new A4 is a mirror image inside and out but on a reduced scale.) So while a great car - nothing new there to excite (the 3.0 is also several thow more than the 9-3, the 1.8t can't compete in performace)

    The other thing I will do, when it comes time to call the internet sales guy and conduct the trasaction over the phone. When I went in to look at the 9-3, the Saab dealer tried desperately to sell me a Saab 9-5 Aero - to the point of telling me that the new 9-3 "made him cry" when it came out. He also said it was a dresssed up Honda and not worth the money and that the 9-5 is the only true Saab, and that the 9-3 felt as though it would snap in half when hit (this was during the test drive!). This guy should be fired. Joke. I drove the 9-5 at his beckoning and while fast, I can see why it always finishes in the middle of the pack against the competition. It's that type of car. Very good - not great.

    Oh, I did learn that because of the On-star scew up on the 9-3, they will be giving two years for free plus 200 minuets vs. one year when it becomes available.

    OK, one last point..besides the on-star thing noted above - ever notice that no matter what car you are buying--you always seem to know alot more about it than the salesman? Maybe they should visit their own web-site every now and again.
  • The new 9-3 has a 2.2, I don't know about the current one.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    this should help clear things up on the engine specs..for the 2003 9-3.

  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Good points.

    That salesperson is a joke! The new 9-3 is clearly going to steal sales from the 9-5.

    Most likely GM and the dealership have given the salespeople all sorts of incentives to move the 9-5. The 9-3 is selling itself, so the salesperson won't get anything over the basic commission.

    The fleet salespeople have to get on the phone and move the 9-5s en masse to the corporate buyers and the rental agencies. Until the new 9-5 comes out, the only 9-5 that will sell in any numbers to individual buyers will be the wagon.

    In the meantime, the salesperson better get used to the fact that a lot of people think the new 9-3 is what Saab is all about.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    this should help clear things up on the engine specs..for the 2003 9-3.

  • sorry guys there is one thing I forgot
    The european spec engines are:
    1.8 liter turbo (110 kiloWatt)
    2.0 liter turbo (129 kiloWatt)
    2.0 liter Turbo (154 kiloWatt)
    and of course
    2.2 liter turbo injected diesel (92 kiloWatt)

    If you really want to know 1 kiloWatt = 1.34 horsepower (well close to it)
  • The information I provided before for $1000 discount. I got answer from Saab USA they didnt admit it. But Dealer told me that information just come out last Friday. So I still don't know what's going on there. Sorry for not so correct information.
  • Sorry for message again. $1000 off if you provide your own finanical program still count. But for Launch package discount you can't get it right now. Better get your own car loan first before you see car dealer. try to get it as low as possible. car dealer will always match what you get.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    ...two dealers also mentioned that while there are none now, additional discounts/incentives from GM on all "forms" will become available in the early spring with the Arc/Vector introduction and marketing push. Arc in arrives in late March, Vector in April. Production on these starts in early January supposedly. If you noticed..there are now ALOT of Linears on the lots now in virtually every color, so doesn't look like their is a mad rush for these cars or that they are moving them that fast. Thus the spring incentives.
  • Anybody wants to make comments on where does Saab came up with these trim names? Guesses? Mathematical reasons?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,600
    ...they are all architectural terms. Why they chose those, you'll have to ask their marketing team.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    I know the Swedish have a great modern architectural tradition. Whether this plays into their car sales thought process is anyone's guess.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I agree with you on the G35, it's all about numbers. This seems to be typical with most Japanese cars as they produce good numbers on paper, but no real emotional attraction. Maybe thats why I've never owned one. I haven't driven a 9-3 yet, but sat in one at an auto show recently and found the driving position nearly perfect. And this while being unable to adjust the seat as the battery was disconnected. In fact, the 9-3, Volvo S80, and Cadillac STS(at over $50K!) had the most comfortable seats of any car I sat in at the expo. Local dealer now has 3 on the lot, two are black and one is silver. The one I saw at the show was the Cosmic blue and that was a sharp color indeed. As for you knowing more than your salesperson, that doesn't surprise me. I typically know more than the sales people when looking at cars. What is sad it that if it wasn't for all the "hustling" that goes with the job, I'd probably be a pretty good sales person. I certainly could have sold myself my current car better than the salesman did. I've never had a salesman talk bad about another product he sells though. I'd almost be tempted to contact the sales manager at the dealer and tell him how your rep "trashed" the 9-3 and tried to steer you to a 9-5. My guess is commission on 9-5s is higher as the 9-3 is not only a lower priced car, but it also has a much lower margin than the 9-5 does as well as past 9-3s.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Any word if an aero version of the 9-3 is in the works?
  • congrats on your car, which is identical to mine, except color. i echo your thoughts. it is a fun car to drive. the infinity-accura-cadillac-volvo-240 series thing is about driving a unique different car. my wife had a 5 speed accura legend and i hated the soft, plush "feminine" (sorry) drive. this saab gives you the feeling of being different, in the cockpit of a vehicle (not plush transportation) plus an unbelieveable drive for front wheel/185 hp. only a beemer tops it, and as we've discussed too many of those around, and you need all wheel. in the 9-3 the standard helps. my only "regret" is after paying for launch, touring, heated seats and getting a minimal discount (though 0 apr for 36 months helps) I suspect the Arc this spring could be cheaper, and has everything my vehicle has plus the 210hp, 300watt stereo. no need for any options in this car. If my 9-3 wasn't coming off lease, I would have waited. Everyone is right. . the linear is not flying off the lot. Look at the time of year, economy etc. I feel bad for 9-5 owners as I never really liked the drive of that car (i got them all the time as loaners, and drove them hard for the day) didn't feel like a saab. you can get those real cheap, especially the left over 2002 arcs.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    linear vs. ......cyclical?
    arc vs..... weld? (Neil Young fans)
    vector vs. raster?
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