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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    i dont know but they said my vector was loaded but i did not get a nav system i dont know if that was an opition but i saw the nav system on-line and in books i dont know....please reply... <<

    Nav system is not in the US models

    Can I ask a question?

    Why would you buy a 35K car when you don't seem to know much about it, don't enjoy driving it, and drive another Saab more often?

    Just wondering...
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    Well, my 9-3 is in the shop again (still trying to fix my lock issue about about 10 other minor things). Lucky the local dealer (or maybe it is a Saab policy) gave me a loaner car (2003 9-3 convertable... too bad it is raining here today) which helps. On a tangent, (and I'm sure some of you will yell at me) no wonder I never looked at Saab before the 2003 9-3L. The look and feel of the old style Saabs (remember, the 2003 9-3 convertable is the old design) just isn't for me... from the radio to the AC, and from the dashboard to the parking brake.

    I say local dealer, because the local guy is 1-mile from my house, vs. the dealer I got the car from, which is 25-miles away. As you recall from my post way long ago, the local dealer's sales people were unprofessional. At least the local dealer's service group is nice, which, ironically, isn't true for the place I got the car from. Odd, eh?

    Anyhow, I'm still a bit concerned about some of the first year issues. As I said, Saab USA wasn't really helpful other than saying, "talk to the dealer". They're (the dealer) fixing everything (nothing major, just a bunch of annoying stuff)... and not giving me flack about it, which is nice... Maybe it is just the I-am-mad-my-car-is-in-the-shop voice talking, but I guess that is what you get with a new model.

    Overall, great car. For as little as I paid for it (even with tax, under $30K) I guess I shouldn't complain.

    I saw the new Maxima today, man-o-man am I glad I didn't wait for that pig.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    You and me both on the 04 Maxima. I never really liked the rear end of the outgoing model, but it is a beauty compared to the new one. Hate to hear your having problems with the Saab. Keep us posted on how well the dealer is at fixing them. My beef with my Olds has not necessarily been the problems I've had, but the fact that the dealers cannot(or will not) fix them on the first visit. And my loaners are no where near as nice as yours:) When I test drove a 9-3 a few weeks ago(while the Olds was in the shop) I asked the salesman about what they loan out when a car is in the shop and he said I would get a Saab(probably a convertible) or a Cadillac(they are also a Caddy dealer) and all of their loaners have less than 10,000 miles as they take them out of rotation at that point. That impressed me as the nicest loaner I've gotten from Olds was a Buick Century from Enterprise once because all of the dealer's loaners were out.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Back of the new Maxima looks like a Saturn ION. Look closely and you will see.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    The new Maxima has the ugliest grill. Looks like it's got a huge buck tooth with that Nissan wedge. What were they thinking?? The back isn't that bad. It even looks better than the new rear for the 2004 BMW 5 series. That think looks like a Kia.
  • txtomtxtom Posts: 1
    I would be curious to know anyones experience with Sewell Saab in DFW. They are the only Saab dealer in the metroplex. 1) Do they heavily discount? At the dallas car show, the salesman told me the 9-3s could be had for 21-22k (2003 model/non-demo) 2) also the service offered, picking up your car and providing a loaner then, in most cases seemed too good to be true. Since they are the only dealer in the area, i'm buying that dealer almost more than the car. any experiences with them would be appreciated. thanks.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    -I would be curious to know anyones experience with Sewell Saab in DFW. They are the only Saab dealer in the metroplex. 1) Do they heavily discount? At the dallas car show, the salesman told me the 9-3s could be had for 21-22k (2003 model/non-demo)

    I've bought both of my Saabs from Sewell. They will deal. Actually, I have helped a few folks on the East coast get cars through Sewell here in Dallas (dealers in the East usually are more stingy with rebate sharing). Who is your salesperson?

    2) also the service offered, picking up your car and providing a loaner then, in most cases seemed too good to be true.

    -They come through for you. As long as you make a reservation about a week in advance, a Saab will be waiting for you. Any earlier, you'll probably get something else. Pick-up is something new. I've personally never done it. When you pick up the car, it is washed and vacuumed.

    -As for being the only dealer, they do a good job. Sewell bought out the Saab dealership here in Dallas back in 1999, San Antonio and New Orleans. As for service advisors, George Munn (manager) does a good job. I had my car in for steering alignment problems and he came up to the office to make sure it was fixed right on his day off. Not bad!
  • dbozmandbozman Posts: 23
    Had my 9-3 Linear for nearly three months now. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this car and am happy I bought it compared to what I was shopping it against (BMW 3, A4, Passat, Mazda 6).

    Anyway, leased the car from Lund Saab in North Phoenix and it was a pleasant experience I detailed here previously. Couple weeks ago, had my first mechanical issue. Went to start the car in the morning at my g/f's house and a message light flashed saying I had a brake failure and to park safely and call Saab.

    I ended up driving the car home and it felt fine, but drove my motorcycle on to work and called from there. Between my dealer and Saab, they sent a tow truck to my home to pick up the car. The dealer diagnosed the problem as a bad ABS module the next morning and had another new 9-3 Linear delivered to my home that afternoon. Only difference was the loaner was an auto and didn't have Xenons or climate control.

    My car was delivered back to me about six days later (counting the weekend) good as new.

    While I don't enjoy having even the mildest of mechanical failures, I must say Saab's customer service was exemplary and definitely made a positive impression on me.

    Oh yeah, they updated my stereo software at the same time and it seems slightly better, but still not great.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    I have heard a few people say they get rattles with their new 9-3. I want to know how many have/have not had issues with this. Also if this is covered under the warranty or not. I would hate to have a rattle problem and the service guys tell me "tough luck".
  • kyh2kyh2 Posts: 6
    I have a 9-3 Linear with about 1,900 miles on it. I have this problem where when I go over slightly bumpy roads, my ESP light turns on (which means that the ESP was turned off), and the engine putters for a few seconds and then the car stalls. Anyone else have this problem?

  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    I have had nothing but enjoyable times in my 9-3 over the first 2000 miles. Factory related problems typically rear themselves during the first 30 days. My 9-3 has performed flawlessly, and the gas mileage continues to improve! I shopped BMW and Audi and this remains the best choice, hands down. Happy motoring. L
  • kopfschuhkopfschuh Posts: 11
    I've read reviews whose sole complaint with the 9-3 is a rather sloppy 6-speed transmission. While I realise it's perhaps not the quality of a BMW transmission, what do you think of it? Does anyone know if saab offers a short-throw shifter, or should I shop elsewhere for such a thing? Thanks.
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    The dealers always have a hard time finding rattles. Why? Because you drive the car all the time and know your car. What you have in the car [change, phone, etc.] can change the normal sound. They don't know what normal for you is.

    Like I said, I've got an annoying rattle or two which the dealer said they can't find (they drove my car for 30 minutes the other day) and said they heard some, but couldn't pin-point it. They invited me to go out for a drive with them (I drive, they look). So next time I have time, I'll do it.

    At least they are trying.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    Funny I heard how great BMW trannies are. My friend has a 2000 330i and already the tranny needs relpacing as well as the control unit.
  • ynkeewcynkeewc Posts: 1
    I've read numerous posts involving various software fixes or programming changes performed by the dealer to change such things as: lock/unlock automatically, sunroof and windows lowered by remote, headlight off capability, radio update, etc. Where do I find these possible
    changes. I asked my service advisor about software updates and he said they only had to change some codes. subsequently, they were only able to do one out of three requests. I don't think they know what they are doing. Any help? Also, 1200 miles on my 9-3L and have had 2 check engine light problems and car dying on one occasion
  • wr7rwr7r Posts: 6
    I have been dealing with the people at Sewell. The sells lady there that I have been talking to has been very knowledgable about the car. Her name was Ann Marie Guthrie. I have not bought a car because I still have not made a decision on the type of car(BMW, Audi, etc). She let me take the car for a 24 hour period before GM started doing the new thing.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Saab has been doing the 24 hour test drive for a long time. That is how they got the saying, "Most people who test drive a Saab usually buy one" (or something like that). The key is to get you into the car and see how it fits. That's how they get you to buy...I know, that's how I ended up owning one. Ann is great. Are there any other cars you are looking at? During my 24 hour drive, I took mine by the Volvo dealer to compare cars. Freaked the Volvo salesguy out! Ann is a good salesperson. Tell her that Glenn said "howdy" if you see her...
  • blitzin1blitzin1 Posts: 53
    Some of them can be found on the last page of the quick reference card that came with the car. There is also a thread over at saabcentral called "i25" in which some good guy listed everything your dealer can change with Tech II, which is literally 100's of things- autolock at drive off, DRL's, height of auto-leveling height for xenons, behavior of trunk lock, customizing remote, etc.

    My dealer just had a "get to know" session for new buyers to meet all the service guys and to go over the car (excellent idea, BTW), and we played with the Tech II for an hour or so- I got everything I wanted done, except comfort close, which seems to be hardware limited for the time being (has anyone got this to work?), at least in the US. BTW, per the tips on this board, I got my DRL's off, but with foglights still working- the trick is after turning the DRL's off, the dealer must go into the "front fog lights" menu item, and select "positions 1 & 2 (Special)" This tells the car to use Euro spec, not US, so the fog lights work.
  • glutz1glutz1 Posts: 20
    I've seen lots of threads on code changes that the dealers can make to a 2003 Linear, but I have been unable to find the entire list. Could someone please repeat the list in this thread so that I can attempt to guide my dealer.

    Also, I have seen various references to upgrades to the 150W stereo system, including indications of a Tech II driven software change, and the replacement of the rear speakers w/aftermarket 6X9" speakers. Short of replacing the system, what (inexpensive) changes has anyone found that actually work ?
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    Is Tech II the new software update? Can someone post the link with all it can do?
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