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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • grekofoolgrekofool Posts: 1
    > #1688 of 1741 incentives - chef228 by
    >kretch41 May 25, 2003 (7:18 pm)
    >Just my two cents, but I'd take the cashback.
    >You usually save more $ plus you are getting
    >money back upfront as opposed to several years.
    >I have a Vector, 6spd with everything but
    >touring. I got it for 29,500 using cashback.
    >You'll love driving the 6spd. Good luck.

    Interesting view... actually, if you finance
    you put very little upfront, but if you take
    the cashback you have to pay everythning else
    upfront. But the cashback might still be worth
    more than your finance savings, depending on
    your rate of return.
  • blitzin1blitzin1 Posts: 53
    Are you driving off before all the idiot lights go off on the console? I noted than when I throw the car in reverse too soon, it will stall 80% of the time. Now I wait for the lights to go out (5 seconds or so), and no more stalling.
  • lockielockie Posts: 8
    The time it stalled 3 times in a row it hadn't finished the check on the first stall. I waited for the light the other two times, but something must have already been out of whack and didn't immediately reset when I had to restart (probably since I never took the key out of the ignition). I will have to watch this.
  • mjwillsmjwills Posts: 46
    It stalled when I pulled into the garage going forward. The next day it was in limp mode. This was a Sunday, on Monday it seemed to run fine, but took it to the dealer anyway. There was a record of this in the cars computer and the dealer did a software update to the engine. I cannot tell you what exactly is involved in the update.
  • This is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. I thought cars weren't like the computers. Saab better fix this thing quick because nobody wants to wait before their car boots up after power is ON :)
  • I'm new to the Saab line and so far i'm a little
    concerned about my 2003 9-3. Two issues in the first 1500 miles. The interior ac/heating fan was
    stuck on high (even with the key out) and now
    the on-star is malfunctioning. Anyone else having
    annoying issues to deal with? I really enjoy driving this car, but, it's really starting to bug
    me. (i needed to vent a little)
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    No problems with my 9-3 so far with 1100 miles. I had one On-star error message on the SID but it occured in an area where I always have cell phone drop-out. I expect it was related to that. No problems since.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    I had an Ontsar failure once - but it cleared itself with going to the dealer. Other than an idle problem that was fixed, I haven't had any issues. Very happy with my Arc at 2500 miles
  • sa93absa93ab Posts: 5
    I have a 03 Vector. I have 2200 miles on it and has performed great for me (I do have some rattles here and there too). The one pet peeve is that the front ground effects are really low and I end up scratching it and even once denting it.

    Anyone know what a replacement front ground effect costs? If it that ground effect piece is cheap than I won't mind as much :-)

  • mjwillsmjwills Posts: 46
    How do you get the door lock buttons to work on the doors? Once you use the remote you always have to use the remote? Am I reading the manual wrong? thanks.
  • kth123kth123 Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed XM or Sirius in a 2003 9-3? The dealership said don't even try due to the electronic system being tied into every aspect of the car.
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    I've had my car at the dealer a few times for rattles... the sound is very subtle, but kind of sounds like someone tapping a pen on their desk (best I can describe it).

    The first two times they couldn't duplicate the problem (which I'll give them because unless you drive the car every day it is really hard to notice)... this last time, however, they tightened some stuff in the door area (don't recall exactly where it was) that didn't seem to help.

    I think I was able to finally locate the source of the noise... about 2-inches above where the seat belts mount to the B-pillar. If I put my hand (pressure) on that area, it stops. So that is good, hopefully the dealer will be able to fix that.

    The other area seems to be in/near the sunroof. If I have the "shade" closed over the sunroof, I don't hear it, but when the "shade" is open I hear some noise. Again, easily fixed I'm guessing.

    What else... low air dams (up front), even on my "cheap" Linear are an issue, but luckily, all the damage I have can only been seen when you're looking at it from on your knees. Not something I'm going to worry about. If I had the Vector, I'd be a bit more concerned. =8)

    Overall, this car is low-to-the-ground (which looks great)... even the entry-level model. I parked next to a Sentra today and didn't realize how low my car was compared to some others. The Sentra looked like an SUV to me. =8)
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    There must be a way to get XM in the car. I thought the non-Linear models had a SPDIF (or other sort of jack) input within the arm-rest. Or was this a misleading feature like Bluetooth? (I'm still upset about the lack of Bluetooth and the inability to use my OWN mobile phone.)

    I spoke to an XM guy the other day at a trade show and he suggested using their RF transmitter kit. It'll rebroadcast the XM signal to an FM radio station. Low tech, but it'll work. I've seen both the Sony and Delphi XM SKYFi models... the Delphi XM SKYFi is unreal... not much bigger than a wallet... and you can take it to your home, work, car, etc... even hooks into that silly looking "boom box". The idea you can take it from A to B to C is so smart. Very un-Microsoft like licensing scheme.

    Take a look at the Delphi SKYFi FM Modulator to see what I'm talking about... and click on "FM Modulator."

    I still can't believe Saab has done nothing about the Linear's crappy audio system... do they even read this forum?

  • kpflegerkpfleger Posts: 14
    I started a discussion of braking performance by trim level on saabnet. I'll repeat the question and info so far here.

    Consumer Reports tested a Vector and said: "Braking performance was excellent, achieving the shortest stopping distance we've ever recorded for a sedan." Comparison numbers from their test track:
    9-3: 120ft
    IS300: 128ft
    3-series: 131ft
    A4, G35, and S60: 133ft
    Even beats sports cars:
    Corvette: 121ft
    Boxter: 124ft
    Is this great braking exclusive to the Vector?

    Yahoo autos reports 312mm front brakes and 290mm rear brakes for all 3 trim levels. This agrees with the top numbers someone posted from the Saab media site, but they listed different numbers for the different trims. Yahoo could be wrong about Linears/Arcs.

    I went to a dealership and looked at the brakes. Etched into the metal on a Linear was "285/25" and on an Arc and a Vector was "302/28". I've no idea what these numbers mean, but the first number is in the right ballpark to be a size in mm. Does anyone who reads this board have a service manual with part numbers and descriptions?

  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    Before I actually take the plunge I am a little concern regarding the discussion of "stalling". This might be a foolish question to ask but knowing me it wont be the last one that I ask. It seems that the majority of the stalling happens right after the car is started, if this is not true then please let me know. Once the car stalls are you able to restart the engine. Does the stalling happen often or is it periodically. When you inform the dealer to this problem are they typically able to resolve the issue. The same goes for the rattling, is the dealer really concern and helpful or do they just give you some song and dance. One of the reason I ask is due to the run around I had with my current car. The car has a constant squeal and the dealer saids sorry not much we can do. So to not hear the sound I turn the radio up loud, thank goodness I have an excellent sound system.
    Oh well sorry for the rant but I really do not want to go through this type of service problems again.
  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    I suffered my first set back with my Saab yesterday. I was at the mall and came back to my car to find the antenna that is normally centered on the roof, laying on the ground next to the car!!!! Well, it appears someone was either attempting to steal the antenna or vandels got to it with a baseball bat. There is now a small dent in the roof under where the antenna itself normally is seated. Everything in the car still works, except the onstar (which I don't use.) Now I need to figure out how to get this repaired. I thought I would start with Dentbusters and then try the dealer. Life goes on..
  • danncasdanncas Posts: 24
    So you have the light interior and like it. I ordered my Vector 2004. The dealer called me to tell me a few changes. One the back of the car will say. 93 Aero. and Now I can have all the colors in the lets say Vector, There is no white and Cousmos blue. They added a Espresso, black with brown metallic specks, and teal blue now. The midnight blue has big metal speck also. So now I have to decide. Having the Vector with the brushed Aluminum, I was wondering what to pick for the interior. It fist I like the laser red and light interior, but red fades so. The Teal sounds good, but can't see it yet. Black with light interior is cool, but I have had so many black cars. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK ??
  • mooselookmooselook Posts: 65
    The Linear is 8 months old. Odometer hit 7000 miles and not one problem so far (other than two nails in two tires in the same week!). Average about 27.5 mpg in mixed driving. I still need to get the On-star activated and I guesss I'll spring for an oil change even though the car hasn't told me it needs it yet. I'll be driving it from New Jersey up to Maine next month. Looking forward to the highway trip.
  • kretch41kretch41 Posts: 13
    Rattling: I have a Vector and the rattling from the doors is infuriating. Highway driving with the radio off, radio on AM, cd playing all producing rattling in both doors. I am taking the car in next week to see what they can do.

    Braking: I'm not exactly sure on this. I am betting the brakes are the same on all models but I have to think the 17" tires make a huge difference.

    Stalling: As far as I can tell, the only stalling issues occur with automatics. I haven't had any issues with a manual.
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